Features of the coating of nail gel without extension

Features of the coating of nail gel without extension

Each woman dreams of beautiful and well-kept nails. But what to do if they are fragile, brittle, fragile or have an ugly shape, but it is not possible to grow nails? In such a situation, the nail coating gel will be a great way out without extension.

Features of the procedure

If you want to strengthen and lengthen your natural marks, give them a beautiful form, this procedure is just perfect. Often, the representatives of the beautiful floor do not see the difference between it and build up, however, this is a big misconception. Consider what the main differences are.

First of all, the extension is characterized by the fact that it can change the shape of his own noggle, as well as select the desired length, during strengthening the length does not change. In addition, the strengthening does not have a negative impact on the nail plate, as the gel is applied a very thin layer.

Such a procedure is completely safe, and even help improve the condition of natural nails, as they will not break and settle.

It should be noted that with the help of strengthening, get long, beautiful and healthy nails is completely simple. Handles will always look well maintained and natural. Masters and client reviews about this procedure are predominantly positive.

Advantages and disadvantages

So, we will highlight all the advantages of the procedure for strengthening natural marigolds:

  • Nails will be quite strong, will break less+
  • Women will be able to forget about the radius, and for a long time will enjoy a beautiful and neat manicure+
  • Do not have to spend money on extension.

    However, despite this, it is impossible to miss attention and cons.

    • First of all, such nails, as well as a steady, will need constant correction. As soon as the marigold begins to grow, the boundary will be noticeable between the material and the natural plate. Adjust the manicure will be required approximately every 15-20 days, then it will look attractive.
    • Also, it is impossible not to say that the strengthening of the nails takes quite a long time. On average, the professional master of the nail service will cope with this task for an hour and a half, with independent work at home, the duration can significantly increase.

    Gel or Biogel?

    Currently, the cute young ladies are offered 2 options for strengthening nails: with the help of gel or biogel. To be confident in choosing, you need to know the difference between the materials and their impact on the nail plate. To begin with, we will focus on the fact that they are different in composition. Gel is a glass-like polymer that becomes very solid when baking in a special lamp. Biogel is a rubber-based polymer, respectively, it is pretty soft and elastic.

    If the marigold is covered with gel, they will become very hard and strong. Also with the help of gel you can make nails of any desired length. Materials are capable of 3-4 weeks, after which it is necessary to conduct a correction for which there is no need to remove the material completely. At the same time, the procedure has such disadvantages, as the need for one’s own nail and no elasticity. To remove the material, it is necessary only to cut. In this case, the thickness is much larger than when coating a biogel.

    What are the pros and cons of Biogel? Nailing after applying it may be bent, which eliminates the appearance of chips and cracks. Nothing is required, removal is happening using the discharge of the material by a special tool.

    Also biogel has a positive effect on natural nail health.

    However, with all the benefits there are cons. Biogel is not able to hold for a long time, the maximum life of it is 2 weeks. Correction will need to completely remove the old material before applying a new. Also, notes can harm the means containing alcohol and acetone, which will directly affect their appearance.

    Necessary materials and tools

    Before covering nails with gel, you need to take care of the presence of necessary materials and tools. In this situation, wooden sticks will be required, which are convenient to move the cuticle, Remumber or conventional nipples, degreaser, primer, nail files, tassels, brushes, gel or biogel, concomitant materials for design, gel varnishes.



    It should be borne in mind that when choosing a gel should be determined, single-phase or three-phase material you are going to use. In the second case, the base and top coverage will also be required. In addition, you need to trace all tools to be carefully processed before the procedure.

    Application technique

    You can spend the procedure from both a professional master and at home. Technique from this does not change, all nuances should be observed.

    First of all you need to do the removal of the cuticle. A specific way depends on what kind of manicure chooses a fair sex for himself. After the manicure is made, you need to handle the nail plate. The desired form is selected, then the top of the nail is polished. The grinding process should be done very carefully, as it is only necessary to remove the natural gloss. After that, the application of primer comes.

    Primer is used to make the gel tightly to the marks. After processing, the plate cannot be touched. You can use an acidic and inflexible agent, the second specialists recommend applying if the client does not plan to do start-up nails. Often the girls have a question, is it possible to build nails without prime.

    The masters are leaning towards the fact that this means should not refuse, as it affects the duration of nail socks and protects against possible detachals, killing bacteria and fungi.

    After processing, the primer should wait a minute until it dries, and then apply the basic coating. The base must lie fine, and at the same time fit tightly to the marigold, to practically rub it into it. It will dry 2 minutes in a special lamp. In order not to damage the layer, you need to avoid contact nails with outsiders.

    The modeling layer is superimposed on top of the base. It is with his help that you can increase the length of the marigolds and correct the form. The material is applied with a special tassel and baked in the lamp. After drying the gel, you need to give the necessary shape with a saw. If this is not required, you should simply align the surface in the blad. Next, you can make the desired design, if it is planned. For example, stick rhinestones, camifors, stones, choose an interesting image. However, the nails after the work of a good master beautifully look and without drawing or additional decorations.

    The final item is the overlap of top covering. Finish after drying can have a sticky layer or be without it. Sticky surface is rubbed by a degreaser.

    It is worth noting that work with single-phase gels “3 in 1” takes the least time. In this case, a gloss should be removed from the nail to the nail, the degreaser and primer. After that, the gel varnish itself is applied in 2 thin layers. Each layer needs to be dried, after which the degreaser is treated. Next you need to polish the marigold and make the desired design.


    Nailing after strengthening, as after building up, require regular correction. The procedure does not represent a special difficulty.

    First, it is necessary to remove the top layer using the saw. Next is formed the length and appearance of the nail. Then the processing is carried out by primer. After its drying, you need to engage in a thorough part.

    The base is laid out very carefully and sucked in the lamp, the modeling gel is applied on top of it and also baked. After applying the top cover and its drying, a new perfect manicure is ready.

    In the next video, see the master class “Strengthening natural nail gel”.

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