Dark Red Manicure: Design Options and Fashion Trends

Dark Red Manicure: Design Options and Fashion Trends

Dark red manicure has long become a classic and fastened French. At the same time, the elegance and brightness of the color won the hearts of many fashionists who have not changed their choice for many years. In this article, we will consider examples of beautiful nail design with the participation of Marsala’s color manicure, as well as give some useful tips.


There is a huge number of variants of the combination of this color with others, each of them is good in its own way.


This option is the most business and perfectly suitable for both work and to enter the light. Implies applying only burgundy tint. To give the manicure of originality, you can hold the nails over the ferry immediately after the coating. Thus, it turns out a matte texture that looks particularly beautiful on long nails.


A dark red manicure looks very beautifully with a neat strip of brilliant rhinestone on the line of the ring of a ringless finger. Of course, the design can be more bold, especially if you assume a campaign for the event. For example, the same ring finger can be completely covered with white and burgundy rhinestones. Another option involves creating a moon on nails from rhinestones.


This manicure is suitable for business women who love experiments and are not afraid of originality. After uniform coating of the nail polish of the wine-colored on the tips, you should sprinkle a bit of glitter.

You can stretch the shine on the surface of the whole nail with a special thin brush.


Great John Galliano first used this nail design option on its models. First, the nails are painted by burgundy varnish, and then at the bottom of the Cuticula itself they pour a semicircle. It can be black, white, beige or pink. Extraordinary personalities can use gold and silver tones.

French manicure

Perhaps the most popular manicure is French. This is a classic of nail design, which can be walking into the feast, and into the world. However, if you wish, you can diversify a slightly crazy version of the white-beige manicure. The base is based on the standard body color, and the white is replaced by the color of Marsala.

An excellent option will be a manicure with a matte dark-red tint at the heart and a black glossy tip.


In this case, a burgundy varnish is applied to all nails, and on the remaining – beige. When the base is dry, a black and wine drawing is applied to the body color. Buds can be small, and you can draw one big outdoor flower.

Geometric design

Focus will be made on a nameless finger. Singing you should paint all your nails in a dark red shade. Then on the nameless draw geometric figures with contrasting color. Often draw zigzags, waves, cross and other depending on imagination.

Marsala and Gold

Perhaps this is the richest and luxurious combination of two royal colors. Rich Wine and Gold will give the image a noble view. As a rule, four fingers paint the burgundy color, one completely gold. Next, on three dark-red nails, they paint the figure, on a large larger, on the other smaller, but in more. One finger remains only with burgundy.


This option involves a combination of several colors. For example, two nails are sled in a burgundy color, the rest in white, black and beige. An excellent option will be the combination of Marsals, Pink and White. Options can be a lot, it all depends on the imagination client.

With vensels

Such a manicure will not leave anyone indifferent. Beautiful and unusual curls in the form of petals, letters and just bent lines will look gorgeous on the nails of any length. There is where to raise fantasy. You can basically take Marsal, and to bring patterns with white or color of ivory. Similar option will suit the aristocratic image. Monogram can be performed in the original style, applying a dark red varnish only part of the nail, and on the edges, decorate in black patterns. Petals can become a kind of moon, especially beautifully they look at the matte base, and if you add a little rhinestone, you can safely go to the solemn event.

By the way, you can experiment with the texture. On the matte surface of the wine color, put patterns with glossy varnish. Such an execution will look at the same time restrained and original. Colors can be selected at your discretion.


Pea has long been an integral part of the fashion world. The trend was reflected in the manicure. To begin, it should be made to make your nails with dark red varnish, and then a thin brush to apply a pattern in the form of black, white or beige points. You can change the colors in places, for example, the basis to make a pink, and polka dot – burgundy.


The color versatility allows them to paint their nails of any length and shape, the main thing is not to interfere with the cuticle. So that the varnish quickly dry and prevented do business, it is recommended immediately after applying to lower your fingers into cold water. A minute later the coating will be dry and strong.



The ideas of a dark red manicure – in the following video.

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