Wedding makeup for girls with brown eyes

Wedding makeup for girls with brown eyes

After the invitations are sent, and even a dress is chosen, it’s time to think about hairstyle and makeup. Laying curls better entrust a professional. And with the wedding makehouse you can cope and independently. In the article we will look at how to make a wedding makeup for girls with brown eyes.

Basic principles

Get to choose makeup stands in advance. To do this, you can choose several options, and make each of them in advance. This will help finally choose the one that comes to hairstyle and to the dress.

Girls to choose the colors of decorative cosmetics usually lighter than others. Most colors fit them. Therefore, the flight of fantasy is not limited.

Karglase have a deep, penetrating look. To emphasize the beauty and make a spectacular makeup for brown eyes, you can use the advice of professional makeup artists.

Makeup should be resistant. After all, it is necessary to look flawless for 15-20 hours. Therefore, only high-quality cosmetics apply. Mascara – waterproof. Tonal cream applied over the base. In this case, he will look evenly. Use 2 Tone Tone. One of them – for skin lightening, and the other – to adjust the oval faces. Borders of shades need to carefully grow.

Powder, regardless of the selected color, should be matte. It is desirable that the whole day she was at hand in case of need to adjust the makeup.

Makeup artists do not advise the use of a highlight or to use it at a minimum. In the photos, it can manifest itself as a “white spot” due to reflection when the outbreak. And the face of the bride will look as if she made a jog and sweat.

Matte shadows also look better in photos. Shadows with a cream structure are used very carefully so that they do not borrow in the skin fold in the age of.

Lipstick and pencil for lips necessarily choose persistent. Otherwise the groom will be all in lipstick. Yes, and a dress with a veil can be swap.

Do not also forget about the resistant makeup. Otherwise, until the morning you will have to deal with the balances of such funds.

In addition to correctly selected decorative cosmetics, face care is very important. Start to care for the skin need not for a couple of days, and not even a week before the wedding. Do it need at least a month. First of all, it is necessary to visit the cosmetologist, which will appreciate the condition of the skin. If necessary, an experienced specialist will tell you which procedures need to be carried out (for example, facial cleansing, eyebrows form correction). And the specialist will give advice on skin care at home.

In addition to the cleansing procedures, the skin is necessary Moisturizing. Moisturizing means it is better to use after scrub. You can use both the cosmetics acquired in the store and natural, cooked independently. It is possible to moisten the skin with oils (peach, olive, sesame), as well as using aloe juice mixed with liquid honey. Oatmeal shredded boiling water (of course, when you cool), kefir, banana, avocado, cucumber. The main thing is that there is no allergy.

Attention is needed not only to face, but also neck, and the area. Beautiful and healthy skin – a pledge of good makeup.

Creating different types of makeup

Fully relying on the opinion of professional makeup artist is not worth. After all, the wedding is a very personal holiday. Everyone has their own attitude and the vision of how the celebration should pass. Therefore, it is necessary to personally consider all recommended makeup styles for girls with brown eyes. This will create your own unique image.

You can take photos with each option of the selected case. On the photo it will be easier to determine if he likes or not.


Makeup using pastel shades suitable more completely young. He will emphasize the youth and charm. Natural makeup will have to do girls who on weekdays do not like to bother with cosmetics. This Makeup style will be good to combine with any wedding dress.

Natural makeup – complete absence of shine, pearl, bright, causing shades.

  • Preparatory stage any type of makebee begins with skin training. It must be cleaned. Cleaner is chosen according to skin type. Next Stage – Toning. After that we apply a moisturizing cream and makeup base. Then – Tonal Cream.
  • Next to the move goes decorative cosmetics. Need to stick to beige and brown gamm, diluing them with gentle-peach and sandy tones. Shadows are applied. Range up. You can make thin arrows.
  • Mascara and eyebrow pencil Choose as close to natural color. Overhead eyelashes will not fit. They will look unnatural.
  • Lipstick choose frosted. Good will be light pink and peach shades. Lipstick better use persistent. Powder shall apply a thin layer.


If the bride wants to look creatively on the wedding day, you need to add juicy colors. It is better to choose purple, neon, green, pink shadows. Orange color will not fit. Excellent will look arrows. You can add sparkle. And eyelashes do not need to do black. You can choose the shades of carcasses at the color of the shadows. Violet mascara will look very original. If you make an evening bright makeup for a wedding, you should stick to an important rule. Distinguish any one part of the face. To draw attention to Karim’s eyes, you can brightly make lips. Use the color of ripe cherry or fuchsia. Focus on eyes make bright shadows. In any case, the combination of juicy paints with brown eyes will be very spectacular.

Another interesting element of bright wedding makeup for carbohydrate brides can be rides, glued in an eye corner.

Best Options for Hair Color

The selection of makeup depends not only from the color of the iris, but also from the color of the hair and tone of the skin. What option to the wedding is suitable – to decide the bride. Whatever type it chose, the basis of any makeup at home is a certain sequence.

How to make makeup step by step:

  • skin cleansing – use purifying milk for face+
  • Moisturizing – you can make a moisturizing tissue mask+
  • Application of the Base for Makeup+
  • Masking of small flaws on the skin+
  • skin toning – use toning tonic+
  • Application foreimer+
  • The main color of the shadows+
  • arrows (you can skip the stage)+
  • selection of other color shadows, sparkles+
  • staining of eyelashes of mascara+
  • Staining eyebrows with pencil or shadows+
  • Application of fixing powder.

One of the options for wedding makeup can be Light Makeup Smokey Ice.

Such makeup made in bright colors is well suited for a solemn event. It will benefit from the bright color of the bride.

Master class how to make the effect of “smoky eyes” yourself.

  • The first thing you need to achieve is Perfect skin tone. There should be no irregularities and small flaws. In order to make invisible bruises under the eyes, you can use eye patches. After that, apply a special corrective. Ivea apply the basic foundation under the shadows, which will make the color of the shadows much rushing, and the makeup eye is more resistant.
  • After that bring your eyes soft pencil or shadows With a narrow side of the tassel. Hard to grow, strict lines should not be.
  • Under the eyebrow to apply the brightest shadow (Pearl, Silver-Gray).
  • After that, it takes Color for several tones darker. It must be applied to the outside corner of the eye, ranging from the middle. Grow up.
  • You can again bring arrows, and then make eyelashes.

For brunettes and brown

Girls with brown eye color usually brunettes, as well as brown. Happy owners of such a common type of appearance – dark hair and bronze eyes – bronze and golden tones makeup. Well, beige, dairy-coffee shades of shadows will look good. Such colors will make the gaze softer and warmer. You can add a little green in combination with a golden glare.

Since there are a lot of dark-haired beauties among carbonous beauties, then a master class is given to create a bright evening makeup with red lipstick and beautiful arrows. This is a classic wedding makeup for brunettes with dark eyes.

  • It is necessary to start with cleansing and humidifying the skin of the face.
  • After that apply a tonal cream.
  • On the cheeks to apply a bit of the brighter of a light shade.
  • In the upper eyelids are applied primer, so the shadows will go to the smaller and staying longer.
  • Apply on the upper eyelid shadow of a light shade.
  • Next stage – eyeliner with soft pencil. It is better to use black.
  • All stripes must be neat and thin. Eyeliner carefully growing.
  • Lower eyelid to cushion with a pencil.
  • Grow up.
  • Make eyelashes black ink.
  • Highlight the contour of the lip pencil.
  • Make the lips of red lipstick.

If the main heroine of the celebration has blond hair, painted or natural, she should not be done too bright makeup. Catchy and extravagant style is better not to use. Mascara and eyeliner is better to take dark gray (for ash and blond hair) or dark brown (for golden-blond curls). Best Color Palette Options for Wedding Makeup Russeed Beauty – Green, Beige, Brick, Terracotta or Light Lill. Light-coral hue of lipstick is suitable for lips, as well as brilliance – beige or caramel.

For blondes

The combination of blonde and brown eyes meets much less. And natural blondes with dark eyes in the afternoon with fire is difficult to find. If the girl is the owner of light chapels and brown eyes, then such a contrast can be beneficial to beat. Such a type of appearance and properly selected cosmetics will help create a delicate image of princess. For brides with blond hair, pink or reddish shades of powder are suitable. Light shadow will look good – white, sandy-beige, purple. You can choose brown, plum or deep green tones. Shadows need to grow well, and on the eyelashes put mascara in several layers. Lips can be made of transparent glitter or light pink matte lipstick.

Blondes need to pay special attention to the color of eyebrows. They should be on a couple of tones darker than hair color.

For redhead

For girls with fiery curls, it is important not to overdo the wedding makeup. Do not use too bright colors. Lips and eyes will help emphasize the combinations of gold and green, the color of natural coffee and pink. Eyebrows emphasize pencil. They should be on a couple of tones darker hair color. Lips should not be too bright. It will be appropriate to use a shade of beige or yellow-pink.

Tips of makeup artists

Makeup artists advise girls with bronze, golden beige and pink with shimmer shadow. Such shades will make eyes shine. Colors of lipstick, shadows, Rumba should be the brighter than dark skin. You need to apply makeup in a well-lit room. Then the bride looks great at any lighting: natural or indoors. Photos will also work more beautiful.

For wedding makeup perfectly suitable cosmetics. It will not erase and will not flow throughout the wedding ceremony and even on a festive banquet.

A few more advice that will help the bridesmaid drivers.

  • Girls with almond-shaped brown eyes, To make the shape of the eye using cosmetics, you can gently sum up the lower eyelids with a black or dark brown pencil. Light shadows impose under eyelashes. The top eyelid is isolated by peach. Outdoor angle down from the eyebrows are cut gray.

  • To pretty painting eyes with the hungry, use a dark color palette. Dark shadows are applied to the skin. Under eyebrows – a little highlyera. Well corrects the hungry eyelids makeup in the style of fashionable Smoke-Ice.

Bride with brown eyes do not need to do black smoke. It will look a few vulgar. It is better to use light, tender shades.

  • If brown eyes are close to each other, then correct such a flaw can. To do this, dry the inner corner of the eye.

When work on makeup is finished, you can make the last barcode – use the fixing spray for makeup.

Beautiful examples

To make it easier to decide whether to look at the examples of beautiful makeup options. They will help make the right choice and look unique on our finest day.

  • Makeup in brown tones will perfectly look at the bride’s carbohylase.

  • Black and white Smoky Ice will suit girls with any hair color.

  • Green shades in combination with sparkles emphasize beautiful brown eyes.

About how to make makeup for brown eyes, look in the following video.

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