Features of the brand of gel varnishes COSCELIA

Features of the brand of gel varnishes COSCELIA

Choosing a gel lacquer for your manicure set, it is important to pay attention not only to the color of the product, but also on its quality, because the beauty of nails depends on it, and their health. Many prefer to avoid Chinese products that can be ordered to Aliexpress. A rather popular product site is Coscelia Gel Lac.

How to choose?

If the wizard chooses a gel varnish to work with customers, then it is necessary to give preference to three-phase varieties. They are characterized by a high price, but also the quality of the manicure turns out to be at the height. However, this option is suitable only to experienced masters – for beginners it is complicated. Those who just started to correct the nail correction, the coating similar to the gel varnish is more.

It is this product of COSCELIA and is valued by many buyers.

The company offers a large number of diverse colors, among which everyone can find for themselves the most preferred option. Coscelia gel varnishes will be very good for those who perform manicure himself. Currently, 40 colors are offered on the site, among which are matte, and brilliant shades. The price will surprise each user.


If you explore consumer reviews about COSCELIA gel varnish, most of them are positive. Among the advantages that girls stand out are, some interesting moments can be noted.

  • Luck thick, it is very good and smoothly falls into two layers, does not spread.
  • The company offers very saturated colors – the ladies like shades with sparkles that beautifully sparkle in the sun.
  • Affordable price – an important factor when choosing products for home use.

  • Consumers like light plastic bottles that are easily open and have excellent fill.
  • There is a smooth applying of top, base and gel varnish. The product lies in monophonic, without stripes and lumen.
  • According to girls, this is a very high quality product. Two weeks after applying on the coating, scratches, cracks, openings.

Coscelia gel varnishes is the best choice for beginner fashion. In addition, its application significantly saves time on the campaign to the master.

Girls can make manicure themselves. Compared with visits to the salon making a manicure of the house goes cheaper. A wide selection of colors are provided.

The lady herself can distribute its time, and not wait for the weeks of its turn on the correction.

Among the reviews there are negative opinions. Most of them are associated with long-term delivery of goods: someone came to someone after two weeks, and it was necessary to wait for two months to. In rare cases, consumers received gel varnishes, slightly leaked out of the packaging, although nevertheless the delivery accuracy is. In some cases, there is also an incomplete match of the color specified in the catalog, although many of this explain the effects of the computer screen.

General recommendations

  • Experts still recommend using the top and base of American and Japanese manufacturers, and Chinese products are quite suitable as a color gel lacquer.
  • It should be remembered that the frequent replacement of gel varnish can provoke the destruction of the nail plate – this is due to the peculiarities of the frequent use of the liquid for removing the coating of the nail plate.
  • When using COSCELIA gel lacquer, there is no need for an additional coating – it does not lose its shine until the manicure update itself.

Video Overview of Gel Laca in the video below.

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