Body manicure: Design secrets and fashionable ideas

Body manicure: Design secrets and fashionable ideas

Nude manicure is an excellent solution for everyday female images. Distinguishing the nobility of natural bodily shades, he harmoniously completes any onions and gives a woman a special noble status. However, each new season makes something new in it, so it is important to get acquainted with the nuances of fashion trends in order to look modern and flawless.



Select form

In the new season, fashion prepared several surprises. Today, every woman is invited to choose the form that the most suitable for it. Short nails are not reborn, but if the length of the nail plates is insufficient, they can be increasing acrylastic. The overhead nails go back in the past, today they are considered a sign of bad tone. In addition to the fact that they are far from always beautifully look at the nails, such products are often falling off at the most inopportune moment.

In addition to current direct and oval forms, almond-shaped nail decoration is returned. However, whatever the form of drinking a woman has chosen, the length should not be more medium. Too long, and even sharp edges today are hopeless. If earlier they were considered a spectacular addition of Luke, today fashion does not seek to return to such a form of nails.

Especially since sharp edges and high length are contrary to the tenderness, which breathes bodily shades of lacquer products.

Nuances of decoration

Body shades are universal unlike many colors of the color palette. They can be used in any existing manicure technique. However, light tones are distinguished by the ability to expand the nail plate, so for flat and short nails, it is preferable to choose shades darling (for example, tan tan). In addition, it is important to take into account that Not every decor on such a basis will look appropriate because the body originally implies tenderness and refinement.

The overload of the manicure can not only spoil his aesthetics, but also to make vulgarity into a female image. The main fashionable line of the new season is minimalism and focus on natural. This means that to take away the body manicure of the scattering rhinestones or sparkling stones undesirable. If you want to use this decor, you need to do it.

Ideally choose to cover short nails matte varnishes, which mimic textile surface (velvet, velor, velvet or satin). For long nails, on the contrary, it is better to use shimmer or even wiring. This powder will allow you to give a body shade depth and wake with different colors.

The effects of the wiring are very much, due to which one and the same shade of the manicure can look different.

How to choose skin color?

To the body manicure look perfect, it is important to choose a shade of corporal color by skin type. For those who have a pale skin, it is better to look at the coatings of beige-pink tones. Spend the beauty of light skin is better than dark bodily colors (for example, tongue tone), as well as bodily brown tones. However, in order not to spoil onions, you need to try to avoid the blue and flickering of the coatings.

Skin with olive tone does not harmonize with bronze, beige-lilac or beige-pink color. For dark skin, both tender and bright tones of manicure and chocolate, gentle-coffee and even grayish.

So that they are beautiful and harmoniously looked, you need to avoid skin and varnish tones.


To date, there are several main manicure techniques that can be used with bodily shades of gel varnish. First of all, it is a classic or a monophonic manicure, in which the nail plates are painted in one varnish completely. If you choose the noble tone and the texture of the coating, it will look for manicure to be self-sufficient, without needing to further decorate corporal color with white.

In addition to classics, flesh color – a great base for traditional and inverted french. At the same time, this technique can be performed in two ways: with the usual French manicure, the nail plate is covered with a varnish of a body shade, after which the upper edge is painted with a contrast varnish. Inverted Franch has a stroke of the edge of the nail plate not at the top, and below. At the same time, today it is thinner and neat, often and altogether resembles the contour stroke of the nail.

Beautifully, the body color of varnish and in the moon technique of manicure. At the same time, the wells can be impaired at all or supplemented with a thin handle. This design allows you to visually lengthen the nail plate, which is especially relevant for short nails. Attractive looks design with holes in contrast.

Sometimes minor rhinestones or tiny sequins are added to this design, due to which the design acquires elegacity and refinement.

Stylishly and fashionably looks like nail design in Ombre or Gradient. At the same time, gentle contrasts are used or related gel varnish tones. Today, the gradient can be both glossy and matte, as well as shimmer. Each type of coating contributes its notes to women. Choosing bodily shades is quite extensive, so you can decorate the nails of hands not only with light shades with beige subtock, but also:

  • saturated powder with pink inclusion+
  • additive coral color+
  • brownish or bronze pigment.

In addition to traditional decisions, new manicure techniques are gaining popularity today. These include broken glass and powder effect. The technology of broken glass is based on the use of a special film that is cut into small pieces, and then decorate the surface of the accent nails. To fix the result and extend the durability of the coating, the top is applied on top.

Pouderic manicure is based on sprinkling nails with a top layer of a special polymer powder. In the future, the coating is dried under a special drying lamp. The type of such a manicure is obtained by volumetric and velvety.

However, such a technique is more suitable for the focus of manicure: all the nails of the hands do not make out.

Modern options

Decoration of nails of powdered manicure – the way to make the design of greater elegacity and expressiveness. Such a color can be decorated using different decor elements. For example, one of them are all sorts of drawings. The subject of such a decoration can be the most diverse from the peas and strips to complex lace patterns and the finest feathers.

Beautifully look at the nails of the bodily shade drawn with acrylic colors flowers and plants. One of the trends of this season are geometric patterns that can be decorated with accent nails. In addition, seasonal topics are quite in demand today, so in the assortment of patterns you can meet not only the usual flowers, plants, but also ears and leaves of different breeds of trees. Winter design options can be issued with snowflakes, imitation of snow-covered texture. Someone soul nail decoration and at all New Year’s attributes (snowmen, christmas socks, deer).

In addition to the drawings, stembling and stickers are in demand. Stamps this season will be no less relevant than the drawing. At the same time, they are much fastened to apply them, and the patterns are always accurate and neat, due to which the manicure looks in bodily colors stylish and professionally. As for the stickers, they are completely allowed to reduce the time on drawing small patterns. There is a huge range of images, among which you can choose an option for every taste.

Fashionable This season will be the Japanese Decor of Kamyfubuki. Multicolored confetti can be not only round, but also triangular, square, in the form of stars, hearts and polygons. Kamyfubuki looks great on accent nails as matte and glossy surface.

So that they looked stylishly, it is worth carefully selecting their shades, combining the color with the main bodily background of manicure.

Those who like nail decorations in bodily colors with rhinestone or sparkles, should take into account the design destination. Sparkling decor must be appropriate. To enter the light, this may be a strip from rhinestone or even a march at the base of the nail. Beautifully will look for single accents from rhinestones on nails with a pattern or sticker.

You can depict the effect of champagne bubbles, rising from the bottom of the nail up. This design is today in the trend, and the glitter, shimmer coatings, rhinestones, as well as the sequins of all sizes are used for it. Sequins can be covered on top of a bulk drawing, giving design elegacity. It is worth dosing such pigments as gold and silver: a modern body manicure should not compete with female jewels.

More about how to make a nude manicure, you will learn from the following video.

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