Characteristics and features of the application of CANNI gel varnish

Characteristics and features of the application of CANNI gel varnish

CANNI gel varnish is considered a worthy alternative to expensive brand. Despite the fact that it is produced in China, the goods are distinguished by high quality confirmed by all the necessary certificates.

Canni does not contain dangerous components, allowed to enter the European Union and offers consumers, indeed, an attractive value for money. It is not surprising that such a coating is widely used not only for home manicure, but also in beauty salons.



Varieties and their characteristics

CANNI gel lacquer is currently positively proven to the product market. In essence, this is a combination of varnish and gel, which is applied as simple varnish, but requires drying under a special lamp. Among its advantages, they call a slight application without the occurrence of bubbles, the “wave effect” and surface irregularities, neutral smell due to high-quality composition without harmful impurities, as well as ease of use.

The main disadvantage of gel lacquer refers to the impossibility of efficient use on weak nails. If the plate does not differ in health and has numerous deepening, then CANNI “will be” from three or four days. In general, if the manicure is made according to the instructions, the coverage must hold out for more than fourteen days until the month. Reducing this period is possible in cases of violation of the technology of application, the use of funds with an expired shelf life, as well as regular aggressive impact, for example, dishwashing agents. In this case, the detachment of the varnish will begin after three days.

Presented on sale gel varnishes have a distinguished density. Some shades are very thick, conveniently covering the nail plate and well-looking even in the presence of one existing layer. They dry without problems and do not form bubbles. However, some varnishes are too liquid and require multiple application. Often, in such a situation, strips appear, and the coating is obtained uneven. In addition, such a varnish begins to spread, which complicates the drying process.

The palette of gel lacquer is very extensive, and judging by the reviews, consists of exclusively attractive shades. Many companies supplying Canni offer and sets that include base, top and four color gel lacquers. However, there is always an opportunity to purchase a separately liked color, and the base and fixing coating can be selected from another high-quality brand. By the way, to identify the number of the liked the shade for his further acquisition, it is enough to look at the figure that is placed behind the bottle in the lower right corner.

Externally gel varnish reminds SHELLAC varnishes, but with a larger brush of natural materials. The volume of the collection of the usual means is 7.3 milliliters, and thermal – reaches 15 milliliters.

It is important to mention that not only one-photographic gel varnishes are available on sale, but also possess various effects, for example, metallic, pearl, with sparkles and microbials, as well as the glitter.

However, it is believed that one-photon coatings better show themselves – they hold out longer and crack less. A series of Blossom Series, “Thermo”, “Feline Eye”, Platinum Series and Others.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to gel varnishes, the company produces other means necessary for carrying a full manicure: basic, top, primers and gel paints for design. The lamp required to work with CANNI should have a capacity of 36 watts. LED device in this case can also be used for manicure. The shelf life of the applied funds, as a rule, is twenty-four months.

Color palette

Currently, more than two hundred colors of the CANNI gel lacquer are available in Russia, so it can be concluded that the available set is able to satisfy even the most demanding clients. On the official website, all tones palette are presented by numbers, which greatly simplifies the procedure for working with this brand. True, it is important to remember that for the samples there are necessarily two layers of varnish, and in real life, shades can be slightly different.

The main palette contains both bright juicy and calm pastel shades from practically transparent to shimmering glitter. For example, a calm purple-gray shade 049 and heavenly 251 are suitable for office manicure, and “delicious” orange 091 will perfectly fit into the dress code of the festive event.

The noble dark green 134 is suitable for dark-haired statute beauties, and a gentle 055 color cream brule – for very young girls.

The “Feline Eye” series consists of bright varnishes with an admixture of metal particles, forming fantasy patterns under the action of a magnet. All presented shades from beige to green look very unusual and effectively, especially with the use of a black base. Thermal gel varnishes are presented in thirty different shades. When changing the temperature, they themselves change the color, for example, from dark red into black, from yellow in the “color of the sunset” and from pink into a noble gray. In the cold, the darker shades usually appear, and when increasing degrees, they will be brighten. Some thermal varnishes create only a minor shift of paints, but others are a combination of contrasts.

Features of application

To create a high-quality and long-term coating for nails, it is recommended to step by step to follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer. First, nail records are properly prepared. It is necessary to remove the cuticle, go through the sawmaker to create a beautiful shape and polish the surface to remove the remnants of the glossy layer. If the surface began to look matte, then the nails degreases with the help of a dehydrator and dried. The next step is used primer also the CANNI brand, which will contribute to the better contact of the nail and varnish. When it rises, the base is applied to the plate with light rubber movements from the end to the base of the plate.

This layer must have a minimum thickness to prevent further product penetration. No worth rushing, as the base dries pretty slow. It is better to do everything as accurate as possible without going on the cuticle and side parts. Although the manufacturer himself recommends the CANNI brand base, numerous reviews are advised to take advantage of a better tool.

The base is dried under the lamp. If, during the application of the base, the lacquer was on the skin, then remove the surplus you need to have time before sealing. In the event of ultraviolet, the drying time will be two minutes, and in the case of LED lamps – only thirty seconds.

The selected gel varnish is also applied to a thin layer to “seal” the end of the surface. Sees this layer as much as the base. In the case when there is a desire to get a darker shade, the color can be applied twice, but the same thin coatings. Finally, the ending step is covered with a top coating, which will dry three minutes in the case of ultraviolet and fifty seconds in the case of a LED device. In the event of a sticky layer, it is removed by a special alcohol-containing liquid, and the cuticle is lubricated with oil.

Consumer Reviews and Masters

In general, CANNI gel lacquer has exceptionally positive feedback from both professionals and lovers. It is believed that he may even replace popular Shellak, while possessing much less. However, there is still a recommendation to preliminarize reviews on the Internet regarding different colors of the palette. Surprisingly, shades can behave differently: some fall smoothly and smoothly, and others – spread and form strips. Usually, this “sin” watery colors, which, besides, have to apply in three layers. Many users also note that CANNI behaves in different ways.

According to consumers, CANNI is removed extremely simple using a conventional lacquer removal fluid. No spilling with a sawmill is needed, it is enough to impregnate with a fluid, attach to the nail plate and “to post” in foil for a quarter of an hour. After the specified time, the coating will be squeezed, and it will only remain removed using a wooden stick. All reviews mention the rich gel lacquer palette and their low price for quite large bottles. At the same time, few people advise choosing the top and base of the same company, rather, the majority converges in the fact that they should be purchased from more expensive firms.

Some users noted that CANNI varnishes are worthy competitors of their more expensive relatives, despite the fact that they are produced in China. They have a successful texture that provides a light process of applying a manicure. On average, the coating is holding about three weeks, which is quite a high indicator. If during the “Socks” period to actively engage in household and exposed to household products, then the term is reduced to fourteen days. The availability of gel lacquer determines the fact that many consumers have an impressive CANNI collection.

Masters, by the way, mention that the best gel varnishes work with the basis of Kodi brand, which is rubber. It hits well with CANNI and increases its life. However, if there is still a desire to work with a “native” base, it is necessary to apply it a very thin layer, “rubbing” movements and by drawing a special tassel with a special tassel. The top cover of the CANNI brand also does not use specialists from specially popular, as it often peels and chips. It is possible to apply it only a very thin layer.

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