Features and palette of shades of gel varnishes SKY

Features and palette of shades of gel varnishes SKY

Products Domestic Brand Giorgio Capachini has existed since 2010. During its development, she showed a high competitive ability in its segment. Masters of the nail service and a home manicure lover are increasingly preferred by three-phase SKY gel lacas with a rubber base. They create a coating on nails, impeccable in many indicators.

Features and advantages

Sky gel lacquer give manicure well-kept view for a long time and differs from similar means of affordable price. Domestic manufacturer with attracting attention to the foreign name endowed its nails with decent characteristics.

They comply with international quality standards, which confirm numerous customer feedback.

Sky lacquer for drying in the lamp includes various substances that give it resistance, protection and color.

  • Photo initiator – substance required for rejection of the coating.
  • The film former is responsible for the stability of the gel varnish to mechanical exposure and protecting the surface from chips and cracks.
  • Solvent, providing the remedy for the necessary consistency and ease when removing.
  • Pigment that gives a shade of lacquer.
  • Fillers that determine the qualities of texture as viscosity and density.

The principle of gel varnish is to apply the base, finish coating and drying each applied layer under the light of UV or LED lamp. These are small mobile devices that carry out rubber coating polymerization during from 20 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the type of lamp.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this varnish are the following.

  • Available media with high quality.
  • Optimal density texture. The ease of application due to the convenient tassel – does not leave the bands, evenly distributing the remedy on the surface of the nail.
  • Excellent resistance. Keeps on the nails for three weeks and longer.
  • Rich palette of flowers. All shades are characterized by good pigment.
  • With the help of Skye gel, you can easily make an impeccable manicure, not possessing special skill. It saves time and money to visit the cabin.

Apply a colored Sky coating, like any other gel varnish, you need to pre-polished nails. The process of describing the top layer of the nail plate damages it, disrupting the natural structure. Especially if making shellac regularly.

This disadvantage of funds should be taken into account and give nails break from wearing gel varnish. They are needed to restore the natural protective layer of the nail.

Shelf life and storage rules

The resistance and smoothness of the coating also affect the shelf life of gel varnish. Manufacturers indicate the production date on bottles with products. All it is packaged in opaque vials of 8-10 ml. Store gel varnish is allowed to two years from the date of manufacture. For such a period, the components retain their properties, so the varnish does not roll, but evenly spreads when applied to the nails. Not to shorten the shelf life of products, it is important to contact her correctly.

During the manicure, it is unacceptable for a long time to leave the vial in the open form: during the polymerization it needs to close. At the end of the work, you should always remove the remnants of the product with the tank neck and close the lid. Store funds better in a cool and dark place. In the light, the products will quickly lose their declared qualities, and light shades will acquire a yellowish tint.


In the lineup of the components necessary for applying, there are coatings for the base under gel lacquer and its fixing, a large range of pigmented coatings, a non-acidic primer, a special liquid dehydrator and means for removing materials.

The base and the plugger are produced in 10 ml of vials, and the degreaser and liquid for removing the coating – in the jars of 100 ml. Tradingmark of Georgio Kapacini developed a complete set of funds for the most long-term and hosted manicure.

High-quality accompanying neil-products allows gel lacquer to preserve well on the nails, do not crack and do not respond to external negative impact factors.

Palette coatings number more than a variety of shades. The textures of the varnishes are distinguished by the presence or absence of a gloss, sequin, shimmer. The color gamut is constantly finalized, taking into account the fashion trends in the Neil-Industry and fashion trends in general.

Fashionable can choose the color of the gel varnish for manicure, focusing on their image, outfit, a certain event or under any accessory.

Sensual and passionate ladies choose bright and ripe tones, represented by scarf, raspberry, coral and cherry blossoms (No 26, 37, 39, 78).

In the bright scheme, the shades of natural – the so-called Nyud (NO 05, 24, 45, 74, 96, 99). Calm elegant classic tones always in fashion. They are suitable for different clothes and are appropriate in any image – from Casual to Summer Romance.

Pastel lover find in gel varnishes Sky a lot of suitable shades: gentle pink (NO 41, 59 and 72), heavenly blue (no 09 and 97), young lilac (no 49, 76 and 95), cream (NO 32 and 67 ), Light Green (NO 51).

Such colors on the nails are ideal for manicure for every day and harmoniously combined with different wardrobe objects.

A large selection is also present in a bright range: an appetizing fuchsia in several shades, Bordeaux, emerald, purple variations will like the shower of fashionable fashionmented, fans of spectacular Neil Art.

In Neil-fashion, the so-called color-mixture of different colors and shades in one manicure is now highly popular. Extraordinary combinations in contrast must be bright, but not sharp.

Compositions look modern:

  • Green stripes on orange base+
  • Bands of yellow on a nude basis, decorated with silver ribbon+
  • Pink and cream + silver with shimmer+
  • Blue, coffee and beige in geometric patterns+
  • Mint background, decorated with floral pattern or white sliders+
  • Turquoise as a background under white flowers+
  • Colorful peas on a different basis+
  • Mint with white and gold.

In the choice of hue, the manufacturer of customers does not limit. Bright and muted, glossy and matte – Anyone is available under the intended design.


On the coatings of the domestic brand SKY publish only positive reviews. Funds are in demand from professionals and fell in love with ordinary buyers engaged in the nail house design by independent efforts.

According to experienced craftsmen, the coverage of this brand is persistent and dense by texture. Gel lacquers are easy to work and comfortable when removing from nails.

Professional manicure masters noted that a gel varnish from Giorgio Capachini is additionally saturated with a camp of the base and the finish. This coating with proven strength, decorating women’s marigolds about three weeks without intermediate adjustment.

Sky Product Overview See next video.

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