Michael Water Levrana

Michael Water Levrana

Today, many fair sex representatives use micellar water. Many manufacturers offer such funds. In the article, we will consider in more detail the features of the Micellar Water Levrana, we compare three of its varieties and focus on the nuances of choice.


As you know, micellar water is used to purify the face from various kinds of contaminants, as well as for removing makeup, while it does not need to be washed and saves the balance of the hydrolyphid shell. Russian LEVRANA company offers its own lineup of natural cosmetics at an affordable price for daily use. The range of products includes several varieties of micellar water. It is suitable for any type of skin, helps to remove makeup from the eye, and also does not overheat the dermis.

Important! Michael Water Levrana does not contain soap, alcohol, silicones, parabens and fragrances.

LEVRANA products have the following advantages:

  • Delicate cleansing – she perfectly copes with the elimination of various kinds of pollution, does not lead to allergic manifestations, and also moisturizes the skin, such a product is ideal for girls with sensitive or dry epidermis+
  • Operational removal of makeup – no need to make efforts to remove makeup, most of these compositions do not need toed, but there are exceptions+
  • Demacian eye – The tool does not lead to red eyes after use, as well as non-pinlet mucous membrane, such a product is ideal for those who go to the lenses+
  • Universality – Micellar water can be used by all the representatives of the fine sex of any age, because it helps to fight acne, and is also able to save a face from wrinkles.

But unfortunately, the Levrana micellar driver is not an ideal product. It has some disadvantages:

  • It is possible to form a pretty sticky film immediately after its use+
  • Some girls pay attention to the fact that this tool dries the skin, which leads to the effect of the effect of the face.

It should be understood that such consequences may be in individual intolerance to add additives or when the balance of the micelles is violated. It is necessary to understand that the micellar solution is neutral, but it often complements the essential oil, which can actually cause strong itching or rash.

If you have a negative reaction to the use of Levrana micellar water, then you should try other funds from this company.

Product Overview

The Russian brand LEVRANA offers several options for micellar water: “Chamomile”, “Granat” and “Detox”. WITHToite consider these products to figure out which composition is suitable for your skin. All funds are sold in several volumes. You can purchase water with a volume of 50, 100 or 200 ml. They are presented in plastic white bottles. It should be noted that the version 50 ml is simply unscrewing the cover, but the means of 100 and 200 ml are supplemented with a “disc-top” type.

All tools have symbols such as Vegan, Ecocert and Cruelety Free International. This means that brand products are natural, not tested on animals and performed efficiently.

All three varieties have the following appointment – Make-up removal. Manufacturer Levrana admits after using the “chamomile” means not to wash, but if there is a desire, then you can lose my face slightly. If we consider the cost of products, then the price corresponds to the number of funds in the jar. Speaking about the expiration date, it should be noted that “Detox” can be used twice as long as the means of “grenade” and “chamomile”.

If you compare the composition of these three means, then “Chamomile” is recommended for representatives with sensitive skin, because the plant of the same name has a soothing effect on the skin, and also moisturizes and cleans it. If you have a fat type of epidermis, extended pores, or there is a tendency to allergic rash, it is better to give preference to micellar water “Detox” or “Granat”. Girls with normal skin will suit any of the options, but for dry skin, the “grenade” means will be the ideal solution.

The “chamomile” is developed on the basis of hydrolate, but “Granat” and “Detox” contain soft surfactants and water. In the form of a preservative there is a benzyl alcohol in all compositions. It must be emphasized that “chamomile” has sedative and reducing effects. “Pomegranate” is suitable for more mature skin, since it has a rejuvenating effect, and also regulates semism. Due to the presence of oak soot, the “Detox” means is designed specifically for deep cleansing the skin of the face, and also it greatly narrows the pores. But each composition of micellar water from Levrana is carefully thought out by experts to impart maximum effect.

If you compare micellar water on flavors and consistency, then “Detox” and “Chamomile” are practical identical, but the “grenade” is characterized by the presence of an oily basis. “Chamomile” and “Detox” have a neutral fragrance, but “grenade” has a peculiar smell, which does not suit everyone.

All Michael Waters Levrana have the same mechanism of use. To begin, it is necessary to thoroughly shake the bottle carefully, apply a small amount of money on your cotton swab, clean the skin with it, rinse the face with water. Should be neat so that the tool does not fall on the mucous eye.

How to choose?

    Micellar water from the Russian company Levrana is popular. It copes perfectly with the tasks: eliminates any kind of pollution, removes makeup and moisturizes the skin. When choosing the optimal means, you need to repel from the type of dermis. So, for a sensitive type, “chamomile”, for oily skin, the “Detox” will be the ideal choice, the representatives of dry skin are better to acquire “Granat”. All means are natural, hypoallergenic and high quality. You can be sure that your skin after using the Micellar Water Levrana will remain clean, moistened and well-groomed.

    Levrana Movure Water Overview in Video.

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