Blue manicure with rhinestones: Specificity and saturation

Blue manicure with rhinestones: Specificity and saturation

It is believed that blue has soothing and relaxing properties. Often in this hue paint the walls of offices to reduce the stress of workers. However, such a color scheme is suitable not only for interior design, but also for the design of your nails. So, the manicure in deep shades of blue will give your image of elegance and charm. If one-photo staining is not for you – then think about the addition of coverage of sparkles, stones and rhinestones. This option is one of the most fashionable and trendies in the current season. How to choose blue manicure with rhinestones? What options for design and designer solutions exist? Read more read in our material.


It is believed that blue has three main shades: cyan (or blue-green color), azure and ultramarine. Each of these shades has its own individual character, so you should carefully approach their choice. Shades of blue as a coating are suitable for nails of any length and shapes: both for pointed long and short square. It should also be noted that the manicure in blue tones is suitable for everyday image and to enter light.

To give your nails greater brightness and shine, add decorations in the form of rhinestones – In this case, you will definitely not be left without compliments around. It should be noted and the fact that blue is rather symbolic. For example, in Christianity, he means spirituality and wisdom. Thus, having a pleasant appearance, the blue manicure can keep in itself a hidden subtext and make your image more mysterious and mysterious.

How to choose the right hue?

Despite the existence of three main blue colors, which were considered above, in this color palette you can find more than a dozen options. But how to choose a specific shade? Be sure to be guided by your color, as well as skin tone and hair color.

So, it is believed that girls with dark hair and cold color (brunettes, brown glands) are suitable and rich shades of blue, and blondes with a warm tone of the skin should be filled with blonde.

Ideas for registration

Designers and Master of Nail Service offer a wide variety of nail design options using blue varnish and artificial stones. Consider the most popular of them.

Fantasy on the topic of French manicure

French manicure – popular and pretty classic nail design option. In order to slightly diversify a calm palette, instead of white as a coating for nail tips, you can use shades of blue.

For consumer effect, the transition line between blue and transparent varnish can be separated by bright rhinestones.

Blue Moon

The opposite of the composition French – Lunar manicure can also be performed using blue, adding a bit of rhinestone (and they can perform the role of the color accent on the nail) or become the “main characters” of the nail and settle down to the center.

Imitation of denim

This method of nail decoration is just beginning to enter the Arsenal Modnitz. In order for more believable to portray fabric on their nails, you should not neglect the items – for example, you can depict the seams. To highlight such elements, you can use small sparkles that will add additional radiance to your non-standard manicure.

50 shades of blue

In order to use the entire beauty of the blue palette at the maximum, when applying for nails, you can immediately use several shades of this color. They can be positioned linearly or graphically, to give a manicure of some romanticity, also try using circles, ovals and more smooth forms. And in order to deliver one shade from the other and focus on each of them, use artificial stones or crystals.

Chic and shine

For evening exits and festive events, blue color can be composed not only with rhinestones, but also with brilliant varnish in the tone of the crystals used.

Similarly, you make the image will become more solemn and evening.

Brilliant fantasy

The main component of the manicure can be both a blue coverage in itself and rhinestones applied to it. In order to fulfill the second option, on a calm and not too expressive shade of blue should be glued with several stones. And they can be postponed not only in abstract arbitrary form, but also make some kind of spectacular image (for example, your initials).

Night sky

In order to create the illusion of a mysterious night sky, the nail is used to be a black shade of varnish and crystals or rhinestones in golden shades.

Read more about how beautiful to make a manicure in blue tones, you will learn from the following video.

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