Characteristics and color gel lacquer palette Dance Legend

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Characteristics and color gel lacquer palette Dance Legend

The Dance Legend brand was created by the famous Russian company “Albo”. This nail polish was originally focused on the youth audience, however, over time, won his recognition and more mature representatives of the beautiful sex. The range offers many color solutions, interesting effects and a variety of texture. In addition, the company’s specialists continue to work and regularly launch innovations on sale, which is even more heated interest in this product.


The main feature of the gel varnishes of the Dance Legend brand – in a wide range of products offered. Here you can find materials that do not have high-quality analogs look expensive and effectively. It is the specialists of this company that developed such an original product as thermolates. Their feature – in the ability to change their color depending on the ambient temperature.

On enough long nails it turns out the effect of ombre. In addition, there are thermolates with a gradient in 3 colors.

The Lumos collection is distinguished by the fact that lacquer brushes are equipped with backlight. This is a real salvation at low light illumination in which manicure is done.

In addition, varnishes are produced in sufficiently large tanks with a volume of 15 ml. However, this does not mean that the cost becomes too high. On the contrary, such a varnish can afford almost any woman, because the price for one bottle goes at 150-170 rubles. If adorable ladies are interested in varnishes with a variety of effects, it must be borne in mind that the cost will increase by approximately 2 times.

Masters and consumers of products celebrate that the varnishes are very well held on the nails. Even the usual coating does not lose its appearance for about a week.


One of the main deficiencies marked by consumers is the relative complexity in acquiring varnishes data. In small towns, the only way is to order via the Internet. And may also cause difficulties. This is due to the fact that the lacquer has a kind of texture. It is necessary to get used to it and gently apply the material, then the nails will look smooth and even.


When using Gel-lacquer Dance Legend fashionable can choose both glossy and rough coating. Gloss, undoubtedly, is more accustomed for representatives of the beautiful floor, roughness – confidently incoming novelty.

The surface itself does not have color, but at the same time it includes a lot of sparkle, which, lick on top of the base, do not change its colors, giving cold flicker.

If the wizard uses the Dance Legend Sahara Crystal lacquer, the surface will acquire its own shade filled with microscopic sparkles. Such a manicure looks not defiantly, while quite attractive. All gels, as part of which are brilliant particles, form an absolutely smooth surface on the nail, as the sparkles are very small and soft. Therefore, one should not be afraid of discomfort, as well as the probabilities to cling to anything. Dance Legend cares about the convenience of its clients.


If you consider the range of products from Dance Legend, you can not get around the helix, having the effect of shellac. They are distinguished by their resistance, manicure can confidently hold out on the nails up to 4 weeks. However, in this case, it is impossible not to take care of the application technology, which implies the proper preparation of the foundation, as well as the use of top coverage. The process of preparing the nails involves the use of degreaser and primer.

In general, the gels of this brand are similar in its properties on Shellac. They create a dense stable coating, which will help the noblos to grow to the required length.

As for the base, it happens two species. The first, Gel Polish Base Coat, is applied a very thin layer. Gel lacas based on it is preserved in perfect form approximately 3 weeks. The second, Gel Polish Flexy Base Coat is characterized by a more thick consistency. Gel lacquer based on it can hold out 4-5 weeks. Top coating is finishing. It is applied over the color gel lacquer. Top “Gel Polish Top Coat” has a sticky layer, which after drying in the lamp will need to be removed from the nail.

Speaking of updates, it is impossible not to mark Holographic gels Dance Legend. They possess a jelly texture, well pigmented. Masters recommend applying them in 2 layers. To remove such a varnish, it is necessary to start using the sawmill, as special means without damage to the coating may not have a proper effect.

Concerning Magnetic varnishes, They contain microscopic metal particles that move with a magnet. The material is applied in the same way as others, but at the same time before its drying you need to bring a magnet and hold it a couple of minutes to formed the desired pattern.

Crochellae gels gave noblos snake skin or mosaic. This is another development of this brand, gaining popularity from domestic fashionistas. Colors here are presented most of the matte, the coating begins to crack as drying. According to the reviews of the Masters of the Nail Service, the Dance Legend helix, during cracking, do not pull the foundation that makes a manicure very neat. Application has its own nuances. First, the marigold is covered with a protective basis, on top of which the lacquer of the desired color is applied. It is he who will see in the resulting cracks. When the material smears, the crust lacquer is superimposed on top. After his drying, the nail plate is covered with top.

For lover of watercolor effect on the nails, the manufacturer’s specialists invented gel varnish Top Aquarelle. It should be borne in mind that it will need more time for complete drying than other materials.

For ultra-modes, amateur discos and night clubs, Dance Legend offers Special line of varnishes glowing in the dark. They are able to accumulate light, after which give it in a dark place. This product is absolutely safe and created by the latest technologies. An indisputable advantage is that to accumulate light, it is enough to stay in bright lighting only about 10 minutes, but the opposite effect will last about an hour.

The Dance Legend brand also creates classic shades, relevant for daily wearing. Therefore, products can use representatives of beautiful sex of various ages.

Review of the Dance Legend gel varnish in the video below.

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