Japanese Massagers for Neck Yamaguchi

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Japanese Massagers for Neck Yamaguchi

Japanese Yamaguchi company offers a wide range of body massages. Its products are in high demand and popularity. In this article, consider more Massagers for the neck Yamaguchi, their features, model range and review review.


Japanese Yamaguchi company produces high-quality massagers that allow you to restore forces, relax muscles and relax. The brand offers a wide selection of models to satisfy the wishes of everyone. Each massager is thought out to the smallest detail so that the user gets the desired result.

Before using it, it is quite a bit time to pay for familiarization with the instructions of the device, since it is quite easy to operate.

The manufacturer Yamaguchi offers good quality products that are characterized by reliability and long use. Japanese neckrants for the neck are recommended to use when scoliosis, osteochondrosis, pinching, radiculitis and stale. Just 10 minutes of high-quality massage – and you will feel relaxation and vigor. Comfort and convenience are in the first place.

Massagers for Neck Yamaguchi are made from high-quality materials. They were control at each stage of production, so the manufacturer gives a guarantee for all models. Stylish design will like each buyer.

The use of modern technologies and innovation allows you to create, valid, high-quality and efficient neckraries for the neck.

The lineup

Japanese company Yamaguchi offers a varied assortment of neck massages. Let us dwell on the most popular models.

  • Axiom Neck – This is a professional massager for the cervical. It allows you to effectively effectively impact the cervical spine, while delivering from pain. Compactness is one of the main advantages of this model. In addition, it functions from the battery, so it does not need to search for it. Quality materials provide pretty light care and durability of the device. This model is made of durable ABC plastic, hypoallergenic rubber and wear-resistant fabric. Effective massage is created using magnetic fields. Natural magnets are built into the massager that allow normalize blood flow and get rid of spasms. The dimensions of the model make up 220x95x120 mm. The model has a timer in three modes, you can customize the operation of a massager for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Store the device is allowed at temperatures from +5 to +40 degrees, with air humidity – 80%. Price – 12000 rub.

  • Yoki Plus – This is a new wireless model, which gives maximum comfort from massage. It functions from the battery for an hour, which makes it mobile and convenient to use. Thanks to the technology “Ten-Sen” muscles not only relax, but also quickly restored. Movements are made with different frequency and amplitude, resulting in a tonic effect. Thanks to a simple and convenient control panel, you can quickly enable the massager and select the desired mode. In addition, a warm-up function is activated to enhance the massage effect. You can set a timer for 10 minutes. This model can be used not only for the neck zone, but also for the lower back. The weight of the device is 2 kg, dimensions – 380x170x360 mm. The temperature of heating is +48 degrees. Product Cost – 12950 rubles.

Review reviews

Products from the Japanese company Yamaguchi is quite popular throughout the world, so you can find a lot of reviews on the Internet from its users. Many buyers have been satisfied with the purchase. They are attracted to the functionality and practicality of the neck massager. Convenient control panel facilitates the preparation process for massage. Just a few manipulations, and you can relax from high quality massage. Due to the availability of the battery, use the device even on the road when there is no access to the electrical network.

Wide model range allows you to choose a variant depending on your preferences and wishes. Some models are universal because they can be used not only for the neck zone, but also for massage the loin, legs and other parts of the body. Compactness and ease also celebrate Many users Massager Yamaguchi.

Some users noted the shortcomings of the work of Yamaguchi Massager. It concerns the control panel. Not every convenient to use it during the massage because it is on the device itself. The presence of a control panel with ease would avoid this kind of inconvenience. Some users have a pretty strong massage, but over time you get used to, painful feelings go.

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