Choose an electric body massager

Choose an electric body massager

Modern rhythm of life every day only accelerates. Because of this, many people constantly experience fatigue, a lack of a full-fledged rest and relax. To this often addicted to health problems. To resolve similar troubles, it makes sense to enjoy special electric body massages.


People are constantly in stressful situations, live in the conditions of infinite employment, because of what time for a full-fledged vacation is often completely lacking. Sooner or later, such a lifestyle leads to a noticeable decrease in the total tone, depressive moods. In addition, many most of the time (and at home, at work) are carried out in front of the monitor, which entails additional discomfort in the form of pain in the back and joints. You can get rid of listed trouble by contacting a professional massage driver, but not every person has a similar opportunity. In this case, a high-quality electric massager can serve as a “rescue circle”.

Modern models of electromesers have a rich functionality.

With their proper operation, a person can get rid of many health problems, raise the mood, to relax in the home relax session.

We will understand in more detail what is the main benefit of such popular devices.

  • The current varieties of electric body mass makers can boast very rich set of options. They are implemented complete with various additional nozzles, can work with the effect of heating, vibration and other useful influences that have a beneficial effect on the human body.
  • With the competent operation of modern electric mass produces for the body Improve overall health, raise the tone, charge the energy that has not been missing before.
  • High-quality body electromass capable effectively improve the right and active blood circulation.
  • Similar devices effectively remove all sorts of pain and various unpleasant feelings at different points of the body. Modern manufacturers produce amazing devices intended for effective impact on cervical, lumbar and many other vulnerable departments.
  • High-quality electric body massager is capable soothing effect on the nervous system of man.
  • Through the operation of electric mass makers, people can get rid of excessive muscle tension.
  • Today on sale you can meet multifunctional varieties of electric mass makers, which have an anti-cellulite action, contribute to the improvement of the skin of users.

In addition, the device under consideration possess a number of other equally important advantages.

  • Modern electromesers are very simple and convenient to operate, Many of them can be controlled by remote control.
  • Electric massagers can fine replace the impact of professional massage, working in specialized salons.
  • In the range of many famous brands buyers can meet Many wonderful body devices, having an attractive and democratic cost.
  • Modern electric body massagers can use not only at home, but also at work or during long journeys.

Electrical massagers bring a lot of benefit, but also a certain harm to the body can also apply.

  • You can not use such devices, If on the body of the body that is scheduled to massage, there are any damage or injury.
  • In case of severe skin inflammation and purulent formations The use of an electromaster will bring more harm than good.
  • Electrical massagers are not allowed to use, If a person suffers from cancer or diabetes or diseases associated with the work of the thyroid gland.
  • Suffered heart attack or stroke Along with hypertension, it is very serious contraindications to the use of an electromassager.

Massagers are not applied serious harm if used correctly, not neglecting contraindications. Before applying such devices, it is strongly recommended to consult with a specialist.

Each of the varieties of an electric massager has its shortcomings. Much depends on the type of device, as well as the features of its operation. For example, buyers often pushes too high the cost of such devices, as well as their weak efficiency and the absence of expected results after the first applications. Many minuses that demonstrate the apparatus under consideration are subjective.

Views and models

Today, the range of high-quality and multifunctional electromesers amazes variety. There are a lot of excellent electromagnetic, rechargeable, professional and universal devices with additional nozzles, massaging balls, special sleeves and other useful components. We will figure it out in more detail which varieties of electric mass makers for the body are and what they are characterized.

Vibrating massager

Very popular is the modern vibration body electromass. Such an apparatus is ideal for thorough muscle kneading. It perfectly activates the bloodstream, massages deep fabrics. Frequently considered devices are used in combination with additional nozzles that can be used to massage various parts of the body. It is the vibro massager that best copes with anti-cellulite massage manipulations.


Many manufacturers produce shock-type electronic electromassagers. Such devices affect the human body by pressing compressed air. In most cases, in the impact varieties of mass makers, several special pillows are initially envisaged, which are alternately blown away, and then again filled with air. In conditions of such an impact, blood circulation is noticeably improved, thrombosis is prevention, muscular atony is eliminated.


Modern users often prefer Electric Vacuum Type Body Massagers. These devices work on the principle resembling a can. They act on the basis of the seizure and further movement of the skin folds. Due to this, metabolic processes in deep layers of skin are accelerated.


Copies that should be used only on limited parts of the human body. Such devices are sharpened solely under the influence of certain biological and active points.


Today, electromassagers for the body are very popular with the heating function. Such options can be equipped with special capes, mats and mats for body massage, massage chairs and even massaging footrest. Due to the possibility of heating, the effect of massage turns out to be more pronounced.

Also, electric massagers are performed in such form factors.

  • Manual. Appliances with a comfortable handle. Can work on rechargeable batteries or from the mains. Usually have small sizes and weight.

  • Belt. Can be used for different zones – back, abdomen, waist, neck and so on.

  • Pillow. Sets the right position of the neck and shoulders in a sitting or lying position. Demonstrates light massage effect.

  • Rug. Can be used both on the floor and on the couch or on the couch. Can be controlled by a remote control, to have a lot of additional options, for example, be accompanied by heated.

  • Foot stands. Can work on the basis of the acupuncture of the technique or to affect vibrations to remove the voltage of the ICR, stop and so on.

Consider several models of modern electrome groups of different types.

  • Casada quattromed 5. Products of this brand are very popular in Russia. Casada Quattromed 5 Massage Cape has a 3D massage function, is very powerful. The device kneads the body with circular movements of the rollers, equipped with a special anti-stress system.

  • US MEDICA ULTRA SLIM. American Compact Size Electromassar, which is able to simulate a dream figure. The model has an anti-cellulite action, has a 3D nozzle, works from the mains, equipped with a sufficiently long network cord.

  • Beuer MG4. Compact manual model of the electrome massager with a rotating head. Can work in 3 modes. This is a vibration device with a capacity of 10 W., Works from the electric grid.

  • CS Media CS-V2 Mini. Little manual body vibrator massager. Suitable for massaging heads, hips, backs, hands, shoulders, stop, buttocks. The device is wireless, has 4 shift nozzles.

How to choose?

We find out, pushing out what criteria, you should choose a suitable model of an electric massager for the body.

  • First of all, you should decide on the device factor. If a mobile device is selected, which can be hired or on a trip, it is advisable to look after small and easy options that can work from the battery. If the massager is bought for home use and relax sessions, you can choose larger and stationary options, for example, capes, mats or even massage chairs. Models for home can only work from the network.
  • It should immediately find out why massage apparatus is intended for which massaging zones. From this will depend on what nozzles go with it complete. It is recommended to choose products with rich equipment and extensive functionality.
  • It is necessary to immediately pay attention to the power level and the main technical characteristics of the massager. We are talking about the volume of the battery (if it is), the presence of an informative display and different controls. It is advisable to give preference only to such electromasters that will fully respond to all the requirements and wishes of the user.
  • If a manual massager is selected, it is better to hold it first in hand. The device’s handle must be the most reliable and ergonomic, so that they can be convenient to use.
  • It is recommended to choose such electromasters that are made of strong, reliable, durable and eco-friendly materials. The device must be practical, safe, easy to care. From him should not come a sharp chemical smell.
  • Before buying, any model of an electric massager must carefully examine. Whether it is a mat, cape, a ball roller or a pillow – in all cases, the product should not have a single shortcoming, breakage or damage.

It is recommended to buy electromassagers only from famous Chinese, Japanese, American, German and other brands. Original brand products will demonstrate high quality and no less high efficiency.

How to use it?

It should be borne in mind that various massage techniques provide for the commitment of different actions and manipulations at home. For this reason, before the start of the session, it makes sense to carefully read the instruction that comes with a specific body electromass. At the same time, it is advisable to adhere to a number of general rules for using the considered devices.

  • Healing and relaxing procedure should be started at least in an hour after the last meal.
  • If body massage is carried out in automatic mode, a person should not fall asleep.
  • It is not allowed to use electrical systems if the device has damage to the cord or power plug.
  • The duration of the massage session should not be more than 30 minutes.
  • When operating any massager, it is impossible to close the ventilation holes in its case.
  • Use outdoor massagers.
  • It is not allowed to use the electrome massager for a wet body.
  • The device should not be used with poor well-being. Alcoholic intoxication is also a reason to postpone the massage procedure.

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