Blue-Blue Manicure: Ideas and Fashion Trends

Blue-Blue Manicure: Ideas and Fashion Trends

Blue-blue manicure is today one of the most popular options. Especially this combination is relevant in the spring-summer period.

To whom will go?

The design of the nails in blue tones is equally suitable for both gentle romantic individuals and bright girls with contrasting appearance. And blondes with blue eyes, and brunettes with karium will be organically looked with a similar color palette. Ornaments in this case are worth choosing from silver or white gold, as the cold tones are better combined with blue shades. Perfectly harmonizes such a manicure with topazs or blue sapphires.

In clothing, it is desirable to have at least one element of blue color so that the manicure is to the place. Beautifully looks like a white dress with blue inserts, in this case the design of the nails will become an excellent addition to the image. Gray bottom and blue top – another suitable option. You can choose a Total Black Look, and on a bag or neck tie a motley handkerchief with blue elements.

In addition to classic colors, blue perfectly combines with silver items. Brilliant inserts well complement solemn output outfit. You can make an emphasis on shoes. For example, you can put on white classic pants with a white blouse, decorations with topases and blue shoes.

Young girls who do not adhere to a strict dress code, you can safely combine similar design with any clothing.

Application rules

Immediately before applying varnish, preparatory work should be done. Previous color is removed from the nail. Then the fingers need to be lowered in the warm soap bath for ten minutes, wipe dry with a towel. After that, with the help of the saw, you need to give nails the desired shape and move the cuticle with orange sticks.

It is not recommended to cut cut the cuticle with scissors, as the new skin is coarse and rough.

When the process is completed, you can start creating a nail design. At the end of the manicure wizard, they advise the finish coating on the surface of the nail, so that the lacquer holds longer.

Beautiful design options

Manicure in blue-blue tones is suitable for any long and shape of nails. There is a huge number of interesting designs with these shades.


Matt manicure looks more restrained than glossy. To get a similar effect, you need to hold the nails over the hot ferry immediately after applying the varnish or lubricate them with a matte top that removes shine. Supplement such a texture can be any design (drawings, stones and t. D. ).


Ombre – Completed option that young girls choose. It looks very beautifully on long and nails of medium length. The transition from dark blue to the blue can be carried out both from top to bottom and vice versa. White can act as an additional color. In this case, the saturated blue smoothly flows in blue, and then – in white.

To create a similar effect, the nail plate should be lubricating the transparent base so that the next layer lay down even. A small piece of sponge must be painted in blue and blue color, imposing them on each other. Then the sponge is applied to the finger, as if transferring its drawing to the nail surface.


This is one of the varieties of Ombre, the transition of colors in which is not carried out on one finger, but on all five. The thumb is painted in a dark blue tint, index – in blue, medium – in a rich blue, Unnamed – in heavenly color, and a little finger – in white. Looks like this design is very interesting both on long and short nails. You can make a manicure in the matte texture, so it will look even better.

Selection of one finger

In this case, the blue varnish on four fingers should be applied, and the non-name painted blue. This method is most common, as it requires the smallest amount of time to perform it.


Nails are stained in a blue tint, and the remaining – in blue. This design is recommended to do only to completely young girls who love to experiment with images.

On adult lanes he will look completely inappropriate.


Lunar manicure became one of the favorite options for many girls not only because of beauty, but also because of the practicality. A small section of the cuticle remains transparent, and a blue shade is applied to the rest of the nail. Thus, even on the disgraced nails, the design will look beautiful. The moon can also be made blue, and the rest of the nail – blue. Tone will also look great if they are swapped in places.

An interesting idea will make four nails in one combination, and Unnamed – in another. Some masters highlight the border between the colors of thin silver stripe or rhinestones. So it turns out a manicure for a solemn event.

How to make a blue-blue gradient on the nails, look in the following video.

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