Choose a lamp for gel varnish

Choose a lamp for gel varnish

Today, gel varnishes, biogels and a variety of colored gels are often used to create a high-quality and practical manicure. Unfortunately, they are impossible to use without the use of a special lamp, because it allows them to consolidate them on the marigolds. Today, such lamps are found not only in beauty salons, many fashionable people have already acquired such a device for home use to create an amazing and stylish manicure on their own. It is worth considering the features of the lamp for gel lacquer, its advantages and disadvantages, features of choice, as well as varieties and rating of the best models.


Currently, not only Nyl-art professionals, but also beginners in this area, as well as ordinary users prefer when creating a fashionable and durable manicure gel lacas. Their feature is that for drying, a special lamp will be required, because it can only be achieved with its help. To properly choose a lamp for gel lacquer, you should first consider the principle of its functioning. This is a special device that is used to rejuginate certain substances. It emits ultraviolet radiation, that is, waves that have a specific length. This allows the polymerization of the gel varnish, thereby firmly and fixing it on the marigolds.

Ultraviolet rays provide a conversion of a liquid, viscous substance into a resistant surface that is distinguished by strength. It is using this simple technology that a long manicure can be guaranteed. You can be sure that in two weeks your Neil-art will not crack.

Benefit and harm

It is known that ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human health, but do not think that the lamps for drying gel varnish are also harmful to health. To dry the applied varnish on the marigold, just 30 seconds up to 2 minutes. During this time, the impact of ultraviolet on human health is minimal, so do not worry. The only thing that with regular use of such a lamp of the skin of the hands may be faster. To protect yourself from this, enough 20 minutes before the manicure procedure apply the hand cream. This will create a protective barrier.

It is also worth talking about the benefits of such lamps. We all strive for our marigolds look beautiful and well-groomed, but sometimes we can not often go to the salon to make a new manicure. With the help of gel varnish, it is possible to ensure that the manicure will look like a new one week. Of course, it is simply impossible to achieve such an effect without a lamp. Therefore, it can be safely argued that with the help of this device you can save a lot of time.

Types of lamps

Today, the choice of buyers has a wide selection of gel varnish lamps from various manufacturers. Everyone can choose the best option depending on the financial capabilities and goals. It is worth considering the main varieties of lamps, as well as their features.


Such lamps became the first devices in the field of Neil Art. They are still called UV lamps. Today they are popular because they have the following advantages:

  • Huge selection of design – Modern manufacturers use various forms and color variations to create such devices, which will accurately appreciate the fashionista Nail Art+
  • Cost – Such instruments are presented in different price categories, which provides the ability to choose, and also makes instruments available to everyone.

In addition, ultraviolet lamps have disadvantages, such as:

  • UV-lamp radiation has a negative impact on the eyes, which must be considered when working with this adaptation+
  • The use of such a lamp dries not only gel varnish, but also the nail plate, as well as the skin of the hands+
  • Ultraviolet models quickly burn out, which means frequent replacement them, and this negatively affects the owner’s finances.

An important criterion of the ultraviolet model is its power. Standard type lamps usually have 9 watts, although there are quite often models from 18 to 54 watts. It is worth noting that the power has a direct impact on the quality of the polymerization and the duration of the drying process. The optimal solution is the device with a capacity of 36 watts. Such a lamp is usually equipped with four light bulbs. To dry the layer of gel varnish need only 2 minutes.

Do not forget about the timer that is present in ultraviolet lamps. If we consider simple models, then you can make a time setting for moments. Many acquire devices with two modes. You can choose the “2 Minutes” or “∞” mode. In the second case, the lamp will work as long as you press the shutdown button. But expensive options provide installation time in seconds. These lamps are the most economical in operation.

Ultraviolet lamp can be represented by various sizes, which is also worth considering when choosing the optimal option. Usually, Neil-Art professionals acquire a large lamp, since both hands can be dried at the same time.

Thus, the time is significantly saved, the drying procedure is reduced by two times. But for personal use at home, the compact option will be perfect.

LED lamp

Relatively recently appeared on sale LED lamps. Their main plus is that they allow polymerization pretty quickly. These devices, of course, are more expensive than the first species, but they work for a long time without breakdowns and replace lamps, since light-emitting diodes are characterized by a long service life. If one of them stops working, the rest of the diodes will be enough to continue working with the lamp, which is the indisputable advantage of LED species.

LEDs with LEDs much better than a device with UV light bulbs, After all, with their help, gel varnish on marigolds can be dried in just 10-30 seconds. This allows you to significantly save time on the creation of manicure, so such devices are often used in beauty salons. If you need to purchase a LED lamp for home use, then you should give preference to 6 watt with a capacity of 6 watts. They are characterized by low cost, compact sizes and the same quality as the UV model.

It is very important to take into account the location of the LEDs, since the uniformity of polymerization depends on this. An excellent choice is the option in which they are located on top and sides.

Modern manufacturers offer models even with sensory control. Such a device turns on when the hand is in the lamp, and if you pull out the hand, the lamp will automatically turn off. It is very convenient and economically. The advantages of LED lamps should be attributed to the fact that they are not prone to heating, and also during operation do not cause unpleasant sensations. The skin of your hands, like the marigolds are in full safety. It should also be noted that the emitted light is harmless to the eyes, because it works without ripple.

Unfortunately, LED lamps possess such disadvantages:

  • can dry not all gel varnishes+
  • Emit ultraviolet, which has the following range, if compared with fluorescent+
  • Pretty high cost.


Recently, Masters Neil-Art decided that it was better to purchase – UV or LED for drying gel lacquer, as a newer solution appeared – CCFL. This device can be called hybrid or combined, because it combines the principle of operation of both LEDs and fluorescents. The indisputable pluses of gas sustenance lamps are features such as durability and low energy consumption. This option allows you to produce high-quality drying of any gel varnish, and such a solution is suitable for modeling gels, which makes it universal. The device is safe for health, and also does not overheat the skin of the hands.

The only minus is a longer polymerization process, if compared with the LED analogue, because time of its operation can be from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Correctly approach

Before buying a lamp for gel varnish it is necessary to take into account various factors. This will make it possible to make the right choice and not disappointed in the purchase. So choosing this device, several criteria are taken into account.

Rated power

Such devices acquire not only professionals, but also self-taught for use at home. To choose the best option, it is first of all to pay attention to the model power, since this factor has a direct impact on the speed of work. If you choose your choice on a powerful lamp, use it quite often, the electricity consumption will increase. But the power of the device affects the polymerization rate of the coating. Only a powerful lamp guarantees drying process in just 30 seconds. This option is ideal for beauty salons, where on the day the master serves quite a large number of people. For personal use, the model with an average power will be suitable.

Sizes, weight and shape

When choosing sizes and form of the device, you can be repelled from personal preferences. But experts recommend to purchase a lamp without sharp corners to work in the cabin to minimize the possibility of injury to the client. A small option will allow you to dry through each hand separately, while the device of large dimensions – two hands at once. Even there are devices that dried every nail separately, the optimal solution is a lamp designed for one hand fingers. The weight of the apparatus plays a big role.

If the Neil-Art Master makes an outbound manicure, then the compact model will fit better, but for work in the cabin you can use the equipment of large dimensions.


The convenience of operation of the equipment depends in many respects from the configuration. It is worth taken into account that this criterion has a direct dependence with the price. The more functions have a lamp, the more expensive it will cost. The optimal option must have the following functions:

  • Automatic switching on and off the device will allow the wizard not to spend time and not to switch attention to the device itself+
  • The presence of a timer will allow the wizard to feel more freely, because there will be no need to check out time and constantly look at the clock, since after a predetermined time the lamp will turn off automatically+
  • Options with a removable bottom will allow you to use the device also for a pedicure, as well as provide convenient access to the light bulbs that will have to change from time to time+
  • With the help of the built-in fan, all elements of the device will be able to cool, which will extend the operation time of this equipment, as well as protect users from possible burns.


Modern manufacturers of lamps for gel varnish provide a wide selection of models that differ not only by functions, but also appearance. When choosing a color execution and design of the device, each buyer can be repelled from personal preferences and wishes. It is worth passing the style of the room in which the lamp will be. As a result, the process of applying gel varnish will bring both the master and the user is a pleasure. When choosing a shellac lamp, the following advice of professionals will be taken into account:

  • novice should not immediately buy an expensive lamp, it is better to start with a budget version, and in the future it can be replaced by a more efficient option+
  • To work in different directions, for example, produce a drying of different materials, and also to engage in nails with the optimal option will be a hybrid lamp, which is more expensive than usual, but will allow you to work with any material with ease+
  • For masters who have many customers, it is better to buy powerful models, as they allow the minimum amount of time to carry out the polymerization of the coating+

  • If the master works at a small table, the optimal choice is a compact lamp+
  • If you want to simplify the work with gel varnish as much as possible, then it is better to choose equipment with a large number of functions, which will maximize the drying process itself+
  • The lamp in bright color versions may not be harmonized with a common style direction, as well as calling irritation from customers, so the selection of the design also plays the last role+
  • The price of the product may be different, each selects the option depending on its capabilities, but it is worth understanding that cheap models cannot boast of high quality and the presence of a large number of functions, because they are mainly released minor companies.

Rating models

The modern market presents a wide range of gel lacquer lamps. To begin with, we should consider manufacturers to make it easier to make your choice. All brands can be divided into three groups.

  • Professional lamps are usually designed for use in beauty salons. They own many American brands, such as Gelish, CND, Opi and Harmony. Usually products from these brands is very high quality, modern and expensive.
  • The middle class belongs to the devices that can be used both for operation in beauty salons and for personal use. This class includes Russian-Chinese and Russian companies. Brends such as Jessnail, Runail, Planet Nails, Sun and Polaris are enjoyed. The devices are characterized by good quality, and also have a service guarantee.
  • The lowest quality of gel lacquer is provided by Chinese sites, on which it is even not clear which company is a manufacturer.

Such devices break quickly quickly, contain the minimum number of functions, are characterized by a primitive design. But they perform the function of the shellac drying, and also have an affordable cost.

It is worth considering the ranking of the best models, What will allow each buyer to make the right choice depending on personal preferences and wishes.

  • Jessnail 36 W – Excellent solution for both non-industry professionals and home use. This model of domestic manufacturer has a classic form, due to which it allows you to dry simultaneously on the same hand. This lamp allows you to high quality coatings of any type. The device contains light bulbs, the power of each at the same time is 9 watts. This model has three modes of operation – for 2 and 3 minutes, as well as “endless” option. Includes instructions in Russian, which is an indisputable advantage. Pallet is represented by a removable type. And, of course, it is worth highlighting the available cost. Among the minuses need to highlight the lack of timer, if you need to dry a drying of less than two minutes.
  • CND UV LAMP 36W – This is a great choice among UV lamps, which is suitable for professionals of the Neil-Industry. This device is equipped with a large number of functions, it has 4 timers, retractable pallet, carrying handle, reference board and fan. This model is characterized by versatility, since it is suitable for any gel varnish. Its radiation does not affect vision. Light bulbs differ in long operation.

Unfortunately, such a model is quite often formed, so you need to be attentive when choosing. Of course, the quality always has to pay, so it has a rather high cost. This model has a lot of positive feedback.

  • Opiled Light – This is a true solution for manicure craftsmen. Thanks to the LEDs, the drying of the coating is carried out almost instantly. This model is characterized by such advantages as the reliable metal body, fast polymerization, one year warranty. It can be applied not only for manicure, but also for pedicure. The lamp has a power of 32 watts, while each light bulb has a capacity of 6 watts. But this device has some minuses: quite a high price, it is connected only through an adapter to a Euroreset, and not suitable for all gel varnishes.
  • LED + CCFL Diamond – This is a bright representative of hybrid lamps for drying gel varnish. It is characterized by affordable cost and good quality. Due to the presence of 12 LED lamps and 1 spiral, the polymerization of the coating is carried out in counting seconds. This device is complemented by a timer, which is designed for 10, 30 and 60 seconds. Thanks to the removable bottom, this device can be used even for pedicure. If we talk about minuses, then a small size does not allow to dry at once all 5 fingers on one hand, it is worth sticking to the following algorithm “4 + 4 + 2”. Since the timer is located below, it causes an inconvenience for independent manicure. It should also be noted that this device is produced in China.
  • Runail 36 BTRU 911 – This is an effective lamp at an affordable cost. It is represented in the form of a “tunnel”, in which there are four light bulbs, each of which has a power of 9 watts. The device has a drawn bottom, a timer with three modes (1, 2 and 3 minutes). Although the lamp has a small price, but it is often choosing that professionals. If we consider the weaknesses, it should be noted that the warranty is provided for only three months, the timer sometimes works with interruptions, and the weight of the device is 1.5 kg.

Terms of use

To properly use the lamp for gel lacquer, it is worth performing a manicure, Adhering to the following sequence:

  • Noblogs should give a certain form, as well as remove the cuticle+
  • make degreasing marigolds, because otherwise no lamp will allow efficiently fixing the coating on the nail+
  • After that, it is worth putting a basic coating, while you should make a layer of application very thin + specialists advise first to cover four nails, except for large, and dry them in the lamp+
  • It follows the ordinary varnish to apply the top and dry in the lamp + for the shellaca on the package indicate how much time you need to keep the labels in the lamp to completely dry it.

Many are interested in the question, or you can dry the gel varnish without the use of the lamp. Unfortunately, no one can not do without. Shellac in appearance does not differ from the usual, but its chemical composition is completely different, so for drying the use of the lamp is mandatory. Especially since it is very convenient to paint the nails with gel varnish, and then only 1 minute under the lamp and manicure is ready.

Wrong use

If you do not adhere to the rules for using a lamp for gel lacquer, it will not be possible to create a durable and beautiful manicure. It is worth considering frequent newbies errors.

If the shellac does not dry, then he was put on a rather thick layer. It should be applied with a gel varnish with a thin layer, and then dry it under the lamp.

  • If the varnish does not enhance, then the reason may be that hands from the lamp were taken out ahead of time. Gel lacquer needs a certain amount of time spent under the rays of the lamp, only then there is a strong coating with a nail plate. You must always follow the instructions, because every second is important. If the lamp has a timer, then only after the signal you can remove your hands out of the lamp.
  • If during drying you feel that the bake is, then you do not need to be afraid and stop the procedure, because it is quite normal. It should be noted that the bake is not a lacquer gel, but it is a basic coating, since it is connected to the nail platinum on one side, and on the other – with shellac. It can be compared conditionally with double-sided scotch. In the drying process, it becomes hard, and before that it is represented in liquid form, where molecules are chaotic. Under the influence of the lamp of the base base molecule form a kind of crystal lattice, it is at this time that it is highlighted, so it seems that the coating is burning.

  • Sometimes gel varnish will not dry under the lamp, and, on the contrary, it begins to turn around and go, which is explained by several reasons. The weak lamp does not guarantee the religion grip of varnishes with nails. And it is worth noting that the lamp needs a timely replacement of light elements. It usually dries only the top layer of varnish, and inside the coating in the liquid state, which is manifested in the further folding of the entire coating.

Of course, another reason can be a violation of the coating process, so it is worth a clear adhere to the instructions for using shellats and drying lamps.

On how to choose an ultraviolet lamp for gel varnish, see the following video.

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