Features and technique of applying gel lacquer beautix

Features and technique of applying gel lacquer beautix

The invention of gel varnish made it possible to maintain a manicure of more than two weeks. You can make the coating in specialized salons, as well as yourself at home, without resorting to the services of professionals. Popular among masters and customers Gel lacquer Beautix is ​​produced by the French company. In addition to varnishes, the company produces and sells manicure accessories and accessories: brushes, ultraviolet lamps, removal fluids, basic and finishing coatings,.

Product Advantages

The manufacturer guarantees a resistant manicure, if the application technique and moderate mechanical impact on the nails are strictly observed. The coating refers to premium products due to their qualities and price category.

  • The optimal chemical composition does not affect the nail plate. No fragility, layers, dryness, lacquer does not leave pigment after removal. Does not worsen the state of weak nails.

  • The consistency of medium density allows you to evenly apply varnish. At the same time, sometimes one layer is enough for bright saturated color.
  • Lacquet density allows you to make a perfectly smooth surface, applying easy. Lines and hides the defects of the plate.
  • Provides a shine that does not fade throughout the service life of the manicure.

  • The color does not change, does not fade in the sun, does not acquire the yellowness when sock.
  • According to the application of the manufacturer, the varnish is held from two weeks and more. This allows economically to use the tool, save finance to customers, less frequently purchase the product salons.
  • The finishing coating has a powerful shine, unlike the means of other manufacturers.
  • The bottle is made of black glass, which protects the contents from the action of light and adverse factors, retains its quality.

  • Convenient synthetic brush serves for easy and smooth application. Cap is comfortable hand.
  • Diverse and rich lacquer palette will please any fashionista. Each will find for itself the desired shade and texture for any occasion.

Stages of work

Applying means requires compliance consecutive manipulations in strict order.

  1. Removing the upper glossy layer with grinding nail.
  2. Disinfection by antiseptic tool.
  3. Degreasing.
  4. Then alignment of the nail plate base. The basic means must be dried in an ultraviolet lamp 45 seconds.
  5. Application of color varnish, in 1 or as necessary 2 layers. Each layer is polymerized in the dryer for 45 seconds.
  6. Fastening the finish layer, which is also subject to drying.
  7. Removing the sticky layer with a special means.
  8. Rubbing in the cuticle of cream or cosmetic oil.


This is an important stage before applying the main layers for both the hands of the master and the skin and the nail lodge of the client. Antiseptic means can remove excess moisture, destroy bacteria, fungi, dust after describing, dirt from the surface of the nail plate. Non-compliance with the rules of disinfection can lead to an inflammatory process under varnish. And subsequently have to go to the medical organization for treatment.

At home, with this purpose you can use alcohol napkins.


Special fluid removes excess fat and water from the surface of the nail, thereby increasing the clutch of the coating layers.

In this case, the tool contains caring substances, which prevents the brittleness, excessive dryness.

Basic coating

After the disinfection of the nail bed and degreasing the base is applied. It serves to equalize the surface, hides irregularities and defects. Base type – camouflage. It has a natural color of a natural shade, does not change the color of the varnish when sock.

After applying the hand, we put for polymerization in the ultraviolet lamp for 45 seconds. Basic coating liquid. It spreads, so it is difficult to align the surface. Masters who are not used to use the means of such a consistency, criticize it. But this does not mean that it does not have positive qualities.

It also works in different ways to clients, so individual features should be taken into account. Some specialists database of this manufacturer laid in 2 layers, alternating every drying. This basic means is successfully used for extensive nails.

Color coating

A variety of color palette pleases masters and customers. Nail density varnish, falls smoothly, covers the nail plate from one movement. It is possible to apply one or two thin layers. Neatly behaves near the cuticle. In arsenal 130 color shades. Pasteless color gamut has acquired a special popularity. Light tones for french manicure well proven themselves among clients. Varnish does not fade into the sun, does not yellow, there is no cracking and chips, especially noticeable on natural shades with long-term sock.

Bright, juicy colors with sparkles of different magnitude fell in love with the young generation. Similar coating are applied to parties. Beautiful lacquer Beautix 909. Color dark gray with glitters and holographic effect, dense texture. Application of 2 layers is recommended. Found their shades and women who hold strictly style. These are muted, neutral tones.

Color spectrum

The set of palettes is divided into several thematic lines.

  • The first direction is called “Business Woman”. Here are 9 muted tones for strict manicure – from light beige to gentle pink. Designed for those who are not used to using bright, bold, catchy coatings. Suitable for official meetings, work in the office, teachers of educational institutions, medical workers, for every day.
  • The second line is called “Sweet Dreams” and consists of 17 mainly pastel tones. Cream, Pink, Mint, Coffee, Golden, Heavenly Color Gamma Suitable for Daily Manicure.
  • “Rainbow” – Title of the third direction. 17 shades of all colors of rainbow, including raspberry, cherry, fuchsia, purple colors. Suitable to those who love everything bright, extraordinary, stand out from the masses, for certain cases.
  • “Woman in red” It has in its set of 17 all sorts of shades of red. The collection of letters of this color is intended, will suit the evening event, as well as a classic manicure.
  • “Dark passion” Contains restrained color gamut. Sufficiently muted shades of flowers such as brown, burgundy, purple, blue, green – primary set of ruler.
  • “Disco” – It is 38 of a variety of bold colors with large and small sparkles. Luck is overflowing, sparkles when light. Suitable for bright girls, parties, holidays.

At the same time, the manufacturer monitors fashion trends and releases new items to each season.

Top coat

The final layer of manicure is needed to secure all the layers. It extends the term of manicure socks. Finish need to be dried in ultraviolet lamp. Top coating at Beautix Nehust. Many specialists do not like this consistency, because it spreads on the nail and is not able to align the surface. Therefore, along with gel prefer to use other brands.

Another feature of the means is the presence of bubbles. When applied to the nail, they persist, do not disappear when drying. Air bubbles spoil appearance. They are formed by entering the oxygen in the liquid when shook and energetically turning the bottle. The resistance of the phenomenon is due to the chemical composition of the coating. Masters for excluding air appearance gently turn the bottle for mixing the product 1 time.

Against the background of negative opinions about the finish, there are positive qualities. The final layer has a resistant bright gloss, retains varnish from chips, does not burn pigment, guarantees protection.

In conclusion, the sticky layer after the polymerization of the gel in the lamp is removed by a special fluid. Catted disk with the means wipe nails. It is desirable at the end of all the manipulations carried out to handle the cuticle with cosmetic oil or rub the fat cream for hands.


Reviews of masters and clients are similar. They relate directly to gel lacquer, basic and finishing coatings. Almost everyone likes a variety of color gamut varnishes, a huge selection for any reason and for every taste. From a large range there is always something to offer clients. Masters like the size of the bottle of 15 milliliters, is not spent for a long time, it is not necessary to often buy this product into a nail design salon. For home use, women prefer a smaller volume.

Experts note the ease of applying gels, comfortable brush. The density of the consistency allows to cover in one layer. It saves gel spending. The finishing coating gives an additional volume, shine, smoothness, prolongs the service life of the manicure. All customers say about it. Removed by conventional means to remove gels without any difficult. The nail plate is not injured, does not score by pigments. Nails retain their structure. These qualities celebrate and masters, and women.

Representatives with weak lack of nails not only do not deteriorate the state of the nail record, on the contrary, the coatings are protected from mechanical damage. Negative moment in the line of coatings refers to the base and finish.

In their consistency, they are very liquid, so they spread on the nail and cannot provide surface alignment. The high price of the gels of this company compared to similar means of other companies is a disadvantage.

How to make nail design lacquer beautix, you will learn in the video below.

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