All about infrared massages

All about infrared massages

Mental and nervous tension, chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle pain – With all these problems, a massager with an infrared lamp is easily coping with. Testimony to its use is a lot. Today we will talk more about choosing this device.

What it is?

Infrared lamp massagers are used as part of complex rehabilitation after injury and severe diseases. In recent years, massagers intended for use at home. The principle of their work is based on the effects of IR radiation – natural waves that any warm object can emit. Such an impact resembles a manual massage, which is produced with warm hands.

Infrared waves heat the skin, muscles, as well as joints, internal organs and fabrics. Due to this, the immune defense of the body is rising to various diseases. IR impact contributes to the normalization of blood circulation and lymph.

Regular procedures accelerates metabolism, improves the saturation of cells with oxygen and useful trace elements, and also accelerates the process of cell regeneration.

Benefit and contraindications

Massage with infrared exposure will be useful to any person, regardless of his physical activity, age and gender. The procedure has been widespread:

  • Among the athletes – Massage allows you to reduce muscle spasms after training+
  • For rehabilitation After severe injuries in the case of arthritis, chondrose, with the problems of the musculoskeletal system+
  • To restore elasticity joints and muscles+
  • With painful sensations in the lower back, cervical zone and back+
  • To combat cellulite and overweight.

Regular use of IR Massager:

  • promotes relaxation and calm+
  • Accelerates blood circulation+
  • Reduces blood pressure+
  • Stabilizes Son+
  • Reduces mental and mental overvoltage+
  • Neutralizes inflammatory processes in the joints+
  • Improves short-term memory+
  • Reduces swelling+
  • Promotes the restoration of the ligaments.

The use of infrared mass makers facilitates the state of people with diabetes. Can be used in varicose veins, but in this case it is impossible to massage legs. The use of a massager, in contrast to biomagnetic, does not harm people with the pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

IR waves are effectively fighting with fatty sediments and cellulite, so suitable for all those who want to look slimmer and younger.

However, before buying such a massager, you should not forget that first of all it is a medical device. Therefore, it is pre-obtaining the recommendation of the attending physician.

The procedure has a number of contraindications. The infrared effect is not recommended when:

  • chronic pathologies of kidneys and intestines+
  • Urolithiasis+
  • neurological diseases+
  • Parkinson’s disease+
  • Tumor processes.

It is recommended to suspend procedures in case of poor well-being, with impaired integrity of the skin (open wounds, burns, dermatological diseases), as well as in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

In addition, the use of any mass maker based joint IR and vibration exposure is dangerous for pregnant women.


Depending on the object of impact and functional features, infrared massagers of several types are distinguished.

For face

The use of infrared therapy has a beneficial effect on the skin as a whole, returns to it elasticity, healthy color and smoothness. The procedure has a pronounced lifting effect. However, from the use of a facial massager is better to abandon the disruption of skin cover and with allergic rashes.

After the massage, wrinkles are reduced under the eyes, dark circles are lit. Infrared waves are able to get rid of skin peeling, scars, scars and acne. Some models provide additional nozzles for the top of the head, the collar zone and neck – this processing allows you to reduce the headache and prevent hair loss.

For legs

Foot massages are visually similar to stands or baths, which provide for notes for stop. Everyone knows that in the footsteps there are many nerve endings. Their heating with a red lamp has a common effect on the whole organism.


Infrared Massager in the form of a pillow is a unique device that can be used for the whole body. This is a very comfortable, compact and mobile thing, it can always be taken with you on a trip.

Massage capes

Massage capes with heating are used for impact on the back, muscles, buttocks, shoulders and neck. They have the option of infrared heating, can be used in any convenient location. Such capes work well with large volumes. Their impact helps to relax, remove the nervous and physical stress, reduce the severity of pain syndromes due to muscle spasms.

The use of IR capes soothes the nervous system, promotes slimming, eliminating cellulite, helps adjust the figure. In addition, the capes have proven themselves in the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

However, in the case of medical contraindications, such an impact will cause harm rather than the benefit – in this case therapy must be replaced with more gentle procedures.


The uniqueness of the massage belt is that it can be used in relation to any body zones. It is easy to operate and at the same time takes at least a place.


Hand massagers effectively work out any body area. They possess an ergonomic non-slip handle. Work mainly from the electrical network. Massage can be done on your own or use the services of another person.

Overview of the best models

The quality of the models and their value depends largely on the manufacturer itself. Even the most branded companies produce not only premium segment models, but also the goods of the budget category. At the same time, according to its operational resource and quality, they are not inferior to their rivals. Users allocate products such brands:

  • BEURER (Germany)+
  • Gedeon Richter (Hungary)+
  • Medisana (Germany)+
  • Nozomi (Japan-China)+
  • Vitek (Russia)+
  • CLATRONIC (Germany)+
  • Zauber (Germany).
  • US Medica (USA).

Let us stay in more detail on the most popular Massager models.

Gezatone AMG 105

The device with the function of infrared heating and a pair of replaceable nozzles. Used for dry abdominal massage, hips, backs, feet, as well as for general-building procedures. Especially effective When removing chronic fatigue syndrome and painful sensations in the neck and back zone.

Gives a high result when combating cellulite and overweight. After the procedure is returned muscular tone, the skin becomes fresh and tightened. Works on the electrical current network, the recommended duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes.


Pretty powerful massager, used to study the muscles of the hands, legs, areas of the back and neck. In demand for massage and self-massage. Relaxing effects, relieves physical fatigue, neutralizes pain. Users note the special efficiency of this device after grueling sports training. Included two nozzles. Recommended Duration of the procedure 10-15 minutes.

Nozomi MH-102

Compact manual model weighing only 1.4 kg. Works on two speed modes – 3400 and 6000 beats per minute. Two nozzles. The device of this Japanese company copes well with muscle and articular pains in the cervical zone and back. Impact gives a good result in the fight against fatty sediments in the field of buttocks, abdomen and honey. Optimulated for the correction of the figure, normalization of metabolism, elimination of muscle overvoltage and pain syndrome.

Galaxy GL4942

Powerful device with four nozzles, a special nozzle protects hair in the process of massage. There are three high-speed modes. IR Massager significantly facilitates the state of people who have problems with the back, removes the overvoltage of the muscles, has a fascinating effect. Such a massager will become a real find for people who want to improve their figure.

The ball nozzle is effectively fighting cellulite, and the roller – promotes the burning of subcutaneous fats. To adjust the contours of the body uses a finger nozzle. This is the budget model, optimal for home use. SCARLETT SC-206 devices use high demand. This is a British brand, the massagers themselves are produced at the production facilities of Chinese and Korean companies.

Criterias of choice

The specific model of the infrared electromeaser should be chosen based on the main tasks that are set before the massage at home.

It must be borne in mind that any universal models always cost more than others. Check out the instruction in advance, appreciate the complexity of the operation of the device. Specify whether it is possible to use it yourself or will need help from other persons.

When using a manual model for self-massage, be sure to evaluate the weight, dimensions and ergonomics of the device. Among the basic selection criteria are distinguished:

  • Scope of application – for a sliding massage, for point exposure, for individual body zones+
  • power – manual models up to 100 W, for electromassage up to 400 W+
  • Availability of additional programs, Number of high-speed modes+
  • For models with vibration – the intensity of the procedure and the possibility of its regulation+
  • Number of nozzles and their form+
  • Availability of special solutions for specific tasks – to eliminate subcutaneous fat or combating cellulite+
  • Power type – rechargeable or network, in the latter case pay attention to the length of the cord.

Terms of Use

Before use, you must carefully read the user’s manual and clearly follow him.

  • Do not take a rosette with wet hands, keep the basic safety rules for working with any electrical appliances.
  • If the design assumes only a dry massage, do not use any massage creams.
  • Clean the skin before processing, take a shower. To increase the efficiency of exposure, use the peeling and scrub.
  • Cut the processing on massage lines. This contributes to the right outflow of lymph.
  • Conduct procedures no later than an hour before sleep.
  • Do not carry out the time for longer than the time.

Stick up the following sequence of actions.

  • Turn on the electric server, set the operating mode. Attach to the processed body.
  • Pick up a comfortable intensity mode. Conduct processing for 30-40 seconds., after which the impact area must be changed.
  • When any painful sensations appear, reduce the impact intensity. In case of continuation of discomfort – interrupt the procedure.
  • Follow the topic, so that the device does not overheat in the process.

Remember, any massage is effective only if it is held regularly. The one-time procedure will not bring the desired healing effect.

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