Features and types of gel varnishes Kinetics

Features and types of gel varnishes Kinetics

Kinetics exists on the market of only 18 years, so it can be called young. She produces a large list of products, including gel varnishes. These are notable high quality goods, with a special composition.

About company

The founders of the company have invested a lot of effort and funds in the development of professional nail care products. Ambitious and young, they started in America, but a few years later transferred their main office to Europe. It was possible to increase production to the global market at a rapid pace.

Today Kinetics is one of the best manufacturers of professional cosmetics for nails and manicure.

Most of the profits and today goes to laboratory research, where young, but the new hopes of chemists are engaged in the main work. The main difference is to be high equipped, due to which new formulas have been developed, on the basis of which innovative materials for nail modeling have been created.

Color spectrum

Kinetics offers many shades in various collections. There are bright and frank colors that especially attract young ladies who want to stand out, declare themselves. These are such tones as a fuchsia, bright, acid, acid colors: green, orange, yellow. Every year a new color palette comes out, offering girls not to give up experiments and continue with pleasure to change their own image.

For those who are not used to stand out, the collection of spring colors of 2018 is ideal, where colors are conquered:

  • Milk-white+
  • Pale pink with silver splashes that are practically invisible, but help create inner shine color on the nails+
  • Classic pink for romantic natur+
  • Delicious shade of nougat with milk+
  • Gray with subtock blue+
  • Muw (lilac), which is difficult to speak, it is necessary to see+
  • gray with raspberry shade, which seems slightly accurate+
  • Dark coordinated in which it was decided to use the cherry subtock.



It is worth saying that Kinetics is one of the few companies in the field of nail modeling, which has created a whole concept of using two colors at the same time. The main shade in such gel varnishes can be one, and lifting the other, and sometimes the color combinations are completely incredible, bold.

Designers and Colorists have to spend a lot of time to create such a palette that could surprise modern fashionistas. All coatings have amazing pigmentation, sometimes to create the necessary effect it will be necessary to apply several layers.

The total palette is more than 200 shades.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages can be allocated:

  • High quality primary ingredients+
  • big choice+
  • The presence of vitamins and other useful components+
  • Easily applied and look great.

There is a gel varnish of this manufacturer and two minuses:

  • price+
  • Two layers dry about half an hour.


Suggested by Gel Lucky use in the best beauty salons worldwide. Chemists have tried to create such a formula in which the composition began to combine the properties of varnish and gel to build up. Due to this, you can easily create a steady manicure at home.

SHIELD KINETICS nail polish is an innovative product that is absolutely safe, At the same time, it gives comfort and does not cause irritation, an allergic reaction. Scientists managed to withdraw the formula in which harmful substances are completely lacking. Coating can be simply applied and just remove. Nail plate does not suffer when removing the means.

You can use for drying a lamp UV and LED. According to consumer reviews, such a varnish can be held on the nails of twenty days, there is no need to be interested, because it does not exfoliate, even if you do the housework.

Today it is safe to say that the company’s specialists were able to achieve incredible success and make a significant contribution to the development of the cosmetic industry.


This line of varnishes with gel effect differ in the minimum drying period on the nails – only ten minutes. At the same time, the coating demonstrates unique durability, they do not form scratches, so even ten days a manicure looks spectacular. No need to apply under this coating base layer. The time spent on the modeling of the nail plate is reduced, the costs of materials are reduced. Modern fashionistam offers a luxurious palette and 100 shades, among which every woman can find something new for themselves. There are not only bright tones, but also bodily, calm, gentle.

Super Polish

This collection includes single-phase gel varnishes. A total of 36 shades, completely new, innovative colors, which are very persistent, bright. Single-phase system involves rapid application and the minimum amount of time spent on drying. Designers around the world were able to allocate these advantages of Kinetics products. The creation of a beautiful manicure has become even easier, more convenient not only within the professional beauty salon, but also at home. Among other things, the formula used is nickname and is safe.

Kinetics gel lacquer review – in the video below.

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