Features and palette of shades of gel varnishes Diva

Features and palette of shades of gel varnishes Diva

In the manicure industry to replace ordinary nail polishes rapidly broken gel varnishes. The leading position was taken by the gel lacquer of the trademark Diva made by Germany. The quality is recognized by the owners of perfectly sex and masters of the salon manicure.

Palette shades

Diva is a new brand in the fashion world, cosmetology and stylish accessories. It offers a wide variety of images, bold design decisions for relatively acceptable prices.

These are varnishes of the average price category. In terms of their quality are not inferior to more expensive brands. Gel lacquer possess a huge selection of palettes from pastel, bright juicy colors and ending with evening shades.

Pastel tones are soft, discreet, have 20 shades of the palette. Suitable for both classic French manicure and main coating. Combined with short nails, ideal for everyday wearing and to work in a solid office. Have a dense texture even after one coating.

Bright juicy, pearl and matte shades from the classic collection will fit stylish and courageous girls. Color gamma diversified. Any dress, strict blouses with skirts will decorate an exquisite manicure using TM Diva gel varnishes.

Evening or festive manicure can be made of gorgeous shades gel varnishes 125, 126, 128 with holography. Gentle shades 138, 139, 140 have a translucent-snowy basis with an abundance of lilac and light golden sequins. Such a manicure looks very elegant, rich and attracts his eyes.

Flakes have a volume of 15 ml. On each cap there is a color sample under the number. Each bottle has a comfortable elastic, soft brush with a cut edge. Diva varnishes are endowed with a lightweight sweet aroma.

The texture is distinguished by variety – there is a translucent, transparent and dense consistency. Gel lacquer with a translucent and transparent structure is recommended to cover in two or three layers, with dense – in two layers. Independently aligns, leaves no traces from the brush.

In assortment with gel varnishes, there are basic and top covers with a volume of 15 ml and are a mandatory part of a beautiful and well-groomed manicure.

Basic coatings

After the hands are prepared for applying gel lacquer, it is necessary to cover the nails to cover the base. The basic coating is available in an additional 30 and 50 ml. For manicure salons, it will be more profitable for a jar with a large volume – its acquisition is more economical. It is important to know that the base of the dense consistency is well levels the nail plate under the main coating, has a comfortable soft brush. There is no sharp chemical smell, and the lightweight sweet fragrance prevails, which is very important in operation for two to three hours.

The rubber base is enjoyed in great demand. Basic coating provides:

  • Good coupling, splitting micropores nail plate+
  • Smooth view due to degreasing, eliminating excessive humidity+
  • Protection against aggressive dyes, fungi, infections, with vitamins and amino acids.

Top coatings

Such a coating happens rubber and without sticky layer. The rubber top has an oily, dense consistency, an elastic structure, does not spread. Allows you to align, if this requires a coating or design. Used for more complex designs with the addition of color foil, beads, broken glass, stones. After that, the sticky layer is removed with a rag without a pile with a degreaser.

A simple design includes the usual coating or two- or three-layer. You can also use a top without sticky layer. It has bright, saturated shades of pastel tones.

Glitter will give a beautiful gloss in contrast to rubber top and save time. Apply it at the final stage of the finished manicure:

  • He gives a certain charm – hands look elegant, beautiful, well-maintained+
  • Protects from moisture, exposure to mechanical and chemical damage+
  • Accelerates the drying process and completion of the procedure.

Manufacturers of Gel Nakov Diva took into account an important point – now drying can be made not only by UV lamps, but also LED lamps.

Application technology

Getting started, you need Disinfection by antiseptic work surface, tools, hands and nails of the client.

  • It is necessary to prepare a nail plate, giving it the necessary shape and grappling a soft saw.
  • The surface of the nail must be deguted, inflicting the basic coating.
  • Under the UV lamp must be dried 2 minutes, under LED – 30 seconds.
  • You should choose the desired shade of varnish, cover the nail one, two or three times depending on the density. Then he should continue to dry a certain amount of time.
  • After that, you need to apply decor elements.
  • Then it is necessary to fix the finish coating into one or two layers and again put the marks under the drying. If the finish coating has a sticky layer, then it is necessary to carry out the procedure described above.

Masters reviews

To date, the Diva trademark is one of the most popular and sought-after for decorative manicure. Basic coating got a huge number of positive feedback. Customers, Masters and Manicure Salons argue that there is simply no similar quality in the brands of other brands. The Diva brand base is suitable for many shades of varnishes on the gel basis of other manufacturers.

    Gel varnishes rushed longer compared to ordinary varnishes. There is an advantage in choosing a color palette based on new technologies. They are not exposed to moisture, do not deform in careless use. In addition to top coatings, Diva gel lacquer itself has protection against chemical and physical damage.

    Among the disadvantages, there is the fact that the lacquer removal fluid will not help if it wokes up.

    It will take time-consuming process, hike in the salon and an excessive waste of money.

    To manicure, as well as other types of cosmetology, it is necessary to approach. First of all, you need to decide where the manicure will occur: at home or in the cabin.

    Diva brand loved many women all over the world. Girls and women confident in their style leave positive feedback on this brand. Not exception will be world stars of film and show business.

        Diva brand collections are regularly updated 2 times a month, taking into account all fashion trends, so the brand offers new products for bold experiments in the world of beauty, fashion and style in the search for new solutions.

        This is confirmed by the opening of stores in 23 countries of the world.

        How to perform an interesting nail design using Diva gel lacquer, look in the video below.

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