All about hand massager

All about hand massager

Many people lead a healthy lifestyle and carefully follow them. To do this, they eate the right food, regularly visit doctors, care about their figure, face and hair. However, they forget about their hands – and after all, it is the appearance of hands in many respects is an indicator of the general condition of the body. It is on them first that pigment spots, wrinkles and other problems appear.

general description

Only 10-15 minutes of massage per day can have a beneficial effect on the whole body. However, not every person has the opportunity to use the services of professional massages. Currently, users are offered a wide range of homemade mass makers. But here is not all simple. The range of products offered is so huge that you can get confused in it. Therefore, today we will talk more about hand massager.

Starting from ancient times, people noticed the fact that massage of the brushes has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Such treatment was practiced in ancient Egypt and ancient India, but a particularly widespread hand massage received on the territory of Ancient China. Elements of this practice have formed the basis of most modern hardware and manual techniques.

Acupuncture is widely used today, and this proves the high efficiency of an old ancient teaching. It has been established that by influencing the active points of the person, located on the hands of the hands, you can establish the work of digestive and urogenital systems, as well as to improve the state of the musculoskeletal system. Working with active points helps to get rid of migraine, remove stress and tension.

Today in order to stimulate active points, not necessarily contact the specialists in Chinese medicine. It will be enough to get a hand massager. Such devices have a positive impact on the state of the body, help with the pathologies of the joints. The advantage of such devices is that they are pretty compact, so you can use them anywhere.

According to the method of exposure, such massagers are divided into electric and mechanical, according to the mechanism of work – on laser, vacuum, magnetic and thermal.

Regardless of the model, all massagers:

  • Improve skin condition+
  • normalize the movement of lymph and blood+
  • Reduce painful sensations.

As a result of regular impact, any congestive phenomena in tissues are eliminated, ethnicity decreases, muscle clips and blocks are neutralized, and the mobility of the joints is improved.

Indications and contraindications

High effect gives creetens massagers during arthrosis. This is a widespread disease, and in recent years there has even been a tendency to increase it. Such a position is associated with a bad environment, sedentary lifestyle, uncomfortable working conditions and high physical activity on the body. The disease causes an abrasion of cartilage cloth. As a result, the mobility of the joints deteriorates, movements are accompanied by severe discomfort. In the absence of proper hand therapy and lose their motor functions at all. Treatment of this disease includes a set of events – physiotherapy, gymnastics, medication and mandatory massage.

Massager for hand shown in impairment of nervous activity. The effectiveness of the procedures is associated with stimulating small motility, which, in turn, has a beneficial impact on the work of the CNS. Uncomplicated monotone movements reduce the severity of inflammatory processes, normalize the nutrition of cartilage articular tissues and effectively restore hand after strokes. Massage of brushes and fingers has a pronounced healing effect in the diseases of the spine, it is recommended for removal of voltage and overall improvement in the body’s condition.

However, like any other device, the massager has its own contraindications. So, any impacts associated with vibration are not recommended for pregnant women, people with elevated arterial pressure, pathologies of the heart and vessels, as well as for sugar diabetes. Unwanted massage procedures with open wounds and unexplored injuries.

Important: With any chronic diseases, before applying the simulator, it is necessary to enlist the recommendation of the attending physician.

Review of species

Modern industry offers a huge selection of hand massager. They can be air-compression, lymphatic and spring. You can find apparatuses with spikes, sleeves and gloves, rollers, tonneous Chinese balls and many other devices.


Electrical type massage can be used in clinics, salons and at home. They are used for acupuncture impact on active points, as well as for compression massage. The most modern devices provide infrared therapy and at the same time antibacterial effect. The benefits of such mass makers lies in their pneumatic effects, due to which the bloodstream is accelerated and all muscle groups are being worked out. Stimulating therapy reduces to the impact on reflex points located on the palms.

Most budget models resemble mittens. Such procedures contribute to the removal of voltage in muscle tissue and restore the tone. Thanks to the warm-up function, the massager can be a good replacement of paraffin baths. The inner surface of the appliances is made of metal and plastic materials with increased thermal conductivity – they reliably holds heat inside the vechers. Motors are provided for vibromassage.

A separate type of electromassager is a device that imitating hot compresses. They use infrared therapy. Such a massager is a set of cuffs for fingers and wrists. When the muscle electric pulse strikes, the muscles and numbers and numbness are neutralized, the blood movement is accelerated – it prevents atrophy.

Electromassagers have their own contraindications. These include pregnancy, the presence of a pacemaker, diseases of the skin in the acute stage and mechanical damage to the skin. With caution, procedures should be carried out when using sleeping pills and alcoholic beverages.

Consultation of the attending physician when taking pain and sedatives.


Mechanical type massagers are produced in the form of pillows, balls and mittens. They are made of a variety of materials – synthetic and natural. The surface may be smooth or rough, ribbed, studded or with a similar embossed print. Wood massagers have proven very well. They effectively knead the hand and palm brushes, give a good effect in the treatment of arthritis, as well as in arthrosis of the fingers. Wooden balls are shown to persons suffering from poor blood circulation in the limbs, such people often complain about cold fingers.

The ball massager is easy to use. Its regular use contributes to the normalization of metabolism in tissues, improves the mobility of the joints and optimizes blood circulation. If the device has a rough surface, then peeling. Thanks to this, there are pores, all skinny skin particles are removed. Another common model is spikes. They are made of wood or silicone. They are shown after injuries and operations, because they restore the sensitivity of the receptors and develop fine motility.

Among the most popular varieties of mass makers are also distinguished Model with retainer. This is a silicone ball in which the ring for the finger is provided. The ring is worn on the finger, and then the brush is squeezing the ball. Such a simulator is in demand for the prevention of arthritis, arthrosis, neuritis, hypotension and contractures. High efficiency different expander. They contribute to the increase in muscle tone, strengthen and normalize the mobility of the joints.

Regular procedure improves the motorcycle fingers and the sensitivity of the hands – it prevents contractura after injury. Massager-tweezers is made, as follows from the name, in the form of a tweezers. On the back of the coils are located. Tweezers put on the fingers in such a way that in the process of movement of the coil massaged the skin. Using this massager increases muscle tone and normalizes blood supply to fabrics.

The leader of the production of manual mass makers in Russia is the company “Barg Line”. It is they who deliver the balls of Su-Jock and rings for fingers. Su-Jock is a ball with spikes invented in Korea. It is designed in accordance with the teaching on acupuncture points. On the palms of a person there is a large number of nervous endings and points, which are the projection of the spine and internal organ departments. Their study activates the sick zone, and in addition, normalizes the work of the whole organism as a whole. Su-Jock is used in reducing therapy after operations and injuries.

Good effect gives hand massage with rings for fingers. They are used for migraine therapy, chest pain, neurosis, reduced and increased blood pressure. Operation of the nameless and middle fingers helps with head pains, relieves fatigue. To normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to affect the maizintsy.

Among the electrical models, in the opinion of users, the largest effects are given the instruments of the Chinese brand Xiaomi and Korean Handle. In the budget segment allocate products Vitek.

In addition, the ranking includes products of firms Galaxy, Nozomi, Gess, Cs Medica, Beurar, as well as VictoryFit and Yamaguchi.

Child Nuances

Hands are part of the body that is more than the rest exposed to the external influence of surrounding factors. In stores and pharmacy points you can find a wide range of all sorts of massage accessories.

They differ in the principle of work, form, features of operation, manufacturing material and price. In order to choose a hand massager, It should be done in advance for the purpose of exposure and the expected result.

If you need the prevention of diseases, as well as classes to improve the concentration of attention and removal of voltage – the optimal choice will be various devices from natural materials.

In the presence of medical testimony, a good solution will be electrical devices running from vacuum. To train the articular cloth, preference is better to give needle wooden balls. To strengthen ligaments, the development of mobility and endurance is suitable.


The use of masses for brushes and fingers helps to cope with many illnesses, restores the mobility of the joints, accelerates the regeneration of tissues after the operation and stimulates the shallow motor. Hand massager has a beneficial effect on the work of the brain, contributes to emotional endurance, improves the concentration of attention and short-term memory.

Special effect gives sharing a massager for fingers with a light massage of feet and special gymnastics – it allows you to repeatedly increase the effectiveness of the procedures and achieve a quick result.

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