EMI gel varnishes: features and palette of shades

EMI gel varnishes: features and palette of shades

In the modern world there are a great many ways how to make a girl even more attractive and beautiful. Each new season every cosmetic brand fights over the palm of the championship only to ensure that the products are the first in the cosmetics of any lady, on the shelves of stores or in the case of the makeup artist. Among the care cosmetics for the hands of the case in the same way. Gel-varnishes gradually displacing simple due to their resistance and duration in the sock. But it is worth noting that the gel varnish in itself the material is rather complicated, it is difficult to apply it to both experienced masters and beginners at home. Without certain submitted means (lamps, primer, bases, finishes or top), you liked the resulting color will be impossible.

EMI products

Now there are a great many brands who are ready to submit to the universal manufacture of gel lacquer. Among this variety of different packages, interesting and rigorous designs, every girl will be able to pick up something defined that she has long been looking for. The price category of each product will be very diverse – from high-quality goods before his fake.

Lucky gel from EMI – new products on the market. The founder of this company is Ekaterina Miroshnichenko, a resident of Rostov-on-Don and the founder of Nyl-Design schools throughout Russia. Gradually, this brand is becoming increasingly popular not only within the Russian Federation, but also abroad.

Many argue that the gel varnish from EMI turned out to be very liquid in its consistency. This led to the confusion of many, because they would use if it spreads. But over time, with the active application of this product, new parties to use.

Varnish does not count under the cuticle, which is a certain plus. It does not spread hard on the sides, which makes it possible to align all the irregularities or some minor crossings in the first applix. Easily smoothed with subsequent application.

So that the lacquer does not grow strongly on the nail, you need to work carefully with the base or primer, because from how the first layer was applied, will be driving all the remaining coverage.

Navy bottles ordinary, volume not more than 10 ml. The price category is lightly overestimated and not available for simple buyers, since the company presents itself as a luxury brand, low prices such a name do not correspond to.

To maintain interest in its products, EMI suits stocks when the goods can be purchased at a discount or in a more advantageous offer with a whole set. Pigment in varnish is quite good, many colors (especially in the nude palette) cover nail in one layer in good quality and without chips and cracks. The company’s policies are that all varnishes, regardless of the characteristics, are intended for natural nails.

The product does not fall on artificial nails. If you strengthen your nails with such means as a powder or biogel, then the varnishes from EMI will come and will be worn to rush all the time until you want to change the color.

There is a special line for thin and brittle nails. These varnishes are designed primarily for causing and preventing the subsequent luxury of nails, as well as for healing the wound and cracks.

Features of the tassels are not too long, but a dense vile. He does not flit, will not fall, it absolutes a color well and does not leave after a divorce upon subsequent application. If suddenly you use coatings quite rarely, the manufacturer recommends in order to avoid separation of varnish on pigment and liquid, periodically seize the contents.

In the sock of varnishes from the company EMI show themselves as persistent and practical, but can burn out in the sun, if the finish or top coating was applied in one thin layer. If you use all the products of this brand, the manicure will correspond to expectations, will not bubble, the color will be completely transmitted and will be saturated. But if you replace some kind of component by another company, the firm is not responsible for the result, since products can enter into a “conflict” among themselves.

Pros and cons

As noted by different masters and potential buyers, as well as customers in their reviews of bright minuses in products have not been detected. To a small shortcoming, a high cost of goods can be attributed, the lack of dark saturated shades (blue and green palette). Positive sides of this brand much more.

Product application does not require too much skill, lacquered lacquer and does not harden too quickly. Does not forms unnecessary bugs, the remedy is distributed evenly throughout the nail platinum. A worthy advantage is that the varnishes of this brand do not rock, are up to three weeks, have a convenient brush for applying.

Color palette

All shades, the company divided into several collections for the convenience of choosing its product. The main collection is ordered by all the masters, because it is convenient to work with this palette, it has all the necessary basic colors to create an excellent manicure. These are shades of nude, brown, beige, as well as yellow and red shades. These are the most popular colors that are in demand and are in demand from female representatives.

Shades of Elegance or in the “shades of elegance”. Next ruler in a model range of varnishes. Here we collected all sorts of shades of pink, for every taste – from the brightest, bright and saturated to dust-pink. A bright representative can be considered a shade of LB020 Gothic Pink – “Gothic pink”.

Additional materials

Neon Party or “Neon Party”. Neon tones include seven representatives. Special youth ruler, for the most extraordinary and bright personalities. Consists of rainbow colors, so it is suitable to taste to any girl.

Park Avenue – Avenue Park. These shades are opposed to neon. These are light unobtrusive colors that have a small, barely noticeable overflows when the straight sun rays fall on the nails. Suitable for independent women who work in companies, but also want to look at height.

Dolce Vita – “Sweet Life”. Bright saturated red colors. Classic in one palette. From dark and languid shades of red, designed to enter light, to bright and playful, which is suitable for a walk or parties.

Cozy Evening – “Cozy Evening”. Lucky of this series have a matte surface, careless, restrained overflows, without a special mother-of-pearl. Preferences Nude shades, bright and dark.

Sport Chic – “Sports Chic”. Special summer ruler, three-phase and severe pigmented. Everything so that the color does not burn color, and during contact with water did not give cracks and did not “swollen”.

Tropical Garden – The company’s creators took into account and wishes for those ladies who have no natural, and extensive nails. “Tropical Garden” – this is exactly the ruler that is needed for the owners of artificial nails.

In addition to the lines of shades that the company offers, there are still a number of additional materials. For example, basic coating. It is produced in a standard volume – 9 ml and in more – 15 ml. In its texture it is thick, they are well filling out some irregularities, simulate small cracks, preparing nail to subsequent coating.

In all its characteristics, this is a fairly standard coating. Under the rays of the UV lamp will dry within a minute. Reliably protects the nail from the penetration of the pigment gel-varnish into the structure of the nail. Removed easily for twenty minutes with a special fluid. Well falls, does not spread, has a uniform layer. Helps the nail to become stronger, not depriving it natural flexibility. Helps prevent premature chips.

Top (it is the finish coating) is produced in the same volume. Suitable for any type of nail. Completes manicure with natural glitter and light gloss. Prevents any scratches, chips and guarantees varnish durability up to two weeks.

The EMI brand provides special gel paints and gel paste to create drawings on the nails. Judging by the reviews of masters these products are very good. Thanks to the paints you can draw different drawings. Saturated palette, has many colors, so customers have no restrictions on the choice of drawings.

For example, with a tint “Alpine Snow” (Alpine Snow) draws beautiful and saturated french.

The paste is used to apply 3D drawing. Different Mehendi or Vitious Patterns – Pasta is fine with this. It does not crack, with time it is not deformed, does not go away. The color is not distorted under the rays of the Sun, even if the top was not applied on top.

EMI brand products are considered to be harmless to nails. Coating does not overlap oxygen access to nail. This means that no disease can develop between the nail and coating. Beautiful, saturated with different shades of the palette will suit any, even the spoiled girl.

Color gamma is distributed to convenient rules. Every season such lines becomes more and more. The EMI brand is not in place, it develops, offering consumer market more and more advanced products, complementing the range of different accessories and additional leaving.

Base overview for gel varnish is presented in the following video.

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