Smokey Ice for Gray Eye

Smokey Ice for Gray Eye

Makeup Smokey Ice has been popular for many decades in a row. Such a make is ideal as young girls and adult women. He makes a gray eye look beautiful and expressive.

Selection of cosmetics

To create a spectacular makeup need a basic set of cosmetics.

  1. Tonal base. Before applying shadows, it is necessary to align the skin tone. To do this, it is recommended to use a lung and light agent.

  2. Easy base under shadow. This product helps make a more resistant. If there is no base in the cosmetic, it can be replaced with a light consilet.

  3. Soft pencil. For drawing an eye contour, a black or dark gray pencil is used. He must be relieved well.

  4. Palet Thaya. For makeup bright gray eyes fit brown, silver, gray or beige shadows. They must be high quality and good pigmented. To create such a maker usually used 2-3 different shades.

  5. Mascara. Smoky makeup complement black mascara. It should be an extension and twisting eyelashes. It will make the look more beautiful and open.

In addition to cosmetics, you will also need a brush for decisive shadows and cotton wands. They can be used to correct makeup.

Create options

Smokey Ice is makeup, which is well suited for blondes, and for brunettes. Can be painted in this way both on a daily basis and for a party.

Day Make

Casual makeup differs from the evening use of more restrained colors. It usually uses matte shadows. Step-by-step process of creating such a maker consists of the following steps.

  1. To start the skin around the eye it is necessary Align with a light consiler or light cream. Alternatively, you can apply a thin layer of prime.

  2. Next, your eyes must be brought by a soft black pencil. The resulting lines must be thoroughly growing with a soft tassel.

  3. Next to the moving eyelid you need to apply bright shadows. They also need to grow well.

  4. On the basis of the century you need to apply a lighter product. The transition between the shades should be smooth. In this case, the Make will be neat.

  5. Inner corner of the eye stands neat allocate the most light shadows.

  6. Do not forget about the lower eyelids. It must be emphasized by a small amount of light shadows.

  7. Area under eyebrow White matte shadows.

  8. Next all shades need to grow again. Surplus products need to be removed using cotton wand.

  9. After that, on the eyelashes you need to apply a bulk mascara. A black and gray mascara is suitable for day makeup. Apply it stands in one layer.

Complete the daily image in such a style will help light lipstick or translucent shine.

evening make-up

Evening Make for the owners of beautiful gray eyes looks more saturated and bright. It is created by the same principle as the day. Before using the shadows, you need to apply a dense database.

To create makeup used products with sparkles. Eyelids in this case are emphasized with dark gray and black shadows. Transitions between them are well chosen.

So that the image is brighter, the top eyelid must be emphasized by silver shadows or the glitter. The eyebrow area needs to be lazy with a highlight.

To create a stylish evening makeup of the eyelashes, score 2-3 layers of carcasses. It makes it brighter and spectacular.

If you wish the eyelashes, you can additionally screw down with kerler.

Tips for specialists

When creating bright makeup for gray eyes, it is worth following several simple rules.

  1. Do not use red and pink. They are not at all suitable to serdays and make a look tired and painful.

  2. If there are bruises under the eyes, and on the skin redness, They need to be masked with a suitable corrector.

  3. No need to use too bright lipstick. If the girl focuses on his eyes, her lips should be highlighted with light lipstick or transparent glitter.

  4. Do not complement makeup too wide arrows. Because of this, the maker may turn out too vulgar.

If the makeup is too bright and inaccier, surplus shadows can be removed using cotton sticks or dry napkins. Do it need to slowly not to smear the product.

Beautiful examples

Image with smoky makeup can be made brighter using colored shadows or unusual lipstick.

With blue shadows

Classic make of black or gray shadows can be complemented with brighter shades. Seruogindasim is suitable light green or blue pigments. Such a makeboard is best done on a date or party. Light blue shadows are applied to the inner corner of the eye. Dark pigment is used to miss the rolling age. Blue shadows are perfectly combined with dark gray.

With matte lipstick

When creating evening makeup, dark smoke-os can be combined with a lipstick wine. Matte cosmetics is usually applied on the lips of a thin brush. It helps to make the contour of the lip smooth. Such a dark meyk is perfect for blondes and light-russes girls.

Do not be afraid of bright makeup with smoky shadows. If you can practice the shadow, even beginners will be able to do it.

Step-by-step master class on creating a trend makeup Smoke-Ice for gray eyes in the following video.

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