Dark Blue Manicure: Fashion Trends and Beautiful Combination

Dark Blue Manicure: Fashion Trends and Beautiful Combination

Dark blue manicure has not been out of fashion for several years. Moreover, such a design has already acquired the status of classical. The multifaceted shades of dark blue allows you to create a manicure in bright colors or, on the contrary, decorate your nails in color more restrained.

Color spectrum

So that the manicure beautifully looked, it is necessary to cover the nails with varnish, which is well combined with a touch of leather. Cold color representatives are recommended to choose coatings in the colors of the cold palette: sapphire, indigo, ink, cobalt, electrician, dark azure. Warm Skin Holders The turquoise color, saturated blue and blue-gray. These shades of blue look very sophisticated and harmonized with varnishes of other tones.

The choice of color for manicure directly depends on the length of the marigolds. Gentle shades flesh to bluish-transparent are suitable for holders of long nails, and sapphire, amethyst and similar shades will harmoniously look at short marigolds. If you paint the long nail plate into dark tones, the manicure will look like vulgar.

Short nails covered with light shades of blue, look very pale and visually give hands full.

According to designers, the dark blue varnish looks harmoniously in combination with coatings of pink-orange and yellow shades (summer version), with creamy-white and olive-mint, lilac varnishes and a tinge under “wet asphalt” (classic-neutral, discreet manicure ), with blue-blue tones for coating in Ombre technique, with gold and silver. Manicure with varnish of these shades will be appropriate at any time of the year.

Especially like pastel tones of romantically tuned girls. The pink-blue manicure with the addition of lilac-colored elements will be harmoniously looked in winter, and if you dilute the pink-blue coating with mint-yellow tones, then the spring manicure will be.

Very fresh, the combination of yellow and blue varnish. The basic dark blue coating can mimic the starry sky, and the asterisks themselves are created by a bright yellow palette and sparkles. Such an option for nails is suitable for a solemn evening exit. Sine-yellow manicure for spring days can be issued as follows. Every nail plate is covered with varnish the colors of Berlin Lazuri, and on top of drawing several lemon poles with leaves. Speeciously looks at a dark blue background. Geometric shapes of yellow color: rhombus, squares, spirals, zigzags.

Yellow can be chosen and as a base coating, and all the decorations are applied with a blue varnish.

Well combined lacquer blue and green shades. With their ensemble, one tone should be somewhat lighter. For example, on dark blue coverage you can draw light green leaves, and on dark green varnish – blue lines. It is interesting to look a manicure, where the nails are painted alternately or in chaotic manner in blue and green varnish. It is interesting to manicure in blue-black tones. To create the desired effect, the base lacquer must be selected by the color of the Berlin Lazari.

The floral pattern on the lacquer of the light blue shade will look very elegant, while on the coating of saturated blue tones the drawing will be bad noticeable.

White and blue combinations can be truly limitless: white-blue elegant drawing on sapphire varnish on all marigolds, ombré effect on the whole arm, starting with a white maiden coating to dark blue, gradient from white to blue on each nail.

Dark blue is at the peak of popularity. He in itself is beautiful and does not need an additional decor. However, with the help of certain techniques and design, it is possible to achieve an unusual decorative effect. Color saturation can be emphasized using a feline eye gel lacquer or famous Swarovski crystals. Such covers are evening, suitable for any solemn events.

If the nails are long, then you can fantasize and create a whole drawing from rhinestones. It can be floral motifs, crown or geometric abstraction. With blue manicure, crystals of blue, snow-white, silver-gold shades are well combined. Pebbles of green and saturated red flowers will look ugly. If you want to decorate your daily manicure rhinestones, you can arrange both nameless fingers with one crystalline. Manicure will not look very brilliantly, but will keep the highlight.

Manicure with sequins is very popular, as depending on the design of the design, it will suit any event. For New Year’s holidays, designers recommend decorating blue lacquer with wiring. Glitter, liquid or dry can be used as such. Working with a means in liquid form is much more convenient, but the advantage of the dry glitter is the more dense coating of the nail plate.

For evening exit, it is better to choose the basis of dark shades, as the sequins on it will look more effectively. The color solution of the wiring depends on the metal of the jewelry that you are used to wearing.

Golden glitters are combined with gold, and silver – silver decor options. With the help of wiring you can create a fashionable mirror manicure.

The glitter can be combined with crystals, but it is necessary to observe the measure in order not to turn the manicure into a mantle. Sequins in manicure can also be used for everyday wearing, and not only during the festive events. To do this, the light blue shade of varnish is decorated with a silver glitter, but not entirely. The main thing is that the nail plate has a beautiful light glitter. Silver-gold color will be assessed in combination with nautical manicure. They effectively emphasize the beautiful tan.

To create a space manicure, it is recommended to combine the blue shade with the coatings “for metal”. Execution technique may be the most diverse: womb, appliqués, glitter. Unusually looks dark blue manicure with kamifubika. All nails are covered with a blue tint of varnish, and non-name – transparent. Forefubies are located on top of the colorless coating.

The dark blue manicure in the classic version may contain geometric patterns, decor of the wells in the growth zone of nails, french. It is possible to decorate only individual marks, for example, a ring finger to decorate with geometric lines of black and white or gold shades.

On a blue background very beautiful will look paintings by varnish of contrasting color or special stickers. As a winter version, a knitted manicure is often used. As a decor, a twisted braid, deer and other popular items for winter topics can be. More harmonious knitted pattern will look at short nails. For everyday winter manicure you can decorate the matte blue coating with white or bluish snowflakes. For festive events, nails are better covered with a glossy coating, on top of apply snowflakes with white varnish, decorate them with rhinestones and sparkles.

When choosing a glossy or matte coating, you need to remember that their combination is allowed on one nail, but it does not look like this manicure.

Spring blue manicure to well decorate cornflowers, valley, tulips, snowdrops, roses or lilac. As the basis, it is worth choosing a light blue coating. Summer manicure implies the use of marine design elements, including a blue-white strip, resembling a vest.

Covering Traditional Franch can be replaced by a white strip along the edge of the nail on a dark blue. Wells nails can be covered with colorless or bodily varnish. This design is suitable for daily wearing.

For solemn events, it is recommended to arrange the wells with a shade of silver metallic in addition to the main dark blue coating of the nail. On the ring finger you can stick a few rhinestones. Especially expressive such design will look in the cold season. Despite the fact that dark shades of varnish visually make marigolds less, dark blue coverage will look excellently and on short nails. In this case, it is better to use a matte varnish. You can apply wipping, foil or glitter as decor.

Application technique

Manicure, made in dark blue tones, attracts more attention than the design of nails in bright colors, so the coating should look carefully, without visible defects. So that the lacquer quenched on the nail smoothly, you must first apply it to the middle of the nail plate, and then all over the nail. Top coating is applied, it will make the initial shade of darker and resistant to various mechanical effects. Varnish can be used both glossy and matte. Additionally, the nails are decorated with bulrians, rhinestone patterns, sparkles.

Read more about the technique of lacquer, see the following video.

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