Arnelle gel varnishes: product selection and manicure ideas

Arnelle gel varnishes: product selection and manicure ideas

An important component of a successful image of modern women is well-kept nails. Due to the use of high-quality gel varnishes to create a beautiful manicure today is not much difficult. One of the demanded brands is Arnelle products. This brand has already managed to conquer enthusiastic reviews among most girls.


Arnelle’s creator is a young and talented business woman named Svetlana Surikova. She also heads a successful manicure school. Surikova has extensive experience in promoting the nyl-industry and creating professional gel varnishes. In the production process, Arnelle often resorts to innovative techniques. In addition to creating gel varnishes, the brand produces other products: tools and various jewelry for modern Neil Art.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of Arnelle can be allocated:

  • Wide range of nail products+
  • Extensive colors gamut+
  • Replenishment of the collection with new shades+
  • Pleasant smell of funds+
  • Fast drying in the lamp+
  • Comfortable brush with thin edges+
  • Long toe manicure.

However, no shortcomings do not. Data Nakov has a small volume and a small shelf life. In addition, the price for a bottle in 7 ml will be about 400 rubles and above.


Arnelle gel lacquer palette has more than 190 different colors. Here you can find both popular pastel shades and bright options for lovers of the daring manicure. In the ARNELLE collection, there are also unique shades of chameleons, which are beautifully overflowing in the sun, changing the color.

Arnelle has such varnishes such as Colorelle and My Love. As for the last series, it has gained its popularity among most customers due to a wide variety of colors. As the manufacturer of Arnelle declares, my love gel varnishes should be dryed an average of 1 minute in the lamps with a power of 48 W and above.

The ideas of manicure

There are many ideas for creating a chic manicure using arnelle gel varnishes.

  • Gradient method presupposes a smooth transition from one color to another. This manicure is performed using a sponge, which is applied two or more lacquer. The gradient design is then neatly transferred from a sponge to the nails and is fixed with the top.
  • Method “Broken Glass” – This is a design that is done at the expense of nail decoration by pieces of sliced ​​foil. They are superimposed on a monophonic coating and fixed with a special glue.

  • Franch – one of the most sought-after nail decor methods. French manicure is an unstasive classic that allows you to create an elegant and exquisite image. Often in the traditional version of the “Smile” line has a white shade, but in modern Neil-art use different colors. Also, Franch Design is additionally decorated with rhinestones and bubbles.
  • Stylish pictures have become particularly popular in recent years. With the help of modern gel varnish Arnelle, create monograms and patterns of various sizes is not difficult. Usually, a multi-colored manicure using gel varnishes is on average 2-4 weeks, absolutely not losing its initial type.

Stages of working with gel varnish

To create a beautiful manicure at home, you need to stick to important nuances that will help extend the time of the socks of gel varnish and make the design stylish and original.

Step-by-step process:

  • First of all, remove the cuticle, nails are treated with a baff+
  • After cleaning the nails and give them the form you need to go to degreasing, which can be done using a dehydrator+
  • The next step is to apply a baseline coating that will help align the nail plate and make it perfectly even for further work with the manicure+
  • The gel is applied with a thin layer in order to avoid the formation of bubbles+
  • After careful drying under the lamp, go to the coating by the second layer+
  • At the end of the nails, they fasten the top that increases the time of manicure socks and makes the glossy surface.


In general, the company about the company Arnelle positive. Girls celebrate high quality products and the presence of a large number of shades for every taste. The main criterion of quality is the uniform distribution of varnish, resulting in a beautiful and smooth surface of nails. According to customers, Arnelle gel varnishes have a dense consistency and look great with a coating even in one layer.

In negative feedback, the girl tells about the small volumes of varnish for a fairly high price. In addition, many ladies are unhappy with the quality of the brush, and some varnish simply “squeezed” during drying in the lamp.

In the next video, you are waiting for an overview of the collection of Gel Varnkov Arnelle “My Love”.

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