Bright manicure gel lacquer: original ideas and tips on design

Bright manicure gel lacquer: original ideas and tips on design

Each beautiful sex representative dreams that her beautiful nails are in the spotlight, regardless of their length, forms and individual characteristics.


Beautiful bright manicure that will be preserved in priority form for quite a long time, it is customary to do with gel varnish. The design of marigolds can be performed in the following techniques:

  • gradient+
  • Franch+
  • Monophonic+
  • thematic+
  • lunar.

Before proceeding with the creation of a bright manicure with gel varnish, the nail plate must be covered with the base, then apply decorative coating and finish. When choosing a color scheme, you need to navigate the table of shades and the length of your nails.

Color solution

Bright manicure has no seasonality. Bright marigolds can be made in any of the above techniques. To the bright manicure on your nails could be attributed to the discharge of the ideal, It is necessary to follow the recommendations of Neil Art specialists.

  • Bright varnishes (orange, yellow, salad, fuchsia color and others) look excellent, only having a white background as a basis. It is desirable that the white color and color were products of one manufacturer, then their density and texture will coincide.

  • The decorative coating of the bright tone must be applied as accurately as possible. Even the smallest leaks will spoil the original designer idea.

  • If a monophonic bright lacquer seems too simple, you can apply a striped decor, circles or cute images. If there is no time for the exquisite painting of nails, you can use ready-made stickers, sliders and stembling.


In trend, geometric pattern on nails. He even overtook flowers and curls. This situation is explained by the fact that geometry looks very attractive and will be appropriate for everyday wearing and for evening exit. To portray a stylish pattern, you should stick to the following sequence of actions:

  • After a hygienic manicure is performed on the nails, you can apply a basic coating and dry it under the UV lamp (not more than 60 seconds)+
  • After the edge of the nail is sealed, you can apply a decorative coating and dry again+
  • If there is a need for the same way to apply a layer of varnish and dry well+
  • Flat tassel applies conceived patterns: stripes, a variety of figures, spirals + and dry in the lamp.

Important! If you doubt your abilities about the accuracy of applying all geometric elements, you can purchase special stencils or to build them from the tape with your own hands.

After working on the drawing is finished, the nail must be covered with the finish and dry in the lamp for 3 minutes. Patterns can not be done on all marigolds, but on one or two. The pattern can be different on each finger. The main thing is to comply with the unity of the style.


Images for a bright manicure can be very diverse, ranging from simple forms to the most complex and ornamental images. To create drawings on the nails, experts recommend using Dots. Since the applied gel varnish has a property spread, it must be periodically dried under the lamp. To perform complex designs to find stencil almost impossible. Therefore, you will have to turn to a professional in the field of Neil-Art. With the help of the brush, the master will show any animal, a fabulous character or something else.

Moon manicure

In the bright manicure of this variety, the well in the nail growth zone is stained into light or transparent tones, and the rest of the plate – in saturated. The main thing is to choose the right color combination. The most interesting is the saturated blue color on most of the nogot and silver in the well. You can combine two types of varnishes: matte and glossy. The first type remains for the entire nail plate, and the second – only for the design of the well.

Lunar manicure will best look at the nails of medium length and long. It should be remembered that the manicure in this technique visually reduces the nail length. The most spectacular version of the manicure will turn out on narrow marigolds of an elongated shape. Holders of a wide nail plate should be thoroughly thought out the color combination and apply gel lacquer accurately. Properly chosen color allows you to make wide nails more neat and attractive.

The lunar manicure is made according to the following steps:

  • hygienic manicure+
  • Basic coating+
  • Painting the wells, then the rest of the nail (preferably in 2 layers)+
  • Drying under UV lamp not less than 120 seconds+
  • Finish coating.


It looks bright and fresh, a monophonic color manicure of the color of Berlin Lazuri with a simple pattern in the form of a sun, made of metallic lacquer.

Classic Franch with floral motifs in the purple-purple range looks very gentle and elegant.

The combination of lunar and French manicure in white-pink colors looks very juicy and “appetizing”.

Orange-white lunar manicure will raise the mood at any time of the year.

Girls who like to be the center of attention will suit the lunar manicure in black and pink and green-purple colors.

A monophonic manicure of cornflower with rhinestones and geometric pattern in Negative Space technique will definitely attract the attention of others.

How to create a stylish, bright manicure with sparkles, look in the following video.

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