Punk Makeup

Punk Makeup

Punk style with its appearance and development must be the famous fashion designer named Vivien Westwood, which dilked his inspiration in the underground culture of England of the late 60s. Of course, over the years this style has undergone many changes, however, it was able to maintain his branded traits and considerable popularity to the present. Black color, metal shine and delivered negligence, which are standing on the face, even during the hot rock concert, will suit the brave and loving experiments to fashionicam.

When appropriate?

The word Punk in English means “tiller”, and during the origin of rock culture, it was considered obscene. So called young guys and girls listening to strange, on the traditional view of the British British, music and not recognizing generally accepted authorities. Contemporary makeup and punk-style outfits express, rather, not aggression, and disregard for the opinions of others about the appearance of the girl itself.

Smokey Ice, similar to the caring mascara, or unusual dark lipstick – such a lady is confident and free from any prejudice. And if only young representatives of subculture could be decorate before decorating her appearance, today there is an increasing number of adult women who do not want to follow stereotypes, allow themselves so loose style.

Black shadows and dark lipstick can be found both during the evening walk in the nearest park and on high fashion podiums.

However, due to a challenge, which carries such a make-up, there is still a certain list of situations where it is necessary to refuse.

  • On the first date. Not every guy is ready for the fact that a young charming invited to a restaurant or cafe appears in the image of a rock band soloist.
  • In the office. Many companies dictate strict rules of office dress code in clothes and make-up of their employees.
  • At the wedding, christening, the presentation of the diploma and t. D. Some official events assume wearing a rather bright makeup, but the style of punk is still better to postpone for less solemn incident.

Best of all, such a makester will look at a meeting with friends, photo shoot, in the club and, of course, at a concert. The main rule of modern fashionistas – relevance.

Step-by-step instruction of creating

Those who first try to make punk makeup, do not immediately choose complex multi-element options. Enough to pay the eyes black and pick up more saturated lipstick. Such an image will be nice to look at everyday jeans, and with evening dress.

You will have to get acquainted with the purchase of several means:

  • Basics under Makeup+
  • Tonal cream+
  • Heilatera+
  • Black shadows+
  • eye lining or pencil+
  • Towa+
  • Dark lipstick.

First, a special basis is applied to the face, which will not only allow cosmetics to hold out as long as possible, but also protects the skin from its harmful effects. After the foundation, tonal or bbuse cream is applied. Bags under the eyes, pimples, mimic wrinkles or other skin defects, if necessary, are masked by a consiler. Punk makeup does not imply deep contouring or ruddy shy. Therefore, it is possible to use the bronzer or powder at will, but to allocate cheekbones and forehead highlyer is extremely desirable.

Punk culture representatives distinguishes bright eye makeup with shadows and eyeliner of gloomy dark tones. Do not be afraid to impose them on the lower eyelids. The main thing is that all bruises under the eyes were well masked at the previous stage. Start best with shadows. On both eyelids, a dark pigment is applied with fingers or applicator and is well growing.

No clear lines: a pretty rebar should look slightly careless. On top of the shadows you can spend long arrows with a special eyelid and pencil: both on the top and in the lower eyelid, creating an interesting effect of “Feline View”. To make eyes even darker and deep, eyelashes cover in a sea in two or three layers.

Last Stage – Lip Makeup. You can simply make them up with a lipstick or glitter, but you can completely paint the usual lip pencil. As in the eye makeup, it is better to do without clearly defined contours. Handwood with fingers – a great way to apply a dark lipstick or pencil.

You can make an easy start on the roots or take advantage of a special gel to create a wet hair effect to supplement bright make-up.

It will only choose a leather cleaner with rude boots or bold evening dress.

Useful advice

    Consider some interesting recommendations to those who plan to make a punk style make.

    • Black shadows and dark burgundy lipstick look great on dark brunettes, but not every rules and blonde. You can replace them on a more muted gray, brown and even blue.
    • If your eyebrows are quite thick, they can be accurately putting themselves with a special gel, which will turn an ordinary image into a real GLEM Rock. And if there were no black shadows in the cosmetic, you can apply peach, golden and even pink eyelids, just adding them to wide black stripes in the upper and lower eyelids.
    • One lipstick of wine or dark-scarlet color can replace three cosmetic products at once: lipstick, blush and even shadows. You need to apply it with your own fingers on the cheekbones and eyelids with neat pattering movements, and after carefully growing.
    • In order not to turn into a grated rock fan from the concert, it is worth sticking to a simple rule: the harder and more stripper, the easier it should be makeup. The wildests can try to combine makeup and clothing in different styles. For example, you can choose a calm knitted dress or a silk blouse to smooth the brightness and the aggressiveness of the meicap in the style of punk.

      Beautiful examples

      Read with a selection of successful meicaps in punk-style.

      • Those who prefer moderation throughout, make up makeup with one or two elements from the entire variety of style. For example, it can only be beautiful Smoke-Ice or only dark lipstick.

      • More risky can try dramatic images, as if taught from pages of fantastic novels.

      • Mixing punk with glamorous rhinestones and rainbow colors, you can get another popular direction – Glam Rock.

      • Do not forget about various hair and jewelry accessories. Properly selected earrings can revive even the most successful makeup.

      Punk style makeup in video below.

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