Beige Manicure Ideas for Short Nail

Beige Manicure Ideas for Short Nail

In the desire of Neil-fashion to naturally gained a beige manicure on short nails. It is comfortable in everyday life, does not cling to anything and allows you to deserve to complete the female bow depending on the design destination. Given his relevance, it is worth a detailed to get acquainted with the directions by which you can make a manicure not only fashionable, but also stylish.

Nuances of small length

Nails with a short-growing edge to a lesser degree affected. But due to the fact that not always the nail bed is eliminated by nature, the lack of natural form can focus. It looks ugly, and needs a visual balance. Considering that beige color belongs to light palette paints, it’s not so easy to do. Often you have to bet on the color of the color beige and select the right print or decor.

The form can be corrected if the walls of the nail plates are non-parallel. For this, they are simply not stupid, creating a visual illusion of alignment. And also for balancing, the faithful edge of a sleeve is chosen, which ideally should repeat the shape of the nail well. If the novels are round and unnecessar than short, here you have to grow the length, as it will not work out aesthetics in another way.

Color combinations and purpose

Depending on the selected shade of beige varnish, its temperature and the degree of saturation combines this color can with different contrasts. It is important to take into account that the main beige will acquire different emotional color. When choosing it is worth considering the purpose of the manicure and the style for which it is performed. For example, light contrasts (white, tone of ivory, pearls, milk) are preferred for everyday bowls.

In addition to white, you can focus a few nails of beige manicure varnish or a black gel. It has no emotional color, and therefore will not limit the female image in the selection of accessories and decorations. At the same time, the black companion should not dominate. If the manicure may not fit into the strict grade of the dress code, the bright combinations are allowed to which the Mixes of Beige with Red, Orange, Deep Green, Wine, Burgundy, Purple, Marsalov.

Given that today golden or silver spraying is welcomed, you can combine beige gel varnish and with them. If you do it right, gold or silver will be quite harmonious to look not only in the evening, but also everyday set. Other harmonious duets include combinations of beige varnish with blue, plum, beetroot. These dark paints today will, perhaps, the best contrasts for the beige basis.

How to achieve a balance?

Beige manicure should breathe ease and air. These are the basic rules to which Neil-Fashion New Season. For a beige gel lacquer and a short length of nails it is worth considering that to increase the status will have to:

  • Select the cuticle zone with handles or asymmetric lines only if the nail bed is eliminated from nature+
  • Use for inlaid exclusively small decorative elements (major visually growing perception of manicure)+
  • Do not overload the plate decor by reducing the number of accents+
  • Exclude from the list of technician Lunar manicure if the shape of the nails round and does not pull before ovala+
  • Do not report lateral walls and to direct the thrust edge at an angle in the absence of expansion of the side walls and their arcuate form+

  • use thin vertical lines, excluding asymmetry+
  • use in design elongated figures+
  • Apply the reception of negative space, creating the effect of elongation due to unpainted areas in the form of holes+
  • reduce the size of the desired prints and simplify the images themselves.

Fashionable prints

Today it is important to bind to seasonality of drawings and their subjects. At the same time, the manicure is often demonstrating not only a specific season, but even a certain month or a holiday at all. If this is summer, here you can use floral and vegetable topics, for autumn good golden and multicolored leaves. In winter, you can use the taking stylization by taking the contour drawings as a basis or even geometry. Spring can be resorted to the images of early birds and first colors.

If we talk about holidays, for Valentine’s Day, you can decorate your nails with wine hearts, bunnies, inscriptions, for the New Year holidays – prints with champagne, New Year’s toys, candles, congratulations. In general, if we consider fashionable prints, then today it is geometry and ethnic ornaments. At the same time, the second can be created even by regular dots, performing the desired pattern with dots with different nozzles.

Decor options

As for the decorator receptions, for beige manicures are perfectly suitable for camifants, glitter, gels, wiring, acrylic sugar, hand painted, slider design and stembling. If we consider as the main design design, it is important to choose a plate with a small engraved print, Since large visually makes short nails with non-frosted. At the same time, fine lace or monogram on the edges of the nails, imitating a kind of french, will look at a small length quite harmonious.

Wathida is a fine-flowing polyester dust with different effects. It is capable not only to reflect the beige basis of the design, but also decorate it in an unusual way. For example, it is satin, matting, giving the surface of weightless pearl, type of metal, mirrors or holography. As for the sequin, it is necessary to use such a decor correctly, because it expands the nail plate, and this is not always needed with a short length.

Slider-design – a real find for manicure. It allows you to decorate the accent nails of the manicure with the main beige varnish. In order not to lose the effect of expressiveness, with a short length it is worth using applique type stickers on a transparent substrate. They are smaller and look careful.

Frames, like design with rhinestones, with a short length and a beige basis it is worth dosing. Undesirable to use a large set of multi-colored confetti, as they will instantly send to New Year’s decor. Instead of the Effect of Ombre, which is possible on a short length with an elongated nail plate, it costs to clear the decor. For example, they can post a vertical on a contrasting lane of an accent nail.

Design ideas

Choosing a design for a beige manicure, you can proceed from examples of professionals. This will make it clear how to achieve expressiveness. At the same time, a ready-made example is easier to correct under your preferences, choosing your decor or a shade of contrast varnish. As a basis, you can take a combination of classics with:

  • Franch the usual or inverted type+
  • Lunar manicure+
  • gradient and veil+
  • broken glass.

You can add all your nails in one color using a coating with satin texture, and portray on accent nails French dots of different sizes. By the same principle you can apply a point pattern in the place of the hole. Creating a similar design, it is important to take into account that the total number of accents should not exceed three-four. Otherwise, the design risks become a motley and boring.

You can make it possible to make nails beige varnish, and for accents choose a weathered technique. On a translucent basis of contrast, you can paint the monogram or lace. So that they look at the volume, you can perform a drawing with the top, then sprinkle it acrylic powder. Watch this design will be beautiful and status. However, only if the accents are not cloning each other, and there will be no more than three.

To create a design with a deposition of gold or silver, it is advisable to make black black glitter. After that, it is painted by silver or gold, and seal the design top. Look such a design will be fresh and expensive. Glitter can be used as wells or thin lines. At the same time, it will look good as contours of the drawing. They can also prepare a slider-design, draw the middle of the colors, spray monograms and lace.

As for stained-sized decorations under the species of children’s coloring, it is irrelevant. If you want to take advantage of the stained top, to do it correctly, using the dark basis and shimmer coating. This is how you can create a stone effect on accent designs of design in beige tones. It is also worth using a magnetic type coatings.

You can draw on accent nails elongated triangles, stretching them from the bottom of the nail to its top edge. This technique allows you to visually increase the small nail length. As for nails with non-parallel side walls, you can visually get rid of this disadvantage, drawing a contour rectangle with contrasting color. Some lines will be enough for the eyes not cling to the uneven sides of the natural form.

About how to make a beige manicure for short nails with your own hands, look in the following video.

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