Top Massagers for Neck

Top Massagers for Neck

The cervical zone massage is useful for improving the well-being and prevention of many diseases, it allows you to relieve fatigue and reduce headache. However, a specialist visit is expensive, but should not despair. A good alternative can be a massager for a cervical zone that can be used at home.

Best brands

Massagers for the neck are not at all tribute to fashion, but an important part of the full existence of any modern person. Rhythmic rhythm of life, constant psychological loads, cealing and lack of high-quality rest lead to deterioration of physical condition. Massage treatments are shown to all those who:

  • faces frequent muscle tension+
  • leads a low-power lifestyle+
  • complains of congestive phenomena in cervical vertebrae and stiffness of the joints.

Massage and healthy people who do not want to encounter all the above problems.

The use of a massager has a healing effect. Procedures contribute:

  • improving blood circulation+
  • Maintaining muscle tone+
  • Acceleration of recovery after breaking bundles and injuries+
  • Removing mental and physical tension+
  • Faulility falling asleep, relaxation.

And finally, such procedures are used to obtain pleasure, getting rid of depression and improved mood. Massagers for the neck are often used as part of the complex therapy for the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis and osteochondrosis. They are needed to people who work in the office or spend a lot of time driving a car.

Nowadays, there are a wide range of all kinds of devices. Therefore, a person who has never been faced with mass makers, to make the right choice is not so easy. On sale you can find a lot of high-quality solutions from the famous brands. However, the budget electromems from little-known producers often do not infer the products of promoted enterprises.

Massagers of the following firms are particularly popular in the market:

  • Casada (Germany)+
  • BEURER (Germany)+
  • GEZANNE (Taiwan / France)+
  • Gess International Trading Co. (China)+
  • Medisana (Germany)+
  • US MEDICA (USA / China)+
  • Yamaguchi (Japan)+
  • Bradex (Israel / China).

Most of the brands have been confirmed by deserved leadership in the electric massager segment for many years. Engineers of these enterprises are tirelessly working to the introduction of new technologies, a proposal of new, better products. It is no coincidence that their products are distinguished by advanced functionality and high performance.

Rating models

Neck massagers can have different structural and functional features. We offer a small overview of the best models.

Manual models


Ergonomic electric massager is suitable for both advanced users of such devices and for beginners. Design provides for a couple of workers of an elongated oval. The specifics of their location allows not to affect the vertebrae themselves, but on the plots next to them. That is why there is no discomfort in the process of conducting the procedure, and after the massage there is a relaxation and ease.

The big bonus is the ability to regulate the intensity of vibration. For novice users, the lowest speed is recommended. Enabled Infrared Warming Option. The package includes studded shift nozzles. Runs from the electrical network, long cable.

Nozomi MH-103

This massager is used not only to remove fatigue in the cervical zone, but also to eliminate painful sensations in osteochondrosis. However, like any other medical device, he has its own contraindications. In particular, procedures are not recommended to people with heart disease and varicose veins.

There are two mode intensity modes. There is an option to generate ions. The use of a massager allows you to quickly cope with fatigue and facilitates falling asleep.

Massager running from the electrical network. He is very weighty, but thanks to the rubberized handle does not slip out of the hand. In addition, the work area is firmly adjacent to the skin, therefore hands do not get tired in the process.


One of the best hand mass machines for neck. It combines wide functionality and affordable price. The model is optimal for studying shoulders, neck, as well as individuals and some other parts of the body. The manufacturer provided 5 functional modes.

Though Electric device, it can work from the built-in battery. Massager has a compact size, it allows you to take it with you on trips and travel. For greater mobility there is protection against accidental activation in the bag. The model has water protection, so it is possible to use it even in shower and bathrooms. Handle in the place of grip rubberized, so the device does not slip out of the hands.


Gess Kragen (gess-012)

The perfect solution for drivers. This massager can be used even by the wheel without spending time on the house procedures. His elongated handles allow the device to firmly fix on the shoulders.

According to user reviews, all disease zones are well studied in the process of massage. There is a heating mode, although some consider it not enough strong. Massagers are covered with hypoallergenic, tactful pleasant material. Two-year warranty operates on all products.

Yamaguchi Axiom Neck

Universal Massage Massage Production of Japan. It is quite expensive, but quite justifies its price. The device can operate from the mains or from the battery, so it can easily take it into long-term trips.

Roller mechanism, includes 4 blocks of different sizes. They can be moved and thus knead not only shoulders and neck, but also legs.

The vibration intensity is sufficient to break even salt deposition.

Disadvantage only one – some users complain that hands in the process of massage very quickly get tired.

Medisana NM 860

Best Roller Massager for Users. Has a democratic price, but it is characterized by advanced functionality. The model involves adjusting the influence intensity in the range of 5 speeds, the manufacturer has loaded into the 3 massage program.

The device is optimal for family use.

Removable case, made of a pleasant body fabric. If necessary, it can be easily cleaned. There is an infrared warming.



One of the most expensive mass makers, so not in great demand. Nevertheless, it is distinguished by exceptional quality and functionality. This is not surprising, because his doctors were developed, and the professional athletes were tested. The task of such a device is to restore damaged muscles, removal of voltage after intensive workout.

Unlike many other aggregates with similar functional, it is light and quite compact. It works from the mains or from the battery, the working stock is enough to hold one session. There is an ik warning option. Design involves 4 ready-made massage programs and 3 intensity levels.

FitStudio Cervical Massage Shawls

Budget, but at the same time an effective massager. The design provides extended ends, so that the product is well fixed on the shoulders. The power of exposure is regulated by manual.

9 high-speed modes are presented to the user, due to which you can smoothly increase the intensity of the work. The device has no analogues by the number of programs – here are 38. The only disadvantage that users say is that the massager works from the AC network, and the cable is rather short.

Bradex “Healthy Back”

Excellent choice for all fans of Thai massage. His effect resembles the point exposure to the fingers on the studied area. To achieve this effect, the manufacturer managed to be built in the design of the hammers – at the time of activation of the work, they create pressure on the muscles. Provided 15 ready-made programs.

After such a procedure, the pressure and stiffness of the muscles goes, the voltage is removed. Massager is suitable for studying shoulders, neck and other parts of the body.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the first procedure is sometimes accompanied by painful sensations, even if the lowest speed is activated.



Massager of this brand perfectly works the cervical area. It can be a good option for personal use or as a gift. It has a stylish design, performed using the most strong materials.

Construction provides roller mechanism, 2 modes of operation. If you wish, you can turn on the backlight. It starts from the power supply network, as well as from the car.

Massager works quietly, almost silently. When stored, it takes little space. There is only one minus, however, quite serious. Even with minimal mechanical exposure, the speed of rotation of the roller mechanism slows down.

Planta MP-015

Efficient massager, quickly removes tension and spasms in the muscles. Such a high result is provided at the expense of 8 rollers built into the pillow. 4 high-speed modes of operation, as well as the infrared warming function for deep muscle relaxation. Massager can be used for a cervical collar zone, back and some other parts of the body. Works from the electric grid.

How to choose?

Whatever Massager for the Shane-Shoulder Zone you have acquired, you need to pay attention to a number of criteria:

  • Exposure mechanism+
  • functionality+
  • Material of manufacture+
  • Number and purpose of nozzles+
  • Number of massage rollers+
  • The possibility of autonomous work+
  • Network cable length.

The best devices do not have to be multifunctional and expensive. It is important that they fit specifically to your tasks. That is why it should be decisled for starting, for what purpose you select the device:

  • For treatment and rehabilitation after injuries+
  • To remove stress, relaxation and relaxation+
  • For the prevention of disease.

Depending on the location of the device, it can be:

  • stationary – in this case, it will require a socket+
  • Mobile – then you need to get a spare battery or replaceable batteries.

The type of massager is important – it can be electric or mechanical. A considerable role in the choice of his form. Products are available in the form of pillows, collar, as well as extended models with straps.

Depending on the type of impact, they can be vibration, shiatsu or other.

This choice must be made with the state of health and recommendations of the doctor.

      Many models are presented on the market. Only answering a question why you need a massager and under what conditions you are going to use it, you can choose an optimal model for yourself.

      On how to choose the right home massager for the neck department, you will learn by looking at the following video.

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