Features and tips on applying gel varnishes Pink Up

Features and tips on applying gel varnishes Pink Up

Caring for beauty is an important part of life any successful and self-confident women. Hand care takes in this area far from the last place, because it is by hand you can see whether the wonderful young lady demanding. High-quality manicure, complemented by varnish the necessary shade, is an excellent way to complete the perfect image. However, it should be borne in mind that the choice of an unsuccessful varnish can create many problems and bring in the right unexpected situation, so this question should be approached.

About brand

To choose high-quality and reliable nail polish, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can spend quite a lot of time and means. The Pink Up Gel brand produces a wide range of cosmetic products, including non-nail care products. Decorative options – one of his directions.

Pink Up Gel Products will help make a good manicure even at home. In addition, many masters of beauty salons give their preference to this brand. Nail is obtained bright, spectacular and attract attention. The company offers bases, finish coatings, varnishes of various colors, stencils and a variety of accessories for nail design.

If you enable fantasy and not be afraid of experiments, you can easily achieve the original result.

Domestic producers of such products are quite a lot, however, the Pink Up Gel brand is in the forefront. This is due not only to the fact that it offers a huge amount of bright and fashionable shades. The main thing – all products are absolutely safe and comply with the standards confirmed by quality certificates. Toluene and formaldehyde, which are available in many similar products, in which case absolutely absent, therefore there is no threat of damage to the nail plate and give it yellow after the varnish will be removed.

The specialists of this brand always follow the fashion trends, so the products are constantly updated, the range becomes wider and able to meet the requirements of any buyers.

Fashion options

Speaking about the ruler, it is impossible not to stay on the Womania collection. It is characterized in that it has a “silk” finish, helping to complete the image.

If the exotic and universal attention wanted, experts recommend to stay on the Tropican collection. It is especially suitable for summer or rest in warm edges, as it is distinguished by the extraordinary brightness, original colors and splashes of different colors.

Winter Magic line created specifically for pearl lovers. Varnishes contain sparkles and glitters, you can use them, going to a holiday or party.

However, the variety and color scheme are not decisive when choosing Pink Up Gel products. The company does everything to make beautiful ladies to be comfortable to use their products. This is also described by features such as a lid having a non-slip coating, a brush, convenient for nails and ensuring a smooth coating.

Lucky dry out for a fairly short time, after which they hold on the nails for a long time, they do not get drunk and easily removed using a special lacquer removal fluid.

It is impossible not to stop on the material aspect. Lucky belong to the average price category, and almost any woman can afford them. In addition, special shares conducted by the company often help significantly save when buying.

Differences and advantages

Currently, gel varnishes are specially popular products. This happens for several reasons.

Gel varnishes of this manufacturer do not require drying under a special lamp. At the same time, gel varnish is conveniently applied due to the fact that there is a wide brush. Its consistency helps to create a uniform coating, not leaving the neak-looking strips.

At the same time, the application of the second layer is optional – one is quite enough so that the fingers look decent.

If there is a need for a more rich and bright color, the specialists still recommend to apply lacquer in 2 layers. The surface of the nail at the same time is aligned as much as possible and becomes perfect smooth. In addition, the texture allows you to hide visible nail defects, for example, such as stripes going along and across it.

Another important advantage is a short period of time required to lacquer. Usually, in order for one layer to dry, you just need a few minutes. The process of coloring is also not difficult, therefore it is completed in a short time.

After the gel varnish is dry, he becomes glossy. His durability leaves no doubt, because the coating can stay on the nails for several days, not to give up and eraser. At the same time, a woman can in the usual mode to engage in any deeds – lacquer does not hurt washing dishes or cleaning. If you want to increase the strength rate, then gel top will come to the aid.

It is also called to “dry in 60 seconds” and perfectly helps in situations when time on the manicure is not enough.

Remove gel varnishes Pink Up gel can be used by special liquid. It does not contain harmful substances, therefore it does not have restrictions when used and may well acquire even pregnant women or young moms.

Also, the female floor marks a long term of use with such varnishes – they do not become thick for a very long time. A variety of wide palette and a democratic price category contribute to the fact that more than more representatives of the fair sex use the products of this company.

Lines brand

If a woman does not have the habit of using nail polish or, on the contrary, prefers to keep him always at hand, Pink Up Gel has developed special mini-version of its products that have a volume of 6 ml. This is usually a reduced copy of the shades sold in a larger format, the composition and color of which are identical. For example, to get the perfect manicure with a Pink Up Nail Lacquer Mini lacquer, just put it all in one layer. At the same time, the price of the mini-version, respectively, will be lower, which allows to expand the range of existing shades without prejudice to the wallet.

It is impossible not to mark such a popular series as Holographic, the feature of which is a volumetric shine, repeatedly amplifying in the sun. It differs in both the appearance of the products itself and the bottle.

It has a transfusable lid and a volume of 15 ml.

The price is slightly higher compared to other series, however, the series is also available and acceptable for most customers. Gel varnish is easily applied, quickly dries and keeps perfectly. To remove it, it is also enough to use a varnish removal fluid.


Online Pestrite reviews that leave representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, pleased with the quality of Pink Up Gel products. Among them, it is possible to note the statements about the variety of colors, simplicity of application, comfort of using gel varnishes. Also the availability of prices, security, convenience of mini-versions, systematic updating of the range.

For example, about the Pink House collection Master of Manicure and Pedicure responds positively. He marks the perfect consistency, simplicity of application, speed of drying and durability. Also, the master writes about the saturation of the shades that you like and clients.

About Pink Up Gel Pro varnish consumers also respond positively. They celebrate a democratic price, a saturation of the shade.

Overview of the Pinkup Womania series in the video below.

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