Characteristics and subtleties of the application of gel lacquer oniq

Characteristics and subtleties of the application of gel lacquer oniq

The durability and strength of gel lacquers made them very popular among the beautiful female. Such a coating allows you to do the work on the house without putting on gloves. Manicure will remain perfect after work with water or after the use of household chemicals.

Professional manicure

Manicure, created by gel varnish, you need to update after three to four weeks. During this time, it will grow and updated the nail. And the manicure itself becomes an inesthetical appearance. High-quality nail coverings – warranty of flawless gel manicure that will stay long.

In manicure salons, you can choose the desired color from those coatings that are already available. But choose the desired product for home manicure in accordance with your preferences.

OniQ gel lacquer does not lose its popularity among manicure work professionals and ordinary lovers. Checking this brand on your own hands, users leave only positive feedback. OniQ nail tools have such positive features that have no funds from other manufacturers.

  • At the heart of the means of innovative formula made of microscopic movable particles. Thanks to them, the gel lacquer oniq is easy to apply, independently and evenly spread over the nail plate.
  • In the structure of nail coatings there are active substances that provide reliable fixation of the coating with a nail. Thanks to them, the coating remains perfect for more than three weeks.
  • The average nail thickness on the oniq makes them puffy and obedient. The base of this brand do not break and do not smear.
  • Top with plastic properties does not disturb the color layer, prevents it from yellowing or darkening, retains the pristine compatibility and brightness of the color gel.

The advantages of brand means

Thinking about buying a new gel lacquer, pay attention to a number of positive qualities of the trademark oniq, which do not have other means.

  • The large palette of various shades allows you to choose the desired color for a fashion manicure both every day and for a festive case.
  • All ONIQ covers do not flow and do not color the skin around the nail. This greatly facilitates the applying gel varnish near the Cuticula. Now you do not need to think about how to erase the leather.
  • Soft brush with a slightly rounded end allows you to quickly create a perfectly smooth coating.
  • Oniq gel lacquer bottle is convenient when used, it can be discovered even one hand. In this case, the jar does not slip absolutely. Stylish exterior design from opaque dark glass will decorate any dressing table.

  • An important factor is a pleasant unobtrusive smell of funds that will not deliver any discomfort either to the master nor the client. After all, with a frequent use of gel varnishes with sharp odors, headaches arises and other health problems.
  • Coatings are resistant to erasure, cracks and scratches up to four weeks, which allows you to make a correction only with a fairly long nail plate.
  • The layer of gel coating is thin. This eliminates the effect of an overhead nail, as the manicure looks natural and gently.
  • Tassel allows you to get the remnants of the bottle bottom.
  • Despite the small volume of jars, oniq gel lacquers are economical in spending. They are enough for a long time.

  • Color characteristics of gel varnish are conveniently marked. It simplifies the search for the right varnish among the set of jars.
  • Lanolin, which is part of the funds, has a positive effect on the structure and growth of the nail.

The entire palette of the shades oniq is perfectly combined with each other, allowing you to create interesting and creative options for classic Franch, drawings and patterns. Specialists oniq are watching their customers always in trend. Therefore, the palette of flowers of this brand is updated every new season.

Read more about color palette

OniQ has thought out a varied color palette – from natural natural colors for French manicure to very bright and juicy shades of red, pink, purple, mint and other colors. Such a variety will satisfy the taste of any fashionista. For festive manicure, bright colors are perfect. With tanned skin beautifully combined catchy juicy shades. But for everyday manicure it is better to choose calm and gentle nude colors.

You can get acquainted with the new and old collections of gel lacquers oniq on the official Internet platform of the company. Last interesting novelty – gel varnishes with the flickering effect of the Silver Flakes series. Bright silver coating makes manicure volumetric and textured. Such a Neil Art is perfect for a festive image. Silver gel varnish beautifully overflows with artificial and natural light. There are gold and platinum shades.

Spring-summer collection of gel varnishes offers ten bright and fresh shades: ultraviolet, lemon, pink lavender, coconut milk, spring crocus, green Nile, coastal fog, talking blue and delightful rose. Shades of the main collection are more than a hundred numbers. For example, imperial blue at number 34 is ideal for manicure on vacation.

Yellow gel lacquer oniq №7 is perfect for evening disco. For brighter and sunny yellow, you can choose №5. Dark green gel-varnish number 35 creates a beautiful and tight coating on the nails, adding them elegance. Flawlessly suitable for special manicure for holidays.

Self-mint number 36 often choose carefree girls, as this shade is of great popularity in the current season. №38 – Pastel Mint will give a manicure of airiness and tender attractiveness.

You can combine several colors in one manicure, covering each nail different color. It is very important that all colors supplemented each other. For example, take a gentle yellow number 7, the color of vanilla ice №9 and air-blue №44. Classic white varnish number 1 remains the leader outside the seasons and fashion. It is used not only for Franch, but also for the main coating. Such a manicure is often complemented by drawings and an additional decor. White gel lacquer oniq is used to create a wedding manicure.

Reviews Manicure Masters

Girls constantly using gel varnishes oniq, leave good reviews about this product. There is a slight application of funds, allowing you to create an ideal manicure even a non-professional. They quickly dry and long worn, keeping the initial appearance.

Manicure experts celebrate the shades palette relevant to each fashionable season. Gel lacquer of this brand – a great remedy for professional manicure. They are exactly applied, have a dense texture and pigmentation. Also in gel varnish oniq there are no harmful substances. Positive reviews of masters only confirm that the manufacturer strictly monitors the quality of its products.

OniQ gel lacquers are used in many salons of Moscow and other cities of our country. Beautiful and well-groomed hands with perfect manicure – the need for every girl in the modern world. Tools for manicure company Oniq will be fine with this.

In the next video, you will find a detailed review of the gel varnish oniq from Paris Nail.

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