Features gel lacquer Nail Passion

Features gel lacquer Nail Passion

Nail Passion gel varnishes – high-quality product presented in a wide range of colors. It is produced in Russia based on German materials.


In the reviews of the Masters of the Nail Service marked the main feature of the gel varnishes of this brand: their ability to combine with the most various bases. Mainly on the Internet, you can find positive feedback on this product. Nail Passion gel varnishes are available in 10 ml bottles. The rubber base is very easy and well lies, visually it is pretty thick and slightly muddy. Varnishes themselves with the right application technology will hold over 2 weeks.

Shades are not exposed to burnout, do not crack and do not rock. Experts recommend masters to choose good and high-quality top covering.

The application of the material is performed as follows: first of all, manicure is done, the old coating is removed. After that, it is necessary to remove the gloss, degrease the marigold and cover it with a softless primer. Tops of this brand can be like a sticky layer, and without it. In this case, it all depends on the preference of the masters, and the choice remains at their discretion. The manufacturer advises to update the manicure once every 2 weeks, gel varnish on the legs – once every 3 weeks.

It is also noted that gel varnishes do not flow and dried well both in ultraviolet and in the LED lamp. For Francha amateurs, a special gel paint is offered, which lies with a smooth layer and does not stick when stamping. Also on sale there is a matte top cover, which is recommended to be applied on top of the usual finish. Such a coating is dried exclusively in the UV apparatus for 3 minutes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Master of Nail Service notes a large number of advantages of the Nail Passion brand. The main one is an affordable product price. In addition, there is a comfortable thick consistency. Most of the gel varnishes have a pigment in their composition, which is also an indisputable advantage. The material can be applied both in one and two, and if necessary in 3 layers.

It is impossible not to note the color variety of gel varnishes Nail Passion. The coating is obtained very persistent, does not lose its original color and does not stick. As for the minuses, the masters speak of their absence. The only thing that can be allocated is packing, which is made exclusively in one volume – 10 ml. Someone may seem not very convenient.

Overview of collections

Nail Passion gel varnishes are combined into the collection. There are quite a lot of them, which allows you to find an option for the most demanding fashionista.

  • “Magic transformation”. This collection includes 6 colors. Magnetic Gel Lucky “Feline Eye” allow you to make a bright manicure with a powerful tide. Fit stylish and self-confident girls.
  • “Deep secrets”. Collection contains deep and calm shades. Includes both blue and green and intermediate tones. Does not contain sparkles and pearl, which allows you to choose this collection as an option for every day.
  • “Holographic Show”. Already out of the name it becomes clear that this collection is very bright, with glitter and overflow. Each of the gel varnishes includes a whole range of shades, creating an illusion of holography.

  • “Women’s Charm”. Palette includes 12 shades. Suitable for calm and elegant manicure. Colors – pastel. The collection is distinguished by the variety of shades, moving from light tones to warm.
  • “Mystery of the East”. The collection includes mainly dark shades, although there are many other colors in it. Differs in large shimmer. Colors are very bright and allow you to create a catchy sparkling manicure.
  • “Classic Suite”. Of course, the manufacturer Nail Passion could not disregard the classic. The collection includes many shades, among which you can meet black and white, as well as a spectrum of shades from burgundy to light pink. The difference between the line is the lack of shimmer and pearl – the marigold will not have a brilliance.
  • “Royal Palaces”. In this case, on the contrary, the colors are very deep, but with a noticeable gloss. The collection is characterized by quite dense consistency.

  • “Cosmetic magnetism”. This series allows you to create not too bright, but at the same time brilliant marigolds. Manicure is obtained very original.
  • “Lilac dreams”. The collection includes purple, purple, lilac tones. They can be used both for a simple coating and apply as a base for a variety of designs.
  • “Delight taste”. Such a choice includes tender shades, ranging from milk pearl, turning into a pink, and then to a rich brown. The color scheme is characterized by tenderness, can be used both for everyday manicure and in solemn events. Suit absolutely to any clothes.
  • “Tenderness of silk”. The collection includes only 5 colors of the pinkish shade and absolutely no shine. Can be used when creating a French manicure.

  • “Gentle memories”. It is a warm and light collection, perfectly suitable for spring and summer manicure. Includes a variety, but at the same time very tender shades.
  • “Mythical countries”. This series is pretty bright. It is based on dark and saturated colors. Differs on metallic brilliance.
  • “Waiting for the celebration”. As follows from the name, the collection is characterized by brightness and glitter. It is made up of varnishes “Feline Eye”. Differs with a clear shiny stripe, which can have shades, very unlike the main color.

In addition, the brand Nail Passion offers quite a large number of other series.

Among them can be allocated:

  • “Vacation in Miami” – It includes very bright and trendy colors, glowing under neon+
  • “Lights of crystals” – Collection with a significant content of shimmer+
  • “Tropical exotic” – Different with tenderness and perfectly suitable for summer.

Lover of tender and nonsense manicure stop their choice on the series “sandy beaches” and “aromatherapy”, the connoisseurs of the vintage effect will appreciate the collection “Glass Fantasy”.

It should be noted that a fairly rich choice is proposed. Among the collections of the Nail Passion brand you can choose gel varnishes for any lifetime. They will guarantee a neat manicure that will delight his owner.

In the next video you will find a review of the collection of gel varnishes Nail Passion “Autumn Symphony”.

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