Features of the Gel Laca Oxxi Professional and the subtleties of its use

Features of the Gel Laca Oxxi Professional and the subtleties of its use

Well-groomed nails with original manicure – “Business card” of a modern woman, regardless of its age. To create an elegant nail design, many different means are offered. The most popular of them recently include gel varnishes. His niche in the market of cosmetics for manicure and pedicure took the products of the Oxxi Professional brand. The gel varnishes of this manufacturer can be used both for salon procedures and apply for independent staining of nails.

About company and products

Oxxi – American trademark that has recently appeared on the market of decorative nail cosmetics market. The company managed to win the love of consumers in a short time interval due to the production of quality products. Oxxi Professional gel lacquer choose both professional masters and simple fashionists making manicure at home independently.

Oxxi manufactures an extensive line of gel lacquer. Among the products offered products, you can find glossy and matte coatings, varnishes from the “Feline Eye” series and “Chameleon”. American manufacturer does not stand still. It is constantly developing and developing new means to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. For example, the company is engaged not only by updating already issued collections, but also releases new.

The products of the Oxxi trademark possesses one of the best ratios in terms of cost and quality, so many give preference to it. In addition, Oxxi gel varnishes:

  • contain a vitamin complex in its composition, allowing to strengthen the nail plate and protect it from the negative impact of external factors+
  • Do not have toxic components, which is why the harmlessness of nails and the absence of a sharp smell differ.

Oxxi Professional gel lacquer feature is their incompatibility with nail tools from other brands. Mixing coatings of different manufacturers often leads to their rapid detachment from the nail or the appearance of cracks and chips. OXXI PROFESSIONAL GEL LAIFS Some series is allowed to mix for the desired colors.

Advantages of gel varnishes

Using nail products from Oxxi manufacturer, you can independently create an interesting and elegant manicure. An extensive color palette will allow you to choose the desired shade of every fashionista, because in the assortment are both nude and inappropriate colors and more “bold” colors.

Advantages of gel varnishes Oxxi Professional.

  1. Good quality. Over time, the coating does not change its shade, it will not dump and not pale, keeping bright and juicy colors.
  2. The absence of “aggressive” solvents and various toxic components, adversely affecting the health of the nail plate.
  3. Durability of the coating. The remedy applied in all the rules holds on the nails at least three weeks. At the same time, during this period of operation, it does not appear chips, cracks, blows or other defects.
  4. Dense consistency, thanks to which varnish is evenly and economically distributed on the nail, not leaving the divorces or strips. Thanks to such a feature, you can apply the tool.
  5. Wide color palette and original shades that you will not meet in the range of nail products from other manufacturers.
  6. Safe and easy removal without harm to nail, cuticle and leather.

Oxxi Professional – one of the best nail coatings that differ in high resistance. Thanks to this line of funds, you can make a manicure, go on vacation or business trip and not worry about the aesthetic nails – they will remain well-keeled and beautiful for more than 20 days.


Products Oxxi Professional received a lot of positive responses from those who tried it on themselves. Among the advantages, buyers say:

  • Elegant color palette+
  • Convenient application of the composition due to its consistency and the presence of a special tassel+
  • Coating resistance, even despite the frequent washing dishes or floor+
  • pleasant aroma+
  • Good composition.

There is data gel lacquers and negative reviews. For example, some buyers consider the price of coatings too expensive, because of which they prefer less high-quality, but more budget products.

Video review of the color palette of the Oxxi Professional gel varnish Look in the video below.

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