Features and color palette gel varnishes Klio Professional

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Features and color palette gel varnishes Klio Professional

Beautiful nails – an integral satellite image of a beautiful woman. The art of manicure passed a long development period, and from simple varnishes that need to be changed every couple of days, came to gel varnish. They got mad popularity due to their unique properties. The main ones are the strength of the coating and the duration of use. To date, there are many manufacturers of varnishes. They are all of different quality, so before buying it is necessary to understand the assortment well. This article disassembles the foundations and palette of one of the market leaders – the brand Klio Professional.


Any good lacquer must have the following properties.

  1. Safety. High-quality tool will not have active chemicals that can harm health. In addition, it should be safe in working both for the client and for a specialist. With long use, you should choose a gel varnish that does not harm the nail plate, and maybe, on the contrary, it will strengthen it.
  2. Strength. The main advantage of any coverage is its durability. Therefore, the presence of scratches, chips or cracked coverage is a sign of bad varnish. Under normal conditions, the coating should hold on to about two weeks and the replacement of the manicure will need when the nail will grow.
  3. Simplicity of application. It should not take a long time. Of course, this will require a special ultraviolet lamp and other materials, but gel varnish should not dry by hours. Maximum – 5-10 minutes.
  4. The same applies to the removal of the coverage. With the help of a special tool, it can be easily removed, without damaging the nail plate. Again, if it is not so, you should think about changing the manufacturer.

Klio Professional gel lacquer has all signs of quality that are described above. In addition, when it is created, manufacturers took care of convenience and added a few additional advantages, which will significantly improve the process of use.

  • Large bottle volume – 12 ml. Not all companies are famous for this. Such a volume allows you to use the lacquer for a long time, but at the same time he will not have time to dry or spoil. By the way, a brush that comes in a set is also very good quality. Her good stuff and tight pile will allow her for a long time.
  • No unpleasant odor. Very often in the process of applying, you can feel chemical smells until the lacquer fails. With this manufacturer there will be no such trouble.
  • Klio Professional varnish is quite easy to remove regarding the products of other firms. This can be done even at home, but only subject to a clear understanding of the sequence of actions and the presence of all means at hand.

  • Gel lacquer texture is also special. His raisin – the ability to align on the nail. Due to this property, the application of varnish occurs faster and careful. Even one layer will be uniform, without lumps and a hubby.
  • Sunny Light Resistance. An important factor – how varnish will behave in the process of socks. In addition to physical harm, the lacquer can burn and the color will not be so bright. Fortunately, this does not apply to this manufacturer. Its product is resistant to ultraviolet rays and neither color nor the structure of varnish on the nails will not change.
  • Wide range of shades. Klio Professional Manufacturer Flower Palette is really very big. It has more than 300 options. In addition, new variations are constantly being developed, which complement the palette. Agree, it is always better to have several variants of varnish, which can be chosen by mood or reason. Although it is impossible not to note that the rate of replenishment of the range could be faster.

Of the minuses you can highlight the cost of the product. It is not coordinated and very competitive, but prices are presented on the market. This question is due to the country-manufacturer. Most of the funds are made in China, and Klio Professional plants are in Europe, so the cost of this product is slightly higher than the average.

By the way, in addition to directly gel varnishes, the company KLIO is engaged in the production of equipment such as a manicure base, matting or strengthening coatings. This makes it possible to use one product line at all stages of manicure, where every varnish or base will be well combined with each other.

How to use?

In order to finally understand the question of the modern nail coating, you need to understand how to use these varnishes.

High-quality manicure that will last in perfect condition from two weeks and more, it turns out with strict observance of step-by-step instructions.

  • It all starts with a regular manicure, namely the choice of length and shape of the nail, removal of the cuticle and grinding of the nail plate. As a result, the marigolds must be neat and even, as varnish, although it can hide irregularities, but this does not apply to strong sherbins or chips.

  • Getting to the coating, you need to start with degreasing nail. This is often used degreaser, which can be bought at any store. It is applied with a tassel as ordinary varnish and most often does not have a specific smell. After this procedure, it is impossible to allow the nail to touch any surface, otherwise all degreasing will go scam.

  • Next Stage – Klio Professional Base. This is an additional protective layer between the nail and varnish, so you should not neglect them. The base itself must be a thin and smooth layer of means.

After applying, drying is required using UV lamp.

  • It’s time to move to the main product. The way to use it is the same as in the previous stage – a thin layer and drying under the lamp for 40 seconds one minute. The only moment – it is desirable to dry each finger separately, that is, put the lacquer, and immediately in the lamp. This will allow him not to spread. The number of layers is not limited, and each new will add saturation.

It is also worth remembering that the more funds are used, the more the thickness of the nail itself is as a result. The varnish itself is recommended to apply smooth movements from the cuticle to the tip of the nail and not to take a lot of equipment on a brush.

  • Next, if you want to lacken glitter, you need to use the fixing agent from Klio Professional. Other His name – Finish coating. For him, one good layer is enough, after which the fingers go to the UV lamp.

  • For a matte effect there is a special matte coating. This is a novelty that will allow any shade of gel varnish to make matte. It is applied, like the fixing layer.

  • When all the layers on the nails dried, each nail plate is wiping the product for removing the sticky layer. Well, at the end you can use the nutrient oil, processing them the cuticle and the skin of the hands.

Relative to the drying or baking of gel varnish necessarily pay attention to the big fingers so that they are well dried. Otherwise, manicure will need to redo.

Lucky and other Klio Professional products use easily, and the process of their application differs little from the standard.

Masters reviews

An important factor when buying – Comments by specialists who are already used by Klio Professional products. Since the products are popular, she collected a lot of reviews that can be divided into several categories. Here are just a few opinions of manicure masters based on their experience:

  • varnish is easily applied, falls smoothly and not taken stripes+
  • Strong finish allows manicure to stay long without change+
  • Gel lacquer is easily removed using the right means, not damage to the nail plate+
  • A wide range of colors and a large bottle volume allows one tool longer, although the lacquer itself is more expensive than the average price of the market.

Overview of some gel varnishes Klio Professional See next video.

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