Emerald manicure: secrets of design and stylish ideas

Emerald manicure: secrets of design and stylish ideas

In the new season, the Neil-Industry gives fashionable mass of fresh ideas. Among the wide variety of color solutions will be extremely popular by manicure of emerald. What you need to know so that such a design on the nails was not only beautiful, but also the corresponding fashion, consider in detail below.

This season, changeing fashion as never facilitated to the beautiful half of humanity. In addition to the variety of emerald color varnish, we are invited to independently decide on the ideal form of nails. More recently, short nails were considered the best form with a long form as close as possible to natural. Today, in addition to short nails, the elongated oval and almond-shaped are popular. Cooked can be quite straight or rounded on the sides.

In addition, fashion trends believe that:

  • it’s time to get rid of false nails, although at the same time build up+
  • It is necessary to strive for ease and minimalism, which should be reflected in the amount of the decor used in the design+
  • It is necessary to reduce the number of accents so that manicure looks expressive+
  • You need to pick up the coating with different textures, thereby sharing one other+
  • It is important to think over the design, given the case, details of the wardrobe and accessories (the rivalry and image is not allowed)+
  • accents must comply with seasonality design.

As for the direction of manicure for seasonality, this is today one of the key trends of fashion. It is important to show the belonging to one or another year, which can be expressed at least in the temperature of the shade of the lacquer. The decoration of decoration, which can demonstrate, for example, snow-related invoice, show even not just a season, but a specific month or a holiday (design in the style of “March cat”, decor to Valentine’s Day).

Design principles can be different. However, whatever the design is chosen, it must be dominated by the emerald color. Otherwise it will seem that it is not the basis of design, but his addition.

In general, for manicure you can use almost all known varieties of modern coatings, including matte, glossy, jelly, shimmer, chameleon, magnetic, mirror, temperature.

A color scheme

Emerald color is considered one of the noble shades of the color palette. Add to it Companions must be appropriate to not change the status and not simplify the emotional perception of color, and the whole manicure in general. To facilitate the ordinary task, you can use the best combinations for emerald. For example, it looks harmonious with:

  • Silver+
  • Black+
  • White+
  • Golden+

  • milk+
  • light beige cool+
  • turquoise+
  • Mint+
  • Bronze+
  • Green.

Combine such a color with red, blue, orange is unacceptable, as well as to combine it with yellow, rusty, it is also not worth it. Color itself is sufficiently saturated, it needs to be mitigated, and sharp contrasts do it are not capable, and they look along with the emerald base ridiculous and tasteless.

Secrets decor

Emerald color belongs to dark colors of the color palette. He pulls well and visually enlists his nails, which is especially relevant for short nail plates. However, this color obliges to certain restrictions in design, so as not to lose the nobility and status.

Everything is bright than usually bright nails are decorated, it will be very good on a dark basis. Therefore, before sticking the pattern from rhines, it is worth thinking how important it is in this case.

As for manicure decoration elements, they are all suitable for emerald color, but with a reservation about the need for dosage.

  • rhinestones+
  • KamiFubuki+
  • Stumping+
  • Hand painted+
  • powder+
  • Stickers+
  • Bullies+
  • modeling gel.

If we take into account the desire of fashionable trends to minimalism and focusing the invoice of the original background of the manicure, then It is worth paying attention to several nuances.

  • Rhinestones should be the most tiny, and the place for them should be chosen thoroughly. He can depict dew drops, glare in the eyes, mask the junction between two contrasting varnishes on one nail. Excellent they look instead of dandelion umbrellas, like a moon manicure.

  • Frames are unique in that with flat form they can successfully replace rhinestones. Selecting them in related emerald color or gold and silver, you can make a special status in design. However, for this you need to dose camifube, have them, for example, as a middle of a flower, imitation of the kidney of the plant.

  • Stemping is a worthy alternative drawing. In some seconds, it allows you to create a professional image on the nail. On a contrast emerald basis, such a design will look stylish regardless of the selected pattern. Stamping is convenient, and often such drawings can be decorated with rhinestones.

  • Manual drawing is unlimited in the subject and methods of the pattern. However, given the dark emerald background, you need to strive for easy prints. It will be great to look at such nails drawing in one color, for example, white or silver.

  • Powder and bullies allow you to diversify the design. To give manicure uniqueness, it is enough to sprinkle with a powder or a nail microbist. If you want more elegant solutions, you can create patterns using a transparent gel or top.

  • Stickers can be designated as another alternative to drawings. With appropriately selected pattern, they contribute to the design elegance and high status. However, due to the dark main background sliders should not be much. Best theme can be called geometry, ethnic motifs and lace.

  • The gel is used for extension, as well as fixing the sparkling pattern. It perfectly holds volumetric elements on the nail plate, and besides, can be used as a way to change design. For example, it may be drops of rain, which on a matte background will look stylish and incredibly effectively.

Today, it is possible to distinguish a modern manicure from the design of the past season one by one only look. It features not only impeccable nail preparation without injury. According to the new design nuances, modern design:

  • emphasizes the Cuticula Zone, highlighting it with a thin strip of silver or gold, foil or a strata alternation+
  • Performed in the technique of a negative space, in which part of the nail is not painted at all+
  • makes a bet on nobility and high cost of invoice, and therefore resorts to textile matte gel lacas+
  • Built on the game of contrasts of matte and glossy textures+
  • has no more than two accents on each hand+
  • decorated with stylish sparkling decor with point arrangement+
  • Performed with the design in geometric theme.

Variety of technician

Emerald manicure can be done using different design techniques. Each of them will create a spectacular design, which will attract enthusiastic views of others. The techniques are unique also by the fact that they can be complemented and combined. So, on the background of overflows of tones, you can perform design with wells or contour strokes of the nail plate.

It looks beautiful and the combination of matte varnish with flute accents decorated with a glitter or small rhinestones. It can be clearance:

  • Classic (monophonic nails)+
  • Matte (matting of varnish with the use of special top)+
  • French (monophonic basis + smile at the top)+
  • Inverted Franch (monotonous background and stroke of the Cuticle Zone)+
  • Lunar (design with a rounded hole at the base of the nail)+
  • Gradient (stretching shades from dark to light)+
  • Broken glass (with glued to one-photon-based film with pieces)+
  • Wiella (with acrylic pattern on a translucent background)+
  • powdered (using acrylic powder).

Each technique is unique in its own way. For example, a matte design in color emerald looks stylish and without further decoration. Frenc with a smooth stretching allows you to reveal all the multifaceted emerald. Registration with the bottom edge of the nail and silver gives a high design status. This option is considered trendy, especially if the coating with the effect of matted textiles is involved in it.

Manicure with wells today can be negative-spatial. Unpainted partially plate looks original and new, today it is one of the trends of fashion trends. Vualich technology is one of the most gentle, with dark emerald varnish and black contrast it turns out especially feminine. Broken glass create using a special film as an accent on one or two nail. The use of powder is noteworthy because it allows you to highlight the texture of the main background.

Beautiful examples

We propose to contact the unusual and stylish examples of a new design that can inspire you to create your own, no comparable manicure.

  • Elegant solution in the technique of gradient for accent nails. Stylish design using acrylic powder.

  • Matte design with the use of vial and sparkling decor will not leave indifferent any modern fashionista.
  • Option of manicure using coating “Feline Eye”. Franch technique and decoration of an accent nail with sparkling crystals.

  • Stylish decoration of short nails with highlighting the cuticle zone on accent nails.

  • The contrast of the emerald and black tones with the use of equipment veil. Competent alignment of small rhinestones.

  • Combination of glossy and matte. Decorating an accent nail under marble.

  • Magnetic manicure with the texture of the “cat’s eye” and the decoration of the nails under the rain drops.

  • Design in the “broken glass” technique and the addition of shimmer contrast. Involved geometric patterns of the pattern.
  • Stylish lace manicure with vensels and matte texture of the main pigment.

  • Franch created by a glossy pigment on a matte basis.

How to make nail design “Emerald Gradient”, see the following video.

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