Features and ways to create nail design broken glass gel varnish

Features and ways to create nail design & broken glass & gel varnish

Beautiful and well-groomed hands – a sign of a real lady. And what if I wanted to “lose weight” and add some sharpness and piquancy to your own image? New Original Trend – Manicure Gel Laca “Broken Glass”! Such a design is suitable for everyday socks and secular outdoor. Different options for “glass” manicure imply a large amount of material for its creation and a huge flight of your imagination. “Shard” design choose beautiful ladies of different age categories.

Story of Design “Broken Glass”

Historically, this unusual design originated in South Korea and began to use mad popular among local residents. Soon a new trend in Neil-Art has spread to all corners of the world and was assessed by female representatives. It should be noted that the gel varnish “Broken glass” on the nails is especially original in the summer, as stunningly flickers in the sun.

Manicure options with “broken glass”

Bright, unusual overflows on the nails are created due to pieces of shiny cellophane (holographic). In addition, all sorts of stickers are presented in modern stores in a wide range. And also fit: mica (remnants from bouquet wrap), foil (happens with 3D effect), rhinestones or decorative pebbles. One of the most popular materials of such a design is a thin film with overflows of different shades. It is perfectly attached to the gel varnish and is distinguished by the durability of socks. Surprisingly looks like on a dark substrate and on gentle pastel colors.

Today, using gel varnish and holographic cellophane, you can achieve as an inspisitably romantic and daring, fantastic manicure.

Ourselves with ossami

Make a spectacular design on the nails at home will not be much difficult.

So, we will need:

  • Monophonic base (colorless)+
  • Pincelet or Thin Brush+
  • Top coating+
  • Small slice of foil or stickers+
  • Gel lacquer (preferable pastel colors)+
  • Lamp for polymerization.

Before registration, the nail plate is carefully prepared: remove the previous coating, if any, remove the cuticle and give the right form. The pieces in the form of fragments of different shapes and length are neatly cut out of the foil. Squares, triangles and diamonds are welcome. From Mala to Great, in one word.

Apply the database to the nails and half alarm in the UV lamp. Next, each marigold is covered with gel varnish (color to your choice) and dried. Without waiting for a complete drying, gently tweezers are applied foil elements. At the final stage, the “glass” nails cover the top coating and again send to dry. Then remove the sticky layer under which the amazing and shining manicure, decorating hands.

Moon, Moon

The effect of “bit windows” excellent diversified classic French french and lunar manicure. Only you are required on the finished base of flickering pieces of foil or stickers. It adds to your image of playfulness and uncommonness. If you are preferred classic style, you can select only one marigold.

Lunar manicure is popular at all time, but even it can be done more original. His application technique allows you to leave the nail hole untouched, so it is precisely for these places that the pieces of “broken glass” can be glued with holographic cellophane.

Abstract drawings when making a “glass manicure” look truly bright and colorful. For example, the effect of “liquid glass”. It turns out by applying abstract patterns on the nail plate. As well as high popularity, the image of a cracked glass is used (cracks in the lacquer appear in the drying process). In addition, the “fragmentary” manicure implies the use of rhines, decorative pebbles and fantastic stickers.

The most original options for manicure gel varnish “Broken glass” of the current season.

Recommendations and advice

Having learned all the principles of manicure with the effect of “broken glass”, you can afford any, even the most extravagant, experiments. Combine different shades depending on the time of year (in summer – bright, saturated, in winter – colder tones).

When making a “glass manicure”, a combination of glossy and matte textures is used (base for fragments). You can decorate the “glass” not all the marigold, but only a few. Watch that foil pieces do not spare from the nail plate, otherwise cover the nails again with the top.

Methods for creating nail design “Broken glass” in the video below.

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