Choice and use of quartz mass makers for face

Choice and use of quartz mass makers for face

Quartz massagers for face today are at the peak of popularity. Especially often photo and video images of these beauty devices are found in social networks.

What it is?

Quartz massager for face, in fact, is Chinese tool for the recovery of the dermis, which exists for several thousand years. However, his flourishing in the beauty industry began only in 2017, when blogger Marianna Hewitt told his audience about such a device. In September of the same year, Mark Herbivore introduced Rostera rose quartz and jade, and other brands followed. Massage roller made of natural quartz – smooth and cool natural stone that is not treated. It is very pleasant to the touch, smooth and cool, looks extremely aesthetically due to its translucent and natural patterns.

The main purpose of the use of adaptation is to improve blood circulation, remove the edema and relax the clamps, and, it means that the face suspension. In addition, the ability of natural stone for a long time to maintain chill creates a weighty drainage effect.

Among the possible effects of the regular use of the massager, wrinkles and races are distinguished, the removal of toxins, the improvement of the color of the face and the appearance of a natural brush, lightening dark circles, as well as the enhancement of entering the skin of the cosmetic agents used after.

Despite the fact that massage with a quartz adaptation is more secure, People suffering from Rosacea, Cooperoz, Psoriasis and rashes, better consult with their doctor before starting procedures. It is believed that the Massager is able to activate these inflammation and even provoke new problems. Even with the resolution of a specialist to use the beauty tool will need with great accuracy, only slightly touching the face surface. It is also not recommended to use the device in the presence of filients or after Botox – Regular blood flow, on the contrary, will contribute to the splitting and removal of the drug from the body.

Reasons to abandon the procedure include diseases of the thyroid, hernia, inflammatory processes and even dental problems. It is impossible to handle the face tool and in the presence of a large number of moles and extended vessels. Massagers are suitable for persons older than 20 years, although they are usually recommended by the owners of mature skin.


Quartz massagers can be different, but they still act on one principle.


Conventional Rose Stone Massagers can be divided into directly rolers and gouache scrapers. The first possesses one or two spinning parts fixed on a comfortable handle: Little is activated to study delicate zones under the eyes and around the nose, and large – for the rest of the rest. They contribute to the expansion of vessels, smoothing wrinkles and better “administration” to the dermis of the departure substances.

Scrapers Guasha due to their form are more versatile. With the help of the plate, you can adjust the pressure force on the surface, and therefore develop deeper muscles and affect biologically active points. The benefits of such a massager also increases due to the ability to apply it not only for the person, but also the whole body. Guasha are the most budget representatives of the “stone mass makers” and are produced in different forms and sizes.

Vibrator massagers

The main difference between ordinary and vibration massages from quartz is to create sound oscillations. Arising during the use of vibration increases the effect of force on the skin, that is, the muscles relax more, and the skin, on the contrary, pulls up. The vibrating massager also looks somewhat different: as a rule, only the vibrating head is made from rose quartz, and aluminum is used to create a reliable handle. Use such devices that run from a conventional finger battery and equipped with a miniature switch should be performed on purified, and after moistened skin.

It is not possible to carry out a procedure for a daily basis for 5-10 minutes.

How to choose?

Prices for quartz massagers can vary greatly, but when buying too cheap sample it is important to understand that, most likely, this is a fake. This Quartz simply can not cost a little, and therefore, instead, some unscrupulous sellers applied to the buyer some polymer or even acrylic. To check the purchased beauty tool for authenticity, sufficiently scratching its surface with a needle or knife. The appearance of scratches, as a rule, testifies to the fake. Natural quartz has such a strength that the impact of the same needle will not harm him, plus it is very difficult to break it. Also identify the fake will be able to remember that the rollers from the present material remain cool for a long time.

Some people do not understand the difference between quartz and jade massagers, as they look very similar. Preferring exactly the pink stone really makes sense, because the hardness of this material is higher, which means it will be better resistive to the various effects of the external environment. However, it is the jade massager that is sometimes complemented by a jar with a jar, stronger than the gulling on the skin, and hence, and more effectively affecting it.

However, a quartz gouache can become an alternative to him, and therefore it is best to take a set of it and a rose stone roller.

How to use?

Massage a quartz device can be both in the morning and in the evening. At the beginning of the day, he perfectly wakes up the skin and “erases” the swelling and chances for the night. The procedure conducted in the evening allows you to relax the muscles of the face and helps to smoke wrinkles. Massage should be done, pre-clearing the skin of the face. Next, according to the technique of execution, you can get the skin with toner, serum, cosmetic oil or moisturizing cream, because the roller will be able to improve their penetration into the skin. In addition, the nutritional mass will provide a smoother sliding – a dry roller sometimes pulls and pulls the surface of the face, which, on the contrary, contributes to the emergence of chances and wrinkles.

The scheme of the procedure itself, in principle, is similar to the one that is used with other massages: Quartz slightly pressed on the skin and is found through massage lines, that is, areas of smaller skin resistance to protect it from stretching. From the center of the chin, you need to move to the urine of the ear, from the middle of the forehead – to the temples, and from the eyebrows – to the hair. Movement from the corners of the lips is sent to the Ear center, and from the wings of the nose – up.

Additionally, it is necessary to handle a small roller leading clockwise, an area around the eyes, as well as neck, moving upwards with calm movements. The lower eyelid is massaged from the outer corner to the nose, and the top – from the nose to the brow’s tail. By the way, the neck for opening a lymphatic channel is even recommended to work first. On the sides, the movement comes from the lower jaw to the claysters, and in the center – up to the chin. During the procedure, the area of ​​the thyroid gland should be avoided.

Performing some kind of movement, you do not need to stop or retreat. Massage should always be carried out in one direction, as the rotation of rollers back and forth leads to jerking and even pulling the epidermis. Such processing of the person takes no more than 5-10 minutes, but it is necessary to arrange it regularly, at least once every three days. It is worth mentioning that in order to enhance the drain effect, a quartz device can be pre-withstanding a few minutes in the refrigerator. During the massage when a pronounced discomfort appears, the procedure is better suspended. It is impossible to crush too much on the face, Otherwise you can get bruises and damage the gentle capillaries.

Used roller is necessarily cleaned: first washed with soap water temperature, and then heels on a dry towel naturally or even just wipes dry. Rinse a quartz device follows after each application, but if it has metal parts, then it should not be done under running water. Massager can not be watering hot water, it is also not worth soaring it for a long time. To preserve the integrity of the tool, it should not be exposed to cleaning agents or chemicals.

It is worth adding that Working with Guaasha is carried out in a similar way, but the scraper is required to keep in the same position – flat edge down. You should move it with smooth movements upward to the temples. In no case should not affect the skin area around the eyes – there is a small video for this. The procedure with Guash in time is carried out faster, not exceeding 3-5 minutes.

Review reviews

In general, reviews about quartz massager for a person say that these adaptations are insanely aesthetic, they are very nice to use, but there is no reasonable results to expect. Indeed, the regular massage has a lymphatic indica effect and eliminates the swelling, but to expect the disappearance of dark circles under the eyes or narrowing of pores no sense.

The device copes with the relaxation of the muscles and can even come to the aid of headaches, but with deep wrinkles, not always copes. As for the opinion of cosmetologists, they agree that this equipment can stimulate the circulation of lymphs and relax the tired muscles. The only condition should always be carried out in accordance with massage lines.

A few reviews contain complaints with a massager and a description of the shortcomings, in some responses there is a mention of too soft effects in the case of roller devices, and therefore small efficiency.

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