Characteristics and application of gel varnish F.O.X

Characteristics and application of gel varnish F.O.X

Brand F. O. X appeared in America, in its assortment there are means for nail care, as well as products for nail service. Gel varnishes of this manufacturer have several advantages and are widely used all over the world. Their high quality confirmed by award-winning international exhibitions.

Features and advantages

Gel varnishes f. O. X are an alternative to Shellac. They can be used not only by masters of professional beauty salons, but also ordinary women at home. However, it is necessary to take into account that a special lamp will be required for drying. Master reviews say that gel varnishes are very convenient to use and easily applied. The tool has the ability to self-leveling, does not occupy outside the nail. To the shade turned out to be smooth, it is enough to apply 2 layers of material.

Narked the price of these materials. It is quite economical and falls on the pocket of almost any woman who wants to have a well-kept appearance and perfect manicure. Another advantage of such gel varnishes is that they are very persistent and perfectly held for a long time. The coating is able to maintain its appearance of more than 2 weeks, it does not appear chips and cracks, it does not fade in the sun. Change varnish is only because the nails grow and look already not enough. All components in the composition are very high quality and absolutely harmless. Another feature – so that the manicure serve as long as possible, the polymerization will be required to all layers of the material

As for the minuses, the production of this brand is a bit. However, this moment is also impossible to miss. First of all, it should be borne in mind that nails need mandatory grinding. It will help lacques better to stay on the surface. However, the constant impact on the nail plate can cause it to weaken, so periodic rest is needed from such drugs.


Gel lacquer grade F. O. X do not contain harmful substances and toxins. There are photoinitiators in their composition, contributing to the solidification of the material under the influence of ultraviolet. Diluent supports the desired gastrointestinal consistency. And the material contains vitamins, additives and fillers. You can not get around the pigment, as well as shimmer, sequins and other elements that contribute to the creation of certain effects.

Shelf life

Before buying gel lacquer, it is recommended to pay attention to its shelf life. The main term is indicated on the label, the varnishes of this brand it is 2 years from the date of manufacture. During this time, the material retains all the stated properties and quality. However, the proportion of shelf life has a direct impact and the solvent is located as part of. As soon as the bottle opens, the solvent will begin to evaporate, which undoubtedly will affect the thickness of the material over time. Therefore, after using a bottle, you need to close tight.

Store it in the heat and the Sun is not categorically recommended, but the refrigerator will not fit either. An ideal option will be a darkened cool place.

Review of funds

The company offers masters of nail service a large selection of funds for creating an ideal manicure. This includes bases, top covers, pigments, auxiliary materials. As for the volumes, the base and top go in bottles of 6 and 12 milliliters. All gel varnishes of this brand can be divided into several collections. They are separated depending on the season and include a huge variety of shades. It is worth considering the most popular.

  • In the collection “Pigment-Classic” Presented 67 colors. It is suitable for different seasons. Gel varnishes are very dense and saturated, some of them contain shimmer and sequins. This series is rightfully considered the brightest of all existing.
  • For exquisite fashionistas and gentle young ladies, the company has developed yoghurt gel varnishes. They are distinguished by the presence of inclusions from confetti of various shapes and colors. The coating is easy and very beautiful.

  • Termolaki – This is a unique development capable of changing color depending on the ambient temperature. In the warm, the tint is becoming lighter, in the cold, on the contrary, darkens.
  • “Feline eye” – This is a line that has long been loved by fashionable at the expense of an unusual appearance. The material has in its composition special metal particles, which, when bringing the magnet, add up to bizarre forms and patterns.
  • Vintage gel varnishes Created specifically for lover of watercolor effect on nails. Specialists are recommended for greater expressiveness to apply them on a bright basis, since they themselves are half transparent.

  • As for the line “Platinum”, she looks very gentle and romantic. Plugs from microscopic sequins give her a kind of radiance, so the manicure can be used not only as everyday, but also as a festive option.
  • “Chameleon” series Created specifically for luxury women. It looks very exquisite, it is distinguished by the fact that the shade is able to change depending on the game of light and tilt hands.

Color palette

If we consider the color palette of gel varnishes F. O. X Fully, you can count about 340 shades. This includes both the brightest and dark tones. Most of the ruler make up varnishes using a gloss and shimmer. There are neutral options, including light and pastel colors.

It is impossible not to mark the camouflage series, including 22 colors. Shades here are natural, translucent, cold and warm, they can be used when creating a French manicure. And there are options with the addition of the smallest shimmer. As for the pigment, you can allocate 160 colors. Such a number of shades allows not only to make a monochon coating on the nails, but also use various combination options. This will help make manicure more original and spectacular.

Tips for use

Like any gel varnishes, products F. O. X has certain nuances of use. If they are not taken into account, the coating will be applied poorly, respectively, the consumers will not be able to correctly appreciate the gel varnishes of this brand. There is a special technology that allows you to make a good manicure that will last for a long time.

First you need to take into account that there will be special tools and tools to create a manicure. Among them Grinding, base, means for degreasing nails, gel varnish itself, Top, solvent, BAU, Drying lamp, Little Wipes for work. First of all, it is necessary to make a neat manicure. Then the glossy shine is cleaned, the marigold is degreased and prepared for the application of materials. After that, the base, directly gel varnish and finishing coating.

In the next video you will find an overview of the Gel varnishes of the company F. O. X.

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