Blue manicure: design specificity and fashionable ideas

Blue manicure: design specificity and fashionable ideas

In the blue manicure every year there is an increasing number of fair sex representatives. This is explained by the fact that any outfit can be selected a harmonious shade of blue. Manicure with blue looks spectacularly on long and short marigolds. Does not go out of fashion color in no one season. For summer, you can pick up more rich tones of blue, and for winter – to combine blue with white.

Secrets of successful decoration

To create an ideal image, it is important to take a very carefully to manicure. It is recommended to pay attention to the nails and zone near the nail plates. Without the preparation of the surface, it is impossible to apply blue, because any drawbacks will be immediately noticeable. First you need to remove the old varnish and arrange the right shape of the nail. The most basic and important rule of manicure – nails should be one form and length.

The following forms are on the choice for fashionistas: Square, almond, rounded and other. After giving a form, it is necessary to put your fingers into the container with warm water with the addition of iodine and sea salt for a while. After 15-20 minutes, the nail plate will be ready for registration. Cuticles are neatly removed or moved to the edge of the plate with a wooden stick.

When conducting this procedure, you need to be very attentive to avoid damage to the cuticle.

Next procedure – degreasing. To do this, wipe your nails with a cotton swab, moistened in alcohol or varnish. Initially, you need to paint your nails with a colorless base, which is necessary to hide defects on the nails. After that, you can paint your nails in blue. If a bright blue saturated shade is used, you can stay on one layer of varnish. In other cases, the composition of several layers are applied. After drying the composition, it is recommended to cover the nails with a colorless varnish for a long wearing manicure and adding even greater shine.

Chonda selection

Blue color in the Neil-Industry is popular not only to combine its shades with any outfit, but also the brightness of the color range, a variety of design ideas. Blue has a large number of shades and tones. To more gloomy shades include the color of ultramarine, sapphire, dark blue. For more modest girls there are tender tones of blue. These include all tones of turquoise and blue, as well as the color of the lazuries, cornflowers and sea waves. The gentle shades of blue are available at any manicure master.

Since there are many shades of blue, it is very difficult to choose a suitable skin and nail color. The ideal option for blue will be rectangular and oval nails. When choosing the required shade of blue, it is necessary to be guided not only by personal preferences, but also to combine manicure with the appearance and feature of future events. Depending on these factors, one should choose a single manicure or combine with other colors, add shiny decorative elements.

Modest wonderful sex representatives stylists advise unsaturated shades, bright colors can only be used to emphasize several fingers. You should not miss the turquoise hue, because it includes a lot of tones: from gentle salado-blue to rich-turquoise. Turquoise looks very effectively and not bored for a long time.

It is worth highlighting new shades of blue.

  • Tint under the title River bank occupies the main place among the current tones of blue. It is more restrained and less in the smoky effect, it is combined with golden, silver, black, virtually all shades of red and colorless varnish. Appropriate will be in the design of shades of green and yellow.
  • Airy Blue Create a romantic and delicate image, suitable for winter cold. It is perfectly combined with saturated blue, metallic color, pink and nude tones.

Color combinations

With white

The combination of blue and white is a very spectacular combination. It will be successful to manicure if you use white as the basis, and perform patterns and prints in blue or blue. Such a design looks gently and beautiful. And you can also use blue as the main coating, and on his background, draw the stars with white varnish. This design for long marigolds is relevant to imitate the night sky on the nail plate. Blue combination with white is a great option for French manicure and holes. Such a combination always looks aristocratically, but in combination with wells a certain raisin will appear in the image.

With yellow

It is worth considering the following nail designs with elements of blue and shades of yellow:

  • Yellow marigolds with blue decorative pebbles – This design is suitable for the summer season + saturated yellow color will shade bright glowing rhinestones+
  • craquelure – This is an original design, which is a simulation of cracks on a blue or yellow surface+
  • You can apply a yellow or orange color on half of the nail, and for the remaining part – Blue + you can perform openwork patterns, geometric shapes to give the charm to a new image.

With silver

The combination of blue with silver varnish is a rather successful and harmonious combination. Silver combinations are especially relevant with dark blue or bright blue on a matte basis. Ultramarine shade can be supplemented with silver glitter at the bottom of the nail. This design wonderfully looks from. You can perform French manicure with wiped. It will allow the mirror to reflect the silver shade, which makes the image luxurious and irresistible.

For festive exits you can make a blue manicure on which silver pearls will be posted. Such a design looks expensive and great. It can be performed on any forms of nails.

With gold

Blue manicure with golden elements is a harmonious composition. To date, the masters of the nail service identified several relevant trends of such a combination.

  • Using thin ribbons of golden flowers perfectly decorate the blue matte surface. Such a manicure will not leave anyone indifferent: from a business woman to a student. This design is considered a truly universal option suitable for women of any age categories.
  • Golden shades can be decorated with several marigolds. They fit along the entire length, focusing. The rest of the nails can be left in saturated blue. With such a manicure combines evening and cocktail dresses.
  • Gold blanks on a blue background will look rich and pretty. Aristocratic image can add a golden crown on a nameless finger.


Today, nail design is a whole art. Thanks to the latest compositions, decorative elements and special tools for manicure, you can implement the most brave ideas and compositions in reality, namely:

  • Geometric prints, which can be done manually or using stencils+
  • Smooth gradient – You can mix a few shades on one nails, for example, blue color can be combined with white, green, golden, or add and third tint for contrast against the background of blue+

  • French manicure with blue – You can use any additional color that will look harmoniously, or choose any design: from classics to a variety of molds with holes+
  • Feng’s design – the bright color is painted alone, and everyone else is in another color + you can decorate the focusing nail sparkles, stripes and rhinestones+

  • Openwork design – You can manually paint the lace on the nails, and at home this effect can be created using pieces of fabric+
  • Translated drawings+

  • Patterns and prints+
  • Using Rhinestones, Glitter and Shimmer – very effectively looks like a design in which the “track” from the pebbles in the center+

  • Mirror effect Using foil for manicure+
  • Combining several design techniques: French manicure with lunar in combination with gradient, openwork painting and rhinestones.


It is worth considering the various techniques for creating a blue manicure.

Matte manicure

It looks on the nails is simply amazing, especially with evening dresses. Such a coating is harmoniously combined with glossy. Matte effect can be done using special varnishes, as well as applying a simple reception. The execution of the matte manicure includes the following steps:

  • Careful polishing nails+
  • Basic coating is applied and dried+
  • in a saucepan need to boil water+
  • Blue varnish is applied to the nails+
  • Fingers need to be supported by a couple to complete drying+
  • After that, you can perform various patterns with glossy.

Application of geometric prints and patterns

To perform a manicure, it is necessary to arma with such instruments as:

  • needle+
  • stencil+
  • Adhesive ribbon+
  • Sticks with balls at the ends.

Print formulations are different: from standard varnishes to helium compositions. With the help of them are created complex patterns and the effect of blur. Ideas for manicure can be viewed on the Internet on special sites. You can combine several techniques, creating unusual compositions. Unclear you can not only long nails. And all sorts of patterns are pretty on short nails. To create a design on short nails, you can use the following techniques:

  • Geometric shapes: These include a large number of options from the lines for polygons + they can be combined with each other and decorate with decorative elements, complement with other contrasting shades+
  • Any colorful flower and vegetable motifs: daisies, roses, sunflowers and dandelions+
  • Lace and openwork pictures+
  • Complex compositions of a certain topic.

French manicure

The French manicure has such varieties as:

  • classic – The main part of the nail is painted in blue, and the tip is in any other combined color or, on the contrary+
  • lunar – Any shade is applied to Lunul, and on the main part of the nail plate – blue+
  • Hollywood design, which uses a manicure foil or metallized film+
  • Change smile shape: For example, waves, triangular, square or linear form.

Acrylic coating and varnishes

The use of acrylic coating and gels allows you to increase the duration of the manicure. They may be as follows:

  • Acrylic compositions are used to give the shape of the nails and when increasing+
  • Gel compositions dry only under the ultraviolet lamp and hold around the crescent + they can be removed to remove varnish+
  • Shellac is applied without pre-grinding the surface, and the remaining characteristics are similar to the gel varnish+
  • Biogels are more reliable, they keep more than 20 days.

All varnishes are available in any specialized points of sales. If there is an ultraviolet lamp, you can independently engage in the design of nails and at home. But still it is worth remembering that Often apply acrylic and helium formulations is not recommended. Nail plate under a thick dense layer of varnish ceases its livelihood, that is, it ceases to produce a protective layer, which can lead to fragility and dryness of nails.

Remove such compositions with nails is very dangerous, so with a constant carrying manicure with acrylic and gel you need to give hands to relax for some time.

By the New Year

Manicure for the New Year is a special subject. The simplest design in this case can be a new year symbolism: snowflakes, snowmen, fir branches. Varnish colors are relevant to create a New Year’s image, like: white, blue, green and red. For minor openwork drawings, you need to purchase thin brushes. If the design of the nails assumes staining in several colors, it is necessary to wait for the complete drying of each color.

Important! The main rule of such a manicure is not worth overdoing with the design. It is not recommended to combine several ideas and a large number of colors.

Dark shades of blue are applied exclusively in one layer. Dark shades make visually slimmer any woman. In the case of nail plates, your hands will look white and well-keeped. Blue manicure is considered universal, as it is ideal for business meetings, everyday life and romantic dates. Especially blue manicure is combined with Denim’s outfits, thanks to this, you can create an ideal image for any events.

New season

This season, functionality and practicality are relevant in the Neil-Industry. Nevertheless, for evening bows, you can leave extremely long novels, but in fashion now neat medium length nails. This season is relevant to the manicure, which combines the fashionable form of nails, beautiful design and modern design equipment in a trend shade. An unusual design of nails in rare and bold color gamns is a memorable manicure that is a highlight of any fashionable dress.

Casual, business, festive or romantic image will be incredibly looked with a new-fashioned blue nail design. Even sports or home style can decorate the blue manicure.

It is worth staying in more detail on the novelties of this season.

  • Last season the most relevant Franch in blue color scheme. Smile can be arranged with a white varnish, such an idea will be a win-win option for any events. It looks smartestly with a rounded nail form, and the design on rectangular nails will be appropriate for business hiking. You can decorate a manicure with the help of glitter, rhinestones, lines of various shapes and thickness, drawings.

  • New-fashioned design in combination with silver and gold shades – This is an immaculate manicure that will not leave anyone without attention. For this, special varnishes can be used, as well as decor elements: stripes, rhinestones, shimmers. Brilliant details will make any single manicure incredibly beautiful composition. Sequins can be added to the lunar design, and in a matte manicure.

  • Design with rhinestones will decorate any fashion bow. Depending on the selected decor elements, you can create any style of manicure: with glossy or matte coating, ombrie or french design. Thanks to the application of bright small details, the manicure will be transformed and will play in a new way. Similar option Prefict girls and women for evening events.

  • Blue manicure with elements of red, white and black looks spectacular. Each shade is able to harmoniously complement any fashion bowl. White color is the color of purity, it will give ease of image. Such a manicure will become the perfect option for the summer season, especially if it is performed in the marine subject. Blue base with such white add-ons, like drawings, curls, wells and french – excellent in any combination. For festive events, you can perform a blue manicure with red. Such a combination will give sophistication to any image. You can make a design under Franch, moon manicure or stembling.

Fashionable trend of recent seasons – a combination in blue design with black. He is modest, laconic and unforgettable.

About how to make a blue sparkling french with snowflakes, look in the following video.

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