Characteristics and subtlety of the use of Elpaza gel varnish

Characteristics and subtlety of the use of Elpaza gel varnish

This year, BlueSky has released new quality products to the market – ELPAZA gel varnish. This line is designed for home and professional use.

Despite the diversity of fakes, the BLUESKY brand responsibly approached the solution of this issue. Real ELPAZA varnish bottle – black plastic bubble with volumetric letters and color marker. And also the campaign assigns his unique code to each lacquer, which can be born on the official website of the brand, which protects buyers from false products.

The pricing policy on this line is lower than on Bluesky products, the cost of the bottle is kept in the region of 100-150 rubles.

The company stares closely for its product, constantly improving the formula of his funds, which declares inscriptions on the bottles. This technique has a positive effect on the brand reputation and allows you to increase the range of fans.

Varieties and their characteristics

The formula of the ELPAZA gel lacquer has dense and persistent pigments, why lacquer shades have increased saturation, which allows you to achieve a manicure into one layer of application. The brush of a comfortable form distributes the varnish evenly on the surface of the nail plate, does not spread and not “pleshies”. Polymerization in UV or LED lamp is 2 minutes. This is due to the fact that the texture of the varnish is very dense and thick, with the result that drying time is increased.

Rubber base (RUBBER BASE) Designed for perfectly dense adhesion gel lacquer with nail plate. It has a plastic texture that prevents the formation of cracks and chips, convenient in work due to its consistency. Beneficial effect on weak thin nails, making them more hard and strong. Creates a reliable barrier that protects natural nail from staining with gel varnish pigments. Polymerization in a lamp 2 minutes.

Rubber Top – finish coating that provides brightness of color and resistant gloss manicure for three weeks. Effective protection against mechanical damage nail. Careful properties – Components in the composition moisturize nails and cuticle, creating a barrier for negative external factors. Maximum number of layers – three.

ELPAZA gel varnishes are represented by an extensive palette (Romantic, Indigo, Rouge) with different effects and textures. Dense formula allows you to use a single-layer colored coating, resistance toes at least two weeks. Advanced formula with an almost absent smell – Non Toxic.

Pros and cons

Of the advantages it is worth noting that ELPAZA gel lacquer is enough to put in one layer. This result is achieved due to saturation and density of gastrointeen. Application uniform, varnish himself. The shape of the tassel provides a comfortable manicure procedure, allowing the remedy for the cuticle. The budget price and a wide color ruler allows you to constantly replenish the collection of desired shades.

Of the minuses, a strong smell of gel varnish stands out. By numerous reviews, ELPAZA has corrected this deficiency by issuing a new NON TOXIC formula. It provides the absence of obsessive and not the most pleasant fragrance during application. The new formula is marked on the bottles of the corresponding inscription.

Another significant minus is a long manifestation of violation of technology. It usually occurs during the drying of gel varnish. After a few hours or days, the coating starts to bubble and depart from the basis. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that gel lacas passed insufficient polymerization due to the thick-applied layer. In order to avoid it, you should cover the nails with thin layers and dry in a lamp at least two minutes.

Color palette

The palette that the manufacturer offers includes more than 200 shades, constantly expanding it and adds new thematic collections.

Standard ELPAZA Professional Palette of 169 Rainbow Tones, Includes colors of expensive metals, varnishes with pearl effect, microblotters for sapphire glitter and large fractional blades.

The ELPAZA Romantic collection consists of 11 soft pink shades. Created for lovers of delicate manicure. Pastel calm tones in the pink range are ideal for French or neutral nail design.

The ELPAZA ROUGE collection is the 6 most popular tones of red without impurities of glitter, from dark burgundy to a light bloody shade.

Collection of ELPAZA COVER PINK-palette of 13 fashionable beige and beige-pink colors, there are shades with microblides.

ELPAZA INDIGO collection – a series is dedicated to deep dark blue color. The line contains 11 shades, including glitter.

Terms of Use

In order for the coating to hold for a long time, it must be properly applied, Given certain rules:

  1. prepare a nail plate, that is, perform a manicure, give the shape of the nails+
  2. Apply a rubber base, fixing the layer in LED or UV lamp+
  3. Apply the selected colored layer+
  4. Secure the coating with a rubber top and dry under LED or UV lamp+
  5. lounge napkin remove sticky layer.

How to remove coverage:

  1. Spin the upper layer with a little breasted saw or bug+
  2. Wrap your nails in cotton swabs impregnated with a remover to remove gel varnish, then wrap foil+
  3. After exposure time, remove the cutting residues with an orange stick+
  4. Rinse your hands with water and treat with oil or hand cream.

Tips Masters

First of all, the masters advise to pay special attention to the polymerization time of ELPAZA. Poor dried coating will not allow you to wear a lacquer for a long time, and in the first few days, the color layer will begin to move away from the nail, and cracks and chips are also formed. Light shades to apply in two layers. Any pastel tones have the smallest amount of pigments compared to a dark range.

To increase the durability of manicure, contact with strong chemicals should be avoided and use rubber gloves. Coating applied and fix only with the help of top and base from the same brand.

Reviews from customers Positive, but despite the fact that some unprofessional lamps can not fully dry the layers of gel varnish, fans note that the price and palette of Lakkov Elpaza overlap this flaw, allowing you to change the manicure.

ELPAZA gel lacquer review in the video below.

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