Alignment of the nail plate base under gel lacquer

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Alignment of the nail plate base under gel lacquer

In the world there are some things and phenomena, contemplate which can be infinite. Everyone knows that this is water and flame. But fashionista can watch for hours for bright highlights on their marigolds. But sometimes a surprise in the form of an uneven nail plate spoils the impression from the manicure, and the varnish falls around not a very smooth layer. It is worth considering how to avoid a similar problem and how to deal with it.

What it is?

All nails have their own individual texture. There are no problems those girls who have smooth and without flaws. But someone is the owner of nails with an uneven surface, over brittle and sensitive. And during the procedure, the nail manicure is subjected to additional tests in the form of opili, grinding, hardware actions, which creates an additional load on the nails. Align your nails in order to be the right architecture. In addition, it will prevent such troubles as a climbing of varnish, irregularity of the coating, coloring of the Cuticle zone.

Alignment takes place in the following two stages:

  • The first layer is primer, intended for masking of nail defects+
  • The second is the finishing, thanks to the even spreading the base, the niggles takes a natural smooth shape, coming to not in the region of the growth of the cuticle + as a result, it turns out perfectly smooth finished to decorating the nail surface.

Aligning the surface of the nail – this is an important stage of manicure. It has such advantages as:

  • Ability to strengthen the nails additionally and extend the timing of socks of decorative coating+
  • Creating a geometrically correct nail surface, which will give the right direction of its growth+
  • The simplicity of the procedure – time is no more than 15 minutes, and additional funds for it is not required + It is important to carry out the alignment procedure if the former manicure is removed by the device, since you need to leave the base layer intact to further protect the nail from external influences+
  • aesthetics – a flat nail plate will allow making glossy flare nails after applying decorative coating perfect.

As noted, there is no need to acquire special means for this stage of manicure. The equalizer can be made by means that every Neil Master has, namely:

  • Alignment base for gel varnishes+
  • Firming biogel+
  • Nail extension gels+
  • acrylic Powder.

Important! The general principle of choosing an aligning layer – density and density. Liquid bases for gel varnishes or self-leveling gels will not fit, because they simply flash from the nail to the side and create additional problems.

How to choose?

The easiest way to align the nail plate is to use gel varnish. This method is even a newcomer. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the bottle with the base – it should be written a label “With rubber”. Rubber makes the composition more viscous, thick and plastic. It is thanks to such a rubber consistency and the deepening is filling and the alignment of the tubercles on the nail, an arch of the right form is formed. The advantages of this method are as follows:

  • The base with the rubber base is usually self-leveling+
  • Eliminates Natural Nail Defects+
  • Application rate.

There is a nail alignment option using biogel. His plus is that he not only levets the marigold, but also treats him thanks to the vitamin and mineral complexes in the composition, proteins and resins. Biogel has such advantages as:

  • Natural composition+
  • Therapeutic effect+
  • Acceleration of nail growth+
  • Easy to remove the coating.

However, it is worth noting that it is difficult to work with biogel. Brush should not touch the working surface of the nail – the alignment should occur from tensioning the composition. When choosing a biogel in the store carefully consider the brush – it should be soft and have long villi.

Third Option – Alignment of the Nail Plate Gel. It is worth remembering that the gel cannot be removed by the solvent – it can only be cut into a machine for a manicure or abrasive saw. The composition of the gel is relatively non-toxic and safe. It is well covered and strengthens the nail, providing a smooth decorative coating and its resistance to external factors.

Finally, you can use to align acrylic powder. Everyone knows that acrylic is used when building nails. However, this material is very versatile. It is more difficult to work with it than with the above alignments, but in the end you will definitely be satisfied with the result. Acrylic powder greatly strengthens the marigold, serves as a strong base at broken corners of the nails, allows you to provide wear resistance to the coating for a long time. The choice of method and material for aligning the nail plate remains for you, but remember that you should not be too complex due to small nail defects.

How to use?

It is clear that the leveling layer on the nail – not the basis of the manicure. Before it applied, the handle pass a number of procedures – Fuling nail, removal of cuticle, grinding, applying the main primer and only then the base layer. Self-leveling occurs in several stages.

If it is a base under gel lacquer, then they are as follows:

  1. First on the nail, apply a thin layer of the base and dry it within a few minutes in a special lamp+
  2. Then a brush to leave a big drop of the base in the center of the nail, and then move it to the upper point, in parallel modeling roundness and C-shaped bend+
  3. Do not press the brush too much, the bending modeling is carried out by the most tip of the brush+
  4. для финишной проверки и идеально ровного слоя переверните ноготок вниз покрытием – сила тяжести сама исправит микропогрешности+
  5. Do not forget about the end side of the note – to process it last.

When aligning the nail to the biogel scheme, in fact, is the same:

  1. First drive a nail thin layer and dry it in the lamp+
  2. Then a large drop of gel evenly distribute on the nail, starting from the upper point and moving to the tip + follow the correctness of the formation of the nail bending – from the sides of the biogel rollers should be less+
  3. Do not forget to flip your finger for gravitational alignment at the end.

When using powder based on acrylic as a leveling layer there are some features of the work, such as:

  1. First on the flattened and formed nail, apply a small base layer with a thickness and dry it+
  2. Further, as described above, distribute a large drop of the base, and sprinkle on it+
  3. After drying the nail in the lamp, remove excess powder with brush or brush, irregularity can be removed by a saw+
  4. Acrylic coating at the end Close the finish layer of the base+
  5. Next, you can apply a decorative coating with the selected design and top.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to conduct a nail plate alignment procedure. This is if even beginners at home in the presence of necessary materials and lamps.


In general, if the nails are of nature are irregularity and cornstones, it is worth trying to find the root cause of such problems. The main sources of defects are the following:

  • Immunological diseases+
  • Hormonal violations+
  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis and flat deprived+
  • Weakening of immunity, the total fatigue of the body+
  • nail fungus+
  • Injuries.

Important! If suddenly the nails have become painful, brittle and thin, then it is better to turn to a narrow specialist who will understand the problem and prescribe adequate treatment.

You can try to correct the situation by using folk tips. One of these techniques are the baths that have a strengthening and community-based effect. An example is an oil-based bathtub, a few tablespoons of olive, castor and vegetable oils mix and warm on a water bath. Nailing should hold in at least 20-25 minutes.

With regard to practical advice in aligning the nail plate with the help of Neil funds, here recommendations are as follows:

  • After alignment, inspect the nails from the side and from the end: you must track the correct arched form of bending with clear boundaries in the center of the nail+
  • Check the coating not only to the eye, but also on the light: the flare on the nails should be smooth and clear, without any chances and refractions.

Council about how to make a coating with an ideal glare: here you can not do without a round shape lamp. The gloss of the nail primarily depends on the light source. When using a conventional lamp, the glare can be any shape (from a square to the angle). With a round lamp, it will become the perfect and correct round shape. You can use the usual desktop lamp, but the main thing is the form. It is enough to hold the nail under it within 15-20 seconds, and then put your fingers in the lamp for the polymerization of the coating.

In the race for well-kept handles and stylish manicure, do not forget that first of all the nails need proper care. You should not hope only on the wonders of the Neil-Industry and the professionalism of the Master. It is extremely important to eat correctly and diverse, cosmetic medical procedures for nails (baths, masks, massage), protect hands from aggressive external environmental factors. Only then your fingers will shine beauty and health to the most tips.

On how to align the nail plate under the gel lacquer, look in the following video.

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