Varieties of massage rugs and their manufacture

Varieties of massage rugs and their manufacture

The massage mat will be useful to any person, regardless of whether he has any health problems or just feels fatigue after the working day. A large number of diverse models allows you to choose a product, the use of which will be not only effective, but also as comfortable as possible.


When it comes to massage rugs, most often meant products for the legs. The principle of their action is based on the fact that the relief surface of the device presses on special points at the feet of man and thereby affects the functioning of internal organs. As a result, when working out active areas on the legs, an improvement in the overall state and improving immunity. The constant use of the orthopedic device has tremendous benefits and for the legs themselves: helps to cope with pain and edema, circulatory impairment and backgrounds for fungal diseases.

Naturally peeling prevents corn and natopaths on the soles.

It should be mentioned that the massage device ensures the prevention of flatfoot and ensures healthy development of stops. Acupuncture models of large sizes have a positive effect on the back state. The orthopedic unit for young children is very useful. Timely taken measures allow for treatment when identifying flatfoot or improper leggings. In addition, the massager removes the load from the small legs and helps to form the right foot.

As for the shortcomings of such devices, they are very subjective. Many people have discomfort, first standing in legs on bulges of different sizes, and therefore workouts start with difficulty. However, with constant exercises, the stop is quite quickly adapted to irregularities, and the unpleasant sensations disappear.


There are a large number of orthopedic mats.

By device

An ordinary foot massager looks like a base on which various sorts of irregularities are fixed in a certain sequence. The basics itself can be round or rectangular or possess an unusual shape, for example, in the form of a turtle or heart.

Acupuncture models are formed from the base filled with a soft filler to which special applicators with small needles are glued or sewn. Such a product is compact and easy, and a sufficient number of needles provides one-time impact on several important points. By the way, it is the acupuncture varieties that are made not only for the feet, but also for the whole body.

Puzzles mats are suitable for children of different ages. Usually they have a thickened base made of rubber or polymers. Often such massagers are prefabs, that is, consist of several modules with the sides of 25 centimeters, each of which recreates various coverage: marine pebbles, grass, spikes, bumps, bumps.

The hemisphere mat has short spikes and makes it possible to place only one foot, so you always have a set of two pieces. Special valve is responsible for pressure regulation. This massager is suitable for studying the reflexogenic zones of stop, as well as training vestibular apparatus.

It is worth mentioning that children’s healing rugs have another relief compared to adult samples: the second is less overall and more hard. If they enjoy the child, he will be able to trigger injury. In turn, adults are not allowed to apply children’s models.

There is also a special heated electric rug, for example, jade. In its foundation there is an infrared film, like the one that is used to organize warm floors and create room heaters. Smooth pebbles are tightly glued on top of her. Film emitted infrared rays not only positively affect the human body, but also warm the surface of the massager. Exercises on such mats will have an additional relaxing effect.

Mention follows and about Massager with magnets. It is usually a acupuncture rug, part of the needle applicators of which is equipped with magnets that increase the action of massage.

By material manufacturing

As for the manufacturer materials making mats, the most familiar are rubber models. Nevertheless, today in the market there are devices made of silicone, plastic, natural rubber, PVC, foamed polyethylene and even carpet. There are varieties covered with natural or artificial pebbles of the streamlined form.

The material used for a massager must be hypoallergenic, not sliding, easy to clean and at the same time maintain hardness, but still absorb step. Artificial materials correspond to all these characteristics, but copies with natural pebbles will not be able to amortize and will be bad.

Best brands and models

In fact, the body will receive, even if you purchase a Banal Kuznetsov Applicator in the store and use it every day. But manufacturers still regularly deliver innovative models for self-massage.

So, The top includes DR. Stone from Casada – jade thermal rug for warm massage. On its surface, 36 turmoline and jade stones warming up to 30-70 degrees. The resulting heat improves blood circulation and relaxes, which also allows you to deal with insomnia. The base of the massager makes it possible to process not only legs, but also the whole body.

Of the simpler models, you should mention the products of the “Ekomat” brand. In its assortment there are massage rugs and rollers necessary for the implementation of acupuncture massage. Massage flowers are performed from 100% medical plastic, and natural coconut fiber is used as a filler for a rug and buckwheat husk for pillows. The inner case is sewn from cotton, and external – from natural flax.

For a child, you can purchase a proven hypoallergenic model “Sea bottom”, used for gymnastics. The embossed surface of the massager imitates the silhouettes of sea skates on the background of sand, small pebbles and seashells. Basic massager has a soft therapeutic effect.

Adults will suit the budget model “Comfort”, Copling with foot massage.

Serets of choice

To pick up a suitable rug, you need to decide for whom it is intended – a child or an adult, as they differ not only by dimensions. Children’s model to buy only after the counseling of the orthopedic. For kids from 1.5 to 2 years, variations are more suitable with soft elements, and the older the child becomes, the tougher there can be mats. This means that for the smallest it is worth buying softer coatings of rubber, and after two years you can go to the silicone model.

Of course, it is better to choose that samples that are easily laundered and dried, and also do not cause difficulties with cleaning the gaps between needles or vile. For instance, For children, a model “Own” made of natural rubber-based rubber and a “Bear” model, imitating coastal pebbles. Puzzle “Pebble” allows you to connect several modules with different surface rigidity.

It should be remembered that on solid rounded products, the kid under 2 may slip. Children after three years need more active foot massage. Form and dimensions must correspond to age, otherwise too small devices will limit the movement of the child older.

For adults, doctors recommend purchasing orthopedic massagers from high rigidity materials, for example, pebbles or wood. Also, acupuncture varieties are also especially useful for them, allowing to work out not only the feet, but also the whole body.

Persons with sensitive feet are suitable mats with a soft massage effect, for example, made of silicone. In all cases, the product should not be toxic and highlight chemical odors.

How to use it?

Use a massage rug is categorically prohibited when fungal diseases, inflammation or wounds are found on the soles. In addition, it is necessary to ensure in the absence of restrictions from orthopedic, including with the instability of ankle joint.

Massage rug is laid out on a straight and solid surface, freed from the carpet. Get up on orthopedic device should be barefoot, after which you can move to different exercises. The duration of classes is selected depending on its own state and goals, starting from 5 minutes a day.

If the massager is designed for the back, it will be enough on it just lying from 10 to 20 minutes daily.

If a dull pain appears on a rug on the rug, the procedure immediately ends. In the training session must be fetched stops: walking on a massager with hands put on the belt. It is time to move to alternate habits on the inner and outer sides of the foot, rolling from the fingers to the heel and move on the tops and socks at a different pace. When the above exercises stop presenting difficulties, you can run on the rug, to pectinate, move the houson or even jump.

For a child, exercises on a massage rug should not exceed 15-30 minutes a day. After the active phase, the child can perform a few exercises sitting: connect the stops, bend the fingers and make a circular slip on the surface.

How to make it yourself?

High-quality massage rug can be done by using a variety of infidental objects. As the base of the self-made rug, a sufficiently strong material should be applied, which will retain its shape even with active operation. For example, it can be plastic plate, covered with felt, laminate, piece of rubber or standard yoga mat, old bedspread or jeans type fabric.

Massage elements can be buttons, pebbles, smooth stones, beans, ribbons and ropes of various density or corks from champagne. Foundation often sew covers from plastic bottles, wooden and acrylic beads, pencils and rings for curtains. Even such unexpected details are suitable as stands under the hot, sponges for washing dishes and curlers – everything you can sew.

Coffee beans, dry peas, walnuts and wooden cubes are often selected from the adhesive elements. If you wish, it is possible to enter small bags filled with sand or alder.

All work is carried out very simple: first prepared the base, and then homemade applicators are fixed on it. If there is no time to fix each separate part, then you can sew pockets and put the figures in it. Before classes, it will be enough to simply decompose them on the basis of.

When creating a homemade massager, elements with sharp corners should be avoided, and also be sure to create soft sections for rest. The size of the orthopedic device is determined depending on who they will use.

For a simple model for a child, you will need to use a large amount of buttons, dense fabric for the base, for example, a sheet of hard felt, a thinner fabric and a thread with a needle. Large and small curls are in arbitrary manner with dense threads on a thin cloth, and that next connects with a dense basis. Ready canvas can be decorated with a cut.

Overview of the massage rug Pranamat Eco See More.

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