All about wooden massages

All about wooden massages

Wood massagers are perfect devices for body relaxation. They allow to maintain the health of the body and are indispensable assistants after a serious labor day.

Indications and contraindications

Prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, exchange and circulatory systems in the presence of obstacles to the conduct of sessions of ordinary massage can be carried out by independently, special devices. Medical Product Manufacturers offer massagers working with electric and ultrasound pulses, magnets and vacuum. Each segment has its own adepts and fans, but the wooden massager is always out of competition.

Environmentally friendly, made of breathable natural material that does not cause any adverse reactions, such devices are extremely easy to use. They do not require any special skills. You can work with them only after studying detailed instructions. These are the most obvious bonuses that the patient receives.

The use of such an easy fixture is recommended:

  • in hypodymna, the absence of physical activity, sedentary work of any kind (it appropriately to mention the cape mats on the seat of the car, which can be successfully used in other works where you have to constantly sit+
  • To combat cellulite (massage of the hips and buttocks, fleet of hand)+
  • To remove stress and its consequences from the body: headaches, stagnant phenomena, insomnia and increased fatigue+
  • If necessary, the prevention of diseases, inevitable with the onset of a certain age, degradation of systems and processes occurring in them+
  • After active workouts when it is necessary to get rid of lactic acid accumulating in muscle tissues.

But it is worth remembering that even the most difficult massager on the device will not bring benefits if it is not supported by regular physical exercises and healthy nutrition. Constant use will help to get rid of fat savings, and from pain in the back and muscles, and from the “orange peel” on the buttocks and hips.

It may seem that the wooden device is completely harmless, and it can be involved in any person intend to optimize his well-being and appearance. However, he has serious contraindications to use. These include:

  • Endocrine pathology+
  • oncology+
  • tuberculosis+
  • Any chronic disease in the aggravation stage+
  • infections and skin pathologies+
  • vertebrate grozhi+
  • Diseases of the circulatory system.

Therefore, you need to start with such activities only with medical approval. The need to pre-consult a doctor is obligatory for women during lactation or pregnancy.


Multi-faceted use involves a variety of existing types of wood mass makers intended for a specific purpose or universal. Manual choose after a solution about what a massage will need: prophylactic or therapeutic, intense, calculated on the long-term action.

It may be:

  • Ribbon in which mobile balls are mounted, allowing body massage+
  • roller+
  • The device is smooth or spiked, with a handle and a roller massager, which does not give the same freedom of movements, like a ribbon, but indispensable for massage certain areas+
  • Rolling or special device developed by a specialist, patented and sold as medical equipment.

Even a brief description of each product will allow to understand its purpose. The price of such a massager is completely democratic, but the main factors in the choice are not the cost and individual preferences, but the granted necessity and medical recommendations (the absence of contraindications to this type of massage – the best recommendation). With this simple device from an environmentally friendly material, you can achieve significant success.


These are massagers from wooden rollers or beads, which are fastened with a solid elastic cord and at the ends are equipped with handles. Such a simple design allows you to carry out independent massage of the back, limbs, sides and hips, neck areas. It all depends on which part of the body needs correction.

Acquisition of ribbons with smooth balls or rollers makes it possible to engage in the prevention of fat deposits, cellulite, diseases of the joints. Larger result can be achieved by applying significant efforts. If there are no contraindications, you can purchase a device in which rollers or beads are equipped with spikes or rigidity ribs. Studying such a massager will give the expected result faster, but also subject to regular use.


This is a common name for devices in which the parts are also rotating are fixed on the handle. Coverage area, as well as the reach of a certain zone in them less, but the result from pressure will be faster. The movement of the rotating part is carried out in horizontal and vertical directions. Man regulates pressure power. For certain purposes, you can choose one of the numerous species:

  • Universal, with a roller on the handle, smooth+
  • consisting of several rollers on one handle+
  • smooth, carved or sniff.

Such a massager may limit the possibility of treating all zones of spine or spin areas, but longitudinal and transverse movements in a set with regulation of pressure force – the undoubted advantages of the roller device before all others.


Previously, they were used only by motorists who were forced to spend a lot of time on the road. Hence both professional diseases of the spine, and the musculoskeletal system as a whole. Now they are used on computer, and on domestic chairs. The lack of such a cape is that it massages only when a person moves. If he just sits in a chair or on a chair, the effect of it is minimal.

Massage shoes

It can be not only of wood, but slippers from this natural material, initially enhancing pain in the feet, after three days they remove all negative sensations. They work according to the principle of pressure, optimize blood flow. Thus, fatigue is removed, the person begins to move easier.

How to choose?

The main selection criterion – security, from here and all the string advice about consultation with the doctor. With different pathologies, it is better to stay on wooden massager with a smooth surface. But in the range of manufacturers, you can find more productive devices equipped with discs, spikes, teeth, balls and rollers of different sizes. It has the importance of the application: for the bath the designs without paint and varnish, you should also do when buying cape.

Choosing, should consider its own priorities and areas that need to be processed. You can buy a rocker, stand, knitting or garlic, foot mat or universal tape.

How to use it?

Defecting ease of carrying out the procedure does not mean that massage can be carried out by any favorite device, chaotically, episodically, without a certain sequence of movements. Consider performing an independent massage with a massager tape design. To perform it, you need to implement the following sequence of actions.

  1. Massage actions spend along the spinal column, alternately changing hands.
  2. Massager is placed above the smoking (in the lower back region). Movement must be left and right. Gradually, the massage movement zone is shifted up, reaching until the middle of the back. Then make a similar return to the start point.
  3. Massage the area of ​​the neck, gradually shifting into the zone of the blades. During massage, head slopes in different directions. Enough 1-2 minutes.
  4. For massage the hips, you need to bend my leg in the knee. Massage movements gradually need to go up. Legs should be massaged alternately.

For the recommendations and sets of movements, it is better to consult a doctor: a physiotherapist or a rehabilitologist. After studying the anamnesis, physical examination and verbal survey, it will tell not only the correct sequence of movements, but also the type of device that must be purchased. Preferences are advised to give adaptations from juniper, cedar, birch or oak. Massagers are perfectly operating from the sandalwood, but they, unlike simpler wood varieties, are expensive.

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