Design Ideas Manicure Shellac depending on the time of year

Design Ideas Manicure Shellac depending on the time of year

Beautiful manicure not only emphasizes the well-groomed hands, but also allows you to attach uniqueness to feminine. Cooking, sports, homework and children with children often become the cause of the rapid “death” of nail design. To protect your nails from negative impact and keep the original Neil-art Many girls choose the shellac manicure, because it is considered safe for the horny surface and easy to make.


Shellac is a special coating of varnish, which is made on a helium basis and keeps on the marigolds for a long time (month and more). Since the nail plate is growing and over time it appears an unpainted distance, such a manicure is recommended to adjust every three weeks. For this, the old coating is removed and the new layer of gel varnish is applied.

Unlike other types of funds, shellac is absolutely harmless and can easily be easily applied, but also to clean at home. Thanks to the strength and unique composition, such a coating is well protecting the marigold from mechanical exposure and provides them with strengthening.

In addition to the pros, Shellac has minor flaws. For example, it is not recommended to use the owners of thin plates, as they are bent and worsen the contact of the gel with margins, as a result, the coating cracks and loses its appeal. Do not approach such manicure and ladies with fast-growing plates, as it will have to be updated twice a month, and such a procedure is expensive.

But the above minuses are not the cause of the manicure, if you purchase all the necessary tools and materials, it is quite realistic to do it yourself. It will be cheaper and will reveal the possibilities to realize any idea of ​​design.

How to do?

Before issuing a shellac at home, you need to purchase a UV lamp, color gel lacquer, minimal manicure and stock patience, since the first time to achieve the desired effect will be difficult. Manicure execution technique can be different, the standard procedure includes several stages.

  • First do dry manicure. Old coating is removed, the cuticle is lubricated with softening butter and move to the base with an orange stick. Then, with the help of the shelves, the required length and shape give. When the work is completed, the plates are definitely degreased.
  • The next stage is the preparation of marigolds to apply shellaca. They are covered with a transparent base and dried under UV lamp no more than one minute. After that, the base under gel varnish is applied, it can be of any color. The technique of staining is no different from applying ordinary varnish. Each finger in turn is placed in a lamp for 5-6 seconds.

  • Further, proceed to the most responsible point – the coating of plates by Shellak. It is best to cover the novel with gel varnish in two layers, so the surface will be solid and acquired more contrasting color. The plates are recycled under the lamp and fix the finish varnish.
  • The procedure is completed with the removal of a sticky layer using a clinser or napkin. Additionally, the novels are opened with the top and lubricate the cuticle with a nutrient.

Interesting options

In this season and the future, the manicure of Shellac enjoys greatly popularity, because it looks natural and has a rich design. Although now in fashion any length of marigolds, most of the fashionista gives preference to short plates. As for the form, the oval and rounded plates are currently relevant, they practically disappeared from Neil-art rectangular and square forms.

To get a bright manicure stylists recommend applying shellac with different effects. Matte, mirror, spreading, magnetic and shiny coatings look gorgeous. Selecting the Nail Design Option, it is important to take into account not only the features of the image, but also seasonal trends in fashion.


Summer manicure next year provides for monophony, refusal of complex decoration and maximum rhinestone decoration. For summer shellaca perfectly suitable small length nail (no more than 1 cm). In the future in fashion square and rounded plates. In the color palette, the leaders will be light green, carrot, pink, blue and green color. Summer is considered time when it is necessary to get rid of multi-layered, so fashion suites are recommended to completely abandon the helium extension and replace it with a shellac coated.

An interesting solution for such a manicure will be juicy and bright images of strawberry. Red color is fully combined with white inserts, complementing with nails lightness and piquancy. Drawing strawberry optional on all plates, it is enough to choose for the decor. Unnamed and big finger, the rest can be decorated with compositions in the form of whipped cream. The green tilt of the strawberry will become the final touch in Neil Art, it should be carefully drawn in the well of the nog.

Well suitable for summer shellac and design in oriental style. Gentle manicure can be used as a supplement to both everyday and evening image. The basis for such a design will be the classic French manicure, his chic will decorate the Chinese painting in the form of flowering sakura branches.

In addition, the traditional french can be replaced with triangular, but in this case the painting will have to be more difficult because there will be a special technique. The drawing is recommended to start on a nameless finger and smoothly continue it to medium, decorating the middle of the colors by rhinestones.


Autumn Shellac need to decorate in orange and yellow colors. In addition, the bright palette is allowed to dilute bluish, blue and gray-white shades that are associated with rainy weather. An interesting option will also be the use of gold paints. To get a beautiful autumn manicure, you need to stick to a definite sequence.

  • First prepare the plates (give them the form, length and degrease). After covering the base on the nogot, the main background is applied, choosing a gray-white gel lacquer for this.
  • Then, with a thin bruster on each finger, golden and blue sheets are drawn. Their contours can be circled with orange gel and put several yellow dots.
  • Then everything successes under the lamp and is fixed by the protective layer. If desired, the design is complemented by rhinestones or sparkles.

Autumn compositions look beautiful and in openwork. The background is made green, and the patterns are applied with a dark green and golden gel varnish. Similar design will give the image of real autumn notes. So that the composition looks more spectacular, dark green varnish cover only two novels on the hand, the rest are decorated with golden shades. With the help of a food film, each plate in turn decorated openwork patterns.

In addition, such a Neil-art interesting looks like painting. On a bright fiery or yellow background, compositions in the form of rowan leaves or maple leaves. If you wish, you can apply drawings of red berries, fungi and acorns. For girls who like a strict design without drawings, you can perform a gradient manicure with smooth transitions of red and orange paints. For the evening image, Neil-art needs to be supplemented with sparkles.


Winter Shellac is special, because festive stylistics prevails in it. Winter is considered the time of the year, from which everyone expects the execution of cherished desires. Therefore, the manicure should be magic, fabulous, decorated with compositions in the New Year’s subject. It will help to add a beautiful outfit and hairstyle. The main difference of winter shellaca is the presence of compositions in the form of bows, garlands, christmas toys, christmas trees, balls and snowflakes.

Create a winter decor is not easy, as it requires skills in drawing. In addition, it is necessary to choose the gel varnish colors. Stylists Recommend Winter Shellac Choosing Purple, Blue, Blue, White and Silver Tints. A classic option for such a manicure will be Franch, which can be decorated with blurred boundaries, sparkles, rhinestones and the effect of broken glass. Images of teeth, geometric shapes and waves are well suited as patterns. This winter in the winter Neil-art is allowed a brave combination of shellac with other design techniques. Therefore, in one embodiment, you can use simultaneously coating gel varnish, make an unusual french and insert metallic or sleeves.


Spring design of marigolds in the future will be presented with multi-colored shellac. The right choice will be purple, gentle pink and beige color. In this case, non-name marigolds are recommended to decorate golden or silver foil. It will give the manicure at the same time brightness and restraint. Similar Neil Art is well suitable for a romantic date.

In the spring, two-color plates coating will also be in the trend. Dilute the monotony of matte paints will help velvet sand and sequins. Creating a spring image, girls need to do a manicure gentle and not causing. Pink, snow-white and pastel shades will be perfectly combined with light outfits.

Casual manicure It is advisable to design a monophonic, decorating only one finger with a pattern in the form of a flower or abstraction, the evening must be full of brilliance and charm.

How to create a cute winter nail design by Shellak, look in the following video.

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