Zenet Massagers

Zenet Massagers

Recently, massagers are gaining immense popularity, since the rhythm of the life of a modern person requires rapid restoration, relaxation, light therapy in conditions of home, work, trips in the car, during vacation. Interesting and functional massagers of different design offers German manufacturer ZENET.


Massage structures are offered different types: manual, outdoor, electric, mechanical. They are characterized by a complete set, ways of impact, set of options. Along with the standard parameters, ZENET Massager is endowed with a variety of features.

  • Good quality. Thanks to the excellent quality assembly, massagers have a long service life. In the production of massage structures, high-quality materials with zero toxicity are used (plastic, metal, silicone, rubber, textiles).
  • Elevated ergonomics, ensuring the convenience of operation of the device. All the handles, the forms of the device of the devices are thought out, so comfortable.
  • Advanced functionality. Massage design is endowed with numerous functions: speed adjustment and intensity, infrared warming, choice of massage program, shift the nozzle, timer.
  • Intuitive and simple management. All models without exception are easy to configure through buttons, levers, sensory displays.
  • Additional equipment. Depending on the type of model, it can be equipped with straps, nozzles, ribbons, adapters, various elements of fixation, removable covers, anti-slip overlays.

In addition, the huge advantage of German mass makers is their available cost.

Massagers for foot

One of the most popular directions of the manufacturer is the development and release of foot mass machines. The following designs are considered efficient and reliable in this segment.

  • ZET-762. This design for a foot and ankle massage, which will remove the swelling, general fatigue and pain. The model 4 is characterized by massage programs (roller, heating, compression, kneading), several intensity modes, ease of control and hygiene (removable covers).

  • ZET-763. This is a semi-professional electric device for a health massage, capable of working out the leg muscles, remove the tension, stop fatigue. The advantages of the model are several massage programs, the individual mode, adjustment of intensity and speed, the autotlifting option after 15 minutes, as well as the presence of removable covers that can always be wrapped. Control is possible in two ways: panel with buttons on the housing and the miniature remote control.

Attention is also deserved model for the feet ZET-761 and ZET-760 (Massager-Heater).

Neck and back devices

A separate category includes massage devices for neck and backs, made in the form of pillows, collars, belts. The following models are considered the most relevant.

  • ZET-725. This is a massage pillow anatomical form, which will remove pain and fatigue in the back during a long trip in the car, bus, and will also eliminate headaches, migraine. The compact cushion has infrared warming, several massage programs (Shiatsu, 3D), the ability to adjust the direction of the rollers, as well as easy control.

  • ZET-726. This is a compact design, made in the form of a pillow and capable of quickly restoring good health, remove pain, muscle spasms, fatigue. The device can perform two types of massage (roller reversing and vibrating), ensure preliminary heating of individual zones. In addition, the device has self-terminal and illumination modes.

  • Useful and effective is the model ZET-724. This is an anatomical pillow performing a relaxing massage Shiatsu. The model has infrared warming, timer and convenient control using a single button.

Massagers for other zones

Along with popular leg, neck and back designs The German brand offers many other useful devices.

  • Massage cape. This is a convenient design for the whole family, endowed with various massage programs, adjusting rotation, intensity, speed, warming, timer, and a unique option for combining several types of procedures.

  • Slimming Belt. This is a device that combines the vibroromassage and the sauna effect, which helps to fight excellent weight and manifestations of cellulite.

  • Universal handmade massager. This design with a variety of nozzles used in cosmetology.

    • Cervical (in the form of a collar). These are shock massagers for shoulders, neck, lumbar zone, characterized by a high therapeutic effect.

    Functional massage tables are offered for professional use, and to equip the spa at home will help the mattress with massage, rejuvenating and therapeutic effect.

    Reviews of the two popular Zenet mass makers can be found in the following videos.

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