Characteristics of GLOSS Gel Laca and Application Subtleties

Characteristics of GLOSS Gel Laca and Application Subtleties

Gel lacquer is especially popular for several years in a row. It allows you to create a beautiful and bright manicure for a long time at the same time without applying significant harm to the nail plate itself. Especially popular with manicure and ordinary customer masters enjoys Gloss gel lacquer. It has an affordable price, its color palette allows you to choose a shade for every taste. And the characteristics of the varnish, described in the article and reviews about it, only once again confirm its substantiated popularity.

About brand

Gloss is a German firm operating in more than 10 years. During this time, the brand range significantly expanded and the quality of goods has become even higher.

But the great fame of Gloss gel lacquer received not only because of high quality. The manufacturer took care that every buyer finds everything you need in the range of goods right away.

The German brand constantly monitors new fashion trends and innovations, which allows you to offer customers really high-quality products at an optimal price.

Product characteristics

Gloss Gel Lucky have the following distinguishing features, Which profitably allocate them against the background of competitors’ products:

  • Wide palette of shades+
  • high quality+
  • affordable price+
  • Full security for humans and the environment+
  • Resistance+
  • High coating density+
  • Lack of unpleasant chemical fragrance+
  • The volume of each bubble is equal to 15 ml+
  • Ideal consistency that allows you to make the most carefully and beautifully apply a means on the nail plate.

It is the presence of these distinctive characteristics that allows the manufacturer to include its products to the category of premium nail coating.

Color palette

Gloss gel lacquer is represented by the manufacturer in 6 collections.

  • “Pastel” – includes 39 glossy and matte gentle shades.
  • “Velvet Autumn” – represented by 7 glossy, bright, but at the same time gentle and velvety flowers.
  • “Crystal” – 17 gel varnishes with pearl and pearl shine.
  • “Rainbow” – It is 37 juicy, bright saturated colors.
  • “The Rose” – represented by 16 shades of red in gloss and matte species.
  • “Dark” – these are 17 dark and saturated colors.

In total, the manufacturer offers buyers 133 different colors of gel varnish. Almost every color is presented both in bright and rich form, and in gentle with a light pearl overflow. Such a broad manifold allows you to choose a gel varnish for any manicure without difficulty.

Each collection has its own colors that are particularly popular with buyers.

In the Pastel series, these shades are:

  • №100 – classic gray, which is ideal for daily manicure, nonsense, but stylish+
  • №109 – the color of hydrangea, pretty catchy, but at the same time mild and combined with almost all colors, so perfect for neutral manicure+
  • №115 – gentle mint, in the cold season – is like a particle of summer in hand+
  • №119 – Translucent gray-pink shade, stylish, neat and universal.

In the “Velvet Night” collection, buyers highlight two colors:

  • №600 – Tight white matte+
  • №604 – Glossy gentle pink.

Manicure with gel varnish of these shades always looks stylish and expensive.

The series “Crystal” can be divided into two groups.

  • №400-№407 – Juicy shades with pearl shine. Most Popular – №403 Rich Dark Blue.
  • №408-№416 – bright with large glitters. The gel varnish of these shades is ideal for creating a bright festive manicure. The most popular shades: №414 – bright yellow and №416 – classic gray.



The “Raduga” series is represented by the most bright and juicy shades. Here and pink, and red, and green, and yellow, and blue. Allocate some one pretty difficult. That is why professional manicure masters say that the whole collection of “Rainbow” is the most popular.

The Rosa collection is all sorts of shades of red ranging from light and ending with dark burgundy. There are also glossy tones and matte, so every girl can choose gel varnish. The most popular tones are:

  • №202 – Classic Red+
  • №203 – Ripe Cherry+
  • №210 – Matte Dark Burgundy.

The “Dark” series is the saturated shades of gray, black, blue, green and turquoise. The most popular are considered:

  • №316 – Dark gray+
  • №312 – Dark blue+
  • №300 – Classic Black+
  • №301 Dark Burgundy.

GLOSS gel varnishes is always a wide color range, high resistance, color brightness and a favorable price.

Customer Reviews

It is difficult to find negative feedback on this product of the German manufacturer. Almost all buyers agree that the gel varnish of this brand and persistent, and inexpensive, and has many shades. Especially the girls note a resistant and uniform coating that does not crack and does not fade. Objective minuses, according to buyers, no, the exception is an allergic reaction to the composition of the gel varnish, but this is extremely rare.

Based on these reviews, as well as the characteristics of the manufacturer itself, it can be concluded that it is the gel coating for nails of this brand is one of the best.

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