Features and series of gel varnishes Charme

Features and series of gel varnishes Charme

Each fashionista tries to choose a gel varnish for himself, which will make the perfect manicure for any occasions. One of these options is Charme products, which is manufactured in Korea. Gel varnishes of this brand allow notes to look beautiful and well maintained for several weeks.


The popularity of this brand among the masters of the nail service and beautiful ladies in our country is due to the fact that materials have a reasonable price, while have high quality. Select varnishes Charme Pro Line and Charme Chica. As for Charme Pro Line, they differ in the original design. Bottles of red glass, black caps, and the inscriptions on them are made gold. Some series are produced in other bottles, for example, Chameleon – in black, and HOLOGRAM – in golden. Nevertheless, all bottles have the same volume of 10 milliliters.

Each bottle has a brush. It is very soft and comfortable in order to apply lacquer. The layer is smooth and smooth. As well as consumers note that the gel varnishes of the Charme brand perfectly fall. It provides convenient consistency, pretty thick and dense. Spreading material is not observed. So that the coating was perfectly smooth and passed the main color, enough 2 layers of material. In some cases, it is permissible to limit ourselves to one layer.

And it should not be noted that gel varnishes practically do not smell. Color manifold will allow to satisfy the most demanding fashionistas. The top coating does not have a sticky layer, which also falls to taste to the masters and their customers.

Charme gel lacquer is perfectly saved on the nails up to 3 weeks, not fading and not to give up. In addition, problems with his removal does not arise, which makes the materials of this brand with a favorite tool of representatives of beautiful sex all over the world.

Application process

One of the main moments when applying gel varnish is the preparation of nails. For starters, manicure is done, after which the natural shine and the nail plate is deprived. Next, it comes a turn of the application of the baseline, it is necessary so that the marks become as smooth. And the base fills cracks and radius. Dry coating is necessary under ultraviolet about 2 minutes or in LED lamp a little less than a minute.

The initial layer of gel varnish is applied over the base and dried in the lamp over the same time. Next, the marigold is covered with the second layer of gel and also dry. When applying a “cat’s eye” varnishes, you need to use a magnet to create the desired pattern. The sealing in the lamp is also mandatory. And finally, completes the creation of a manicure applying top covering. His drying time also depends on the type of lamp and is 1 or 2 minutes.


Charme gel lacquer are represented in 300-colored satellite palette. It is worth considering the main series in more detail.

  • You can’t go around attention Classical collection. It includes various colors. Here are presented both bright, dark and pastel shades. Some gel varnishes have the effect of flicker and are suitable for festive and solemn events.
  • Collection “Chameleon” Suitable for fashionable and bold representatives of beautiful sex. Here are collected bright colors, richly equipped with shining sparkles. The basis itself is a transparent, an unforgettable effect is created by shimmers and overflows. If the chameleon effect is needed, you need to take care of the colored substrate. Brighter it will look at dark and black nails.

  • Termolaki – This is a pretty new material for the masters of the nail service, but it is actively used by girls who have time to appreciate his originality. The basic effect is achieved when the ambient temperature changes – in heat, the lacquer will be lighter, in the cold, on the contrary, it becomes darker and brighter. The transition can be both smooth and cardinal when the shade is changing to another.
  • “Feline eye” – This is a bright effect, also deserving the love of fashionistas around the world. Varnish contains microscopic particles of metal, which when approaching the magnet is collected in bizarre patterns. It looks original on the nails of the dark. It can be combined with the effect of “chameleon”, receiving a truly unique nail coating. Increased attention in this case is provided.

  • Chrome series is pretty gentle, but it does not interfere with the use of gel varnishes to create a strict manicure. Metal powder, located in the composition, gives charm and elegance.
  • Cracking collection Creates on marigolds The effect of cracked varnish. First, the coating of the desired color is applied, which will peck through the cracks. Next, it is covered with Base Cracking Effect gel lacquer, which cracks while drying in the lamp. After that, the nails are covered with top. It should be borne in mind that such a coating will initially dry several minutes outdoors, and the thickness of the cracks will depend on the thickness of the varnish layer.

  • Concerning Hologram gel lacquer, They are original color overflows. However, to achieve the desired effect it is also important to comply with the technology of application. The first layer of the gel, applied to the base, must first dry out in the open air, and only then put in the lamp. The second layer is dried in the same way. Considering all the nuances, you can get the perfect sparkling and transfusing with all colors of the rainbow manicure. The holographic effect will be noticeable only after the gel varnish will finally dry under the lamp.
  • Crystal series Frequently selected by representatives of beautiful sex for parties and festive events. The composition of transparent varnishes are large sparkles that can be applied to any selected substrate. Drying in the lamp allows you to achieve the desired effect.


As for the reviews of CHARME products, in the overwhelming majority they are positive. Masters and their customers mark smoothness and uniform coating, a rather short period of time required for drying nails. Comfortable brushes helps to quickly and high-quality. The coating is distinguished by its resistance and looks amazing.

How to make a beautiful manicure using charme gel lacquer, look next.

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