Bright and tender ideas of the combination of purple with white in manicure

Bright and tender ideas of the combination of purple with white in manicure

Purple color has a lot of shades – dark, bright, close to blue or almost burgundy. And among them you can always find the one that it will personally come. One of the most tender shades was recently declared the color of the year according to the American Pantone Colorist Agency. This ultraviolet tint (Ultra Violet, 18-3838) is poorly characterized, perfectly combined with white and can come up even for office manicure.

Classic machinery

The most elementary variant of the manicure is a monophonic with a full coating of the nail plate can be diversified by taking some nails with violet varnish, and others are white. If this option seems too boring, it can be diversified by rhinestones, stickers and other special decorative elements.

You can also make pictures in the form of white colors on a lilac background or, on the contrary, purple flowers on a white background. The last option, of course, is easier to execute. And it is also enough to buy the appropriate stickers on the nails – they will significantly save time and simplify the process if the manicure you do yourself.

You can also draw geometric patterns, mugs, leopard or tiger pattern.

The latter in the purple white version will look especially unusual.

And you can also add other colors, for example, golden varnish or gold brilliance. Fashionable and unusual combination of purple varnish with white crackering or “cat’s eye” effect.



French option

Traditional French manicure is a nail plate covered with a transparent varnish and a white strip around the edge. He gained popularity primarily for his simplicity, versatility and relevance at any, even the most strict dress code. But since the advent of French manicure, designers created a huge number of peculiar variations.

With the purple basis, French manicure loses its simplicity and inconsistency, Since this color even in the bright version remains very notable. However, it turns out very original. In addition, the white band gives a tangible color contrast by adding the design of nail effects.

As an experiment, you can also make a white strip not exactly around the edge of the nail plate, but at an angle, or move it at all to the base of the cuticle.


Ombre is a very popular number of lacquer application technique. Externally, the result of this technique is similar to the drawing with watercolor paints. What, at first glance, it seems unusual, because nail polishes have a completely different consistency than honey watercolor.

However, such a manicure is made by ordinary varnishes or gel varnishes with a sponge or similar means. And in the case of a combination of purple and white end version will be very spectacular. So much that no additional decorations will be needed and even unnecessary.

Shades of coating and color

Choosing a varnish color, do not forget that in your hands you also have a skin of a certain shade and subteon. And in the case of manicure, the color will also play a role. Maybe not so significant as makeup, hair color and clothing, but it is worth taken into account too. Especially since the manicure we usually do as part of a solid image.

Color materials are only 12 and all of them are divided into 4 seasons – winter, spring, summer and autumn. As mentioned above, among the purple shades there are a variety of – you can always find suitable exactly to your flavor.

Purple is a combination of blue and red. Accordingly, for cold coloring, it is better to choose purple with a predominance of blue. This is exactly the ultraviolet, dark indigo, Persian blue, violet. All of them, except for the latter, belong to dark and rich shades, so the most suitable for “winter” colors and “deep autumn”. Spring, summer and other types of “Autumn” should be treated with caution.

Bright fuchsia, cyclamen and the like – these are the favorites of “Bright Winter”. For this type and white – Color MUST Have.

If you feel about the “bright winter”, then the effect of you to face, and the best option will be the version of the French manicure with noticeable white stripes.

Warm types can pay attention to eggplant, dark lilac – all shades with a red subton. Purple too for you – this royal classic is not in vain often take over the shade of red. And also you can experiment with dark purple, it is in a flower circle exactly on the border of blue and red, being quite winning. And in the case of “warm autumn”, the variant of the dark purple in its rich form will be the most successful.

Gentle types of “Spring” and “Summer” can pay attention to light shades. These include light purple, lavender, violet, pale purple. You can also take a shade darker – for example, amethyst.

How to independently make a light purple manicure with rhinestones, you will learn from the video below.

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