Blue French manicure

Blue French manicure

In an effort to diversify and make something new and fresh, the fashion trends of the Neil-industry do not cease to surprise their fans with bright design ideas. Today, fashion look is fixed on Blue Franch: This color is considered one of the best and noble. Having different emotional color, it is able to emphasize the feminine and demonstrate a thin taste.

Features of Blue Franch

Blue color refers to calm colors color palette. It has long been associated with cool, wisdom, peace, is a kind of cleansing symbol. This is an eternity color, it has long made a special meaning. For example, the ancient peoples told the opinion that the gods lived in blue. At the same time, the blue color is emotionally cold and completely does not fit people prone to depression.

Franch blue gives a female image with beauty, but for each age category of women, his tone should be. So, dark paints are good for young fashionistas, while the elderly lady they are contraindicated. It is important to take into account and the demanding of blue color to a specific image and appointment.

Color can not be called simple and universal. It can fit into the casual bow only provided that the blue will only be a nail smile, and the basis of the manicure will be performed by corporal color. In addition, the tone of blue should be muted and mild: so manicure will be more harmonious fit into the female image. In addition, blue is elected in the selection of decorative elements.

Nail and smile shape

Today, fashion trends do not have tight beauty standards. Each woman can pick up individually. The only thing that the fashion draws attention is the desire for femininity and naturalness. Let it be better to be short nails than extensive. In general, the nail plates may strive for a reasonable elongation.

The best design today oval and almond-like nails are considered. Given the craving for femininity, the rounded round and smooth form of the region are welcomed. As for the shape of the smile of the French manicure, it will depend on both the shape of the nails and the fancy of the manicure master.

Today, due to the variety of auxiliary elements, a smile can be made of arcuate, like a wave, asymmetric diagonal line, zipper, triangle.

Great fantasy smile. At the same time, it can strive for a certain topic or even seasonality, which is even more important for modern Franch. Difference of this design is the execution of it on accent nails, which gives the French manicure expressiveness and efficiency. Smile can be performed in the form of a flower, wings of dragonflies or butterflies, gradient, imitation of bubbles of champagne, multicolored confetti.

Depending on the style of the manicure, different experiments are allowed. At the same time not only traditional, but also inverted Franch. It is often decorated with a deliberate underscore of the Cuticula zone, which on a blue main background it looks especially beautiful and effectively. In addition, the reverse French manicure is notable for the fact that it is he who today is more often another techniques that makes it possible to embody geometric patterns that are considered the most fashionable today.

Choosing a better coating

To fulfill the Blue Franch today, they began to use hybrid varnishes more often, because they are inexpensive, and the durability of them is significantly higher than ordinary analogues. Made by all the rules of technology, such a manicure holds on the nails without the need to adjust up to 5 weeks. In this case, regardless of the variety of gel varnish, he will always look fresh.

Best varnish varnish today are matte and glossy coatings. With sufficient pigment, they allow you to create a bright design without stripes and non-crust. Fashionable new seasons steel matte coatings with textile effect. For example, they can create a surface under suede, overflowing with light pearl sint, as well as velvet.

If it is difficult to work with matte pigments due to their ability to leave the bands, then glossy lacquer products can be used in the paper.

To make Franch Matov, at the end enough to walk on the nails with the top with a matting effect. So that he looked expensive, choose a material with a velvet texture.

In addition to matte and glossy varnishes, for Franch you can use pearl, chameleon, magnetic and jelly gel varnishes. However, the sake of fairness should be noted that it will not work easily with each of them, and some and at all without reasonable design are able to simplify it. Therefore, the choice of suitable material must be carried out with a blue pigment. This will make it possible to understand how two or three lacquers fit each other outwardly, and whether they need each other.


It is worth identifying the characteristic errors that can still be found in one or another design. For instance:

  • Blue Franch on all ten nails hands should not have a different length+
  • the number of accent nails should not exceed four out of ten+
  • Cannot be used in the design at the same time the point pattern of gel lacquer and sparkling decor+
  • ugly looks the same pattern on all accent nails+
  • spoils the design and inefficiency of drawing, and non-accuracy of execution+
  • No Franch will not be beautiful if you resize the skin around the nail plates+

  • Do not mix Frenc with several manicure techniques at the same time+
  • undesirable to decorate the nails with a pattern without seasonality+
  • No need to sculpt on short nails is large, but the more volumetric stucco pattern+
  • It is impossible to try to search for creativity to create rough design options.

It is important to understand that Franch does not tolerate rudeness, and therefore such options, as imitation of the naked fifth point, exposed by some “masters” for the sake of likes in the network, can not be accepted for something fashionable, inspired by new trends.

Design options

Turning to the question of the most relevant and spectacular options today, it is safe to say: in the trend Unity of harmony, female start and minimalism. According to the basic idea of ​​Italian fashion, you need to discard everything too much – and you can see how it will enjoy the female image. French manicure with blue can be decorated using different decoration techniques. For example, blue color is perfect for working with wiped (special manicure powder with fine particle fractions).

If the design is built on a bodily or white basis and a blue smile, then the color of the background can be slightly sprayed with pearl pollen. From this design only benefits, and the womb is even better than pearl varnish will change the appearance of the background pigment. If Franch has an accent nail, painted completely across the area, it is necessary to process it with wip. Longer rubbing powder in a bright or dark blue color, you can get a unique type of texture.

In addition to the wiring, today is considered fashionable french with accents, decorated with manual drawings. Drawing on the nails can now be performed in different techniques, but the most interesting today is the version of wet. Such a type of drawing looks like a little impeding in the main background. It looks such a print especially gently, someone may even seem watercolor. Draw similar images more often on an accent nail, without repeating them for greater expressiveness.

Great Blue Franch with such techniques like a veil, broken glass, powder, gradient. Each of them, decorating the accent nail of the French manicure, makes a special mood in design. In this case, it may vary depending on the selected color solutions. For example, the design in the white-blue scheme looks softly, black color and silver makes some solemnity in the design of nails.

So that Franch in blue color has not lost his nobility, it is worth considering not only the choice of varnishes, but also the amount and location of the decor. For example, when choosing a design with a pattern, it is important to pay attention to more successful places for fixing the sparkling decor. Sometimes small pebbles are not needed at all, and it is better to leave them for other options.

Beautifully can look at the accent nails top, imitating raindrops. You can decorate accent nails with water appliances using blue, black and white contrasts. And also harmonious will be the decoration of accent nails with a hempping, silver camifants, transparent or blue bouins.

You can use water stickers and sliders with different themes (from geometry to abstraction).

Beautiful examples for inspiration

Often, difficult without a visual example, make something special. And therefore we offer several options for successful Franch design, Which can inspire you to create your unique nail decoration:

  • Stylish Franch using acrylic sand for accent nails over a black base+
  • Elegant design capable of decorating evening outfit+
  • Gorgeous solution for the solemn case+

  • an extraordinary solution that will allow you to make a variety of female onions+
  • Beautiful manicure with a pattern mitigating blue perception+

  • White-blue Franch design will not leave indifferent any modern fashionista+
  • Laconic solution for the image of modern townskens+
  • Interesting option able to decorate the image of romantic nature+

  • Franch’s design with a beautiful pattern will give high status to female appearance+
  • Gentle clearance manicure with a smile will like creative parts+
  • Beautiful design with a pattern will allow a woman in the spotlight.

About how to make a stylish blue french manicure, you will learn from the following video.

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