Features and palette of shades of gel varnishes Queen

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Features and palette of shades of gel varnishes Queen

Queen gel varnishes – a popular nail coverage, proven from the best side among the masters of the nail service and ordinary consumers.


Queen gel varnishes are produced in Russia, in the city of Sochi. It is important to note that the products of this brand passed all the necessary laboratory research and tests in Russia.

Based on this, qualified specialists recognized that the products from Queen comply with the safety requirements for cosmetic products.

It should also be known that the trademark has offices throughout Russia, and also has offices in Belarus and Ukraine and provides Internet services. In this regard, the purchase of products is available for each consumer.


Color palette of varnishes from Queen brand rather wide. The manufacturer offers several collections, Of which the most popular are the following:

  • The main palette (includes 300 colors)+
  • Pearl collection (includes 26 colors with brilliant tide)+
  • Camouflage (6 colors)+
  • Chameleon (12 changing shades)+
  • Stained Room Collection (7 shades).

In addition to the main collections, there are more specialized rules, for example, a “cat’s eye” or “Extra White” line.

Lucky from the main palette is good for applying a basic manicure that is suitable for any occasion – a solemn event, office work or a romantic date.

On the contrary, the pearl collection or line of varnishes of chameleons will help to stand out from the crowd and will become an accent of the festive dress.

Thus, the Queen gel varnishes are presented in all sorts of color shades, ranging from standard one-photon (red, black, pink and others) and ending with iridescent tones or chameleon colors.


Price gel varnishes from Queen varies in accordance with collections. For example, the cheapest are varnishes from the main palette, and the most expensive – varnishes of chameleons.

It is important to note that Queen produces its products in bottles with a volume of 8 ml.


Reviews of professional masters of nail service, as well as ordinary consumers indicate that Queen gel varnishes are a pretty high-quality product.

Many celebrate saturation and color density and indicate that the nail can be covered with just one layer to obtain the desired shade – it saves not only the cosmetic itself, but also the time that can be spent with benefit.

Also marked a pleasant smell of products (there is no characteristic smell of acetone) and full compliance with the declared color shades, which is quite a rare fact among most similar products.

In addition, the masters of the nail service pay attention to the convenience of coating and a comfortable brush.

Existing negative product reviews are most often associated with the acquisition of a fake poor-quality goods, so before purchasing gel lacquer you need to make sure of their authenticity. It is necessary to ask the seller to demonstrate certificates of quality and compliance, as well as the necessary licenses.

Thus, you can make sure that the cosmetic products of domestic producers (in particular, the Queen brand) meets all the requirements. By purchasing gel varnishes of this company, a person not only supports the domestic producer, but also provides themselves with a high-quality cosmetic agent.

Feedback on Queen Gel Lucky in Video.

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