Michael water Uriage

Michael water Uriage

Micellar water not so long ago, but confidently began to conquer the hearts of women around the world. This is a universal tool that can cope with the removal of makeup and overcome various skin problems. Especially if this water is purchased from a proven manufacturer. We recommend paying attention to URIAGE products.

Pros and cons

The French brand was named after the famous thermal source, from where and get raw materials for the production of unique caring cosmetics. Company’s main task – Creation and production of safe and effective funds aimed at combating the aesthetic problems of dermis. This is hypoallergenic thermal water, which is often recommended for the use of cosmetologists. It is allowed to use even after serious cosmetic procedures.

Women attracts not only the quality of the preparations offered by the company, but also a wide range of products aimed at different types of problems, as well as a democratic price.

If you explore customer reviews, it is worth noting the cons of this micellar water. So, Despite the declared hypoallergenicity, it is still impossible to completely exclude an unpredictable skin reaction to the components of the means – The girls came across redness after the use of water. In addition, despite the specified absence of fragrances, still a thin fragrance for some funds there is, although it is quite pleasant. Also in the opinion of women, The tool cannot be called economical due to a lot of expensive.

Skin Type Line

The composition of micellar water from the presented brand contains natural minerals and nutritional components. Funds do not have fonders, dyes and chemistry. Also the advantage of products is considered a wide range. The following rules are relevant.

  • Water for leather prone to redness. This driver is easily and gently cleanses the skin from dust, dirt and oily shine, without leaving inflammation on the top layer. Means is intended for ladies with sensitive skin.

  • For oily and combined skin. Suitable for women wishing to get rid of oily shine and acne on the face. Included in the composition of lentils, lemon and apples make a dermis elastic, rejuvenate the complexion, warn dryness.

  • For sensitive skin. The series includes supersensitive skin care products. Micellar water contains lemon extracts, glycerin and other natural substances that are delicately removing makeup and contribute to the healing of injured and inflamed tissues.

  • For over-sensitive skin. The ruler consists of thermal water that powders deeply, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Also, the skin is enriched with useful components due to the cranberry and antioxidants present in the composition. The tool does not just cleanse the skin of the face, but also has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect.

  • For normal and dry skin. This micellar water is gently struggling with dry skin problems. She deeply cleans the epidermis, strengthens its immunity, warns the formation of redness.

The following popular funds deserve separate attention.

  • Udazh thermal water. This micelleka is suitable for any skin type. It contains mineral salts, calcium and magnesiums that calm the dermis. The presence of copper and zinc provides regenerating and antibacterial effect. The skin calms down under the influence of the work of manganese and softens under the influence of silicon.

  • First thermal water. This tool is produced from 100% natural isotonic water and is intended for newborns. The natural balance of mineral salts and oligoelements strengthens the skin, restores the integrity of the hydrolyphid film, softens the irritation under the diaper. There are no allergens, so the driver is considered safe for kids.

Features of application

Micellar water is easy to use. It is suitable for daily use. It is usually enough just to moisten the liquid cotton disk and process them the skin of the face. If the product is used to remove makeup, then first get time to the lips, then go to the eyes and, finally, last turn the disk.

Keep in mind that When using micellets to remove cosmetics from the eye, an impregnated disk should be applied to the lower eyelashes, and its upper part – in the eyelid and the upper eyelashes, leaving for 2-3 minutes.

During this time, the driver will absorb cosmetics, and the woman will only remain gently remove the mascara and eyeliner, directing the disk from the beginning of the eye to its exterior corners.

If the means “Udazh Thermal Water” is used, it should be sprayed on the face skin and leave. Do not wash moisture, it should absorb deep layers, clean and enrich the skin from the inside. The same principle operates with the “first thermal water” – it should be sprayed on the baby’s skin and leave until full absorption.

About the pros and cons of mycellaw water. See in the video.

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