Gel lacquer removal fluids: Best brands and selection tips

Gel lacquer removal fluids: Best brands and selection tips

Any girl wants her nails to look well-groomed and attractive. It is a good manicure that gives self confidence, helps to be greedy. Gel lacas – a great way to maintain the beauty of nails and keep their excellent look for a long time. But two or three weeks later, the coating must be updated. Delete the old varnish helps a gel varnish fluid, the variety of which allows you to choose the perfect option for you.


When updating the design of nails, the first stage is the removal of old gel varnish. For this, special fluids should be used to remove the resistant coating. Fortunately, you can buy a magic fluid in almost any specialized store. This agent is also called Remove from the English verb – remove, remove.

Due to the unique composition of the Remover, the removal of gel varnish occurs quickly and painlessly. This happens due to the special composition of the liquid. Bandatory means to remove shellats include acetone, solvent or ethyl acetate. Thanks to this Trinity, the structure of varnish and its removal from the nail.

Of course, like any chemistry, the liquid to get rid of gel varnish can have a negative impact on the nails. Only acetone what is worth. With frequent use and non-compliance with the time during which the nails must be exposed to the means, the plate can be soft, dim and pale.

Manufacturers always work to ensure that their funds are the most harmless and did not spoil the natural beauty of the nail plate. In addition to harmful chemical elements, the manufacture of natural oils and herbal extracts should include. They reduce the aggressive effects of acetone, helping the nails to be more protected.

Domix, which produces various products for nail service, offers to use a gel lacquer to remove the lowest aggressive impact. The composition of the liquid includes castor oil and other essential oils that protect the marigold. After using the Remurver of this brand, the nails do not lose its shine, do not resolve and do not let.

Large volume of the bottle, 1000 milliliters, allows for a long time to forget about buying a new fund. In order for the shellac to be completely removed, just ten minutes to leave a wetted woven disk on the nail.

Next, we give some more popular brands.


Antishella brand saying for himself is a real Savior for many girls who want to remove an old coating on their own. Liquid for removing gel varnish is sold both separately and in a convenient set. The kit includes directly the fluid itself, which includes vitamins and castor oil. In addition to the liquid, in a small packaging, you will find firming wax that helps to quickly restore the fortress plate.

The oil for the cuticle protects and softens it, making the process of care of the hands faster and pleasant. The kit also includes a special durable foil, which ensures the perfect fit of the cotton disk to the nail and significantly reduces the time of the coating removal procedure. Orange sticks allow no harm to nail and skin around them to remove the leavella residues.


Due to the presence of the equipment from the brand TNL perfume composition, the declaration of the shellac becomes even more pleasant. Aromatic oils not only give the aroma to the medium, but also provide nails. In addition to the aromatic composition, the medium contains vitamins for nails.

This Remover allows you to remove all types of nail coatings, including biogel.


Despite the exotic name of the brand, the liquid for removing persistent coatings from the nails is made in Russia. De’Lakrua is not inferior to its qualities expensive imported competitors. Economical bottle of 500 milliliters allows for a long time to forget about buying a new fund.

This remover is widely used both at home and in manicure salons by professional craftsmen. The unique composition of the tool is caught by the nails, without damaging their layers. Apply the liquid onto the cotton disk and hold on the nails for 20 minutes.


This brand is one of the most popular in Russia. On the shelves of specialized stores, you can find many products of the company, including the shellac removal tools.

In the composition of the liquid there is a tea rose oil that not only gives a pleasant aroma, but also cares for nails. The tool is produced in several options. In some there are vitamins and oils that provide protection to the most sensitive and prone to damage to the nails.

The volume of bottles is also varied, 200 and 500 milliliters.


American brand is constantly surprised by the world of manicure with its new items. Product quality is always on top, thanks to which cosmetics are in great demand. In the ruler there are means of category Professional, which are used strictly in the salons with the hands of an experienced master.

Liquid for removing gel varnish is one of the fastest. You will need no more than 10 minutes to completely deliver the nails from the old coating and prepare them for a new manicure.

The equipment includes macadamia oils, tea tree, which gently affect the nail plate.


This brand is known in Russia to almost everyone who follows the state of their nails. Several years ago, Zinger produced only manicure tools that won recognition worldwide. Now the American brand has expanded the borders of the production and supplies in stores to care products.

Liquid for removing the shellaca affects the nails very carefully, preventing the appearance of cracks and scratches on the plate. The means copes with any resistant coatings, including acrylic. Thanks to the special composition, the rehemor provides nails to additional protection against the negative impact of tools and varnish.


A distinctive feature of this brand is its unique composition, due to which the nails are subjected to minimal harmful effects. Carriage oils and vitamins strengthen the nail plate, preventing its bundle. Nails become stronger and grow much faster.

Remumber is high-speed, which also reduces the risk of damage to the nails. For complete dissolution of the resistant coating, you will need no more than ten minutes.

What fluid is better to choose?

The choice of liquid to remove the shellaca is an important component of a good manicure. It is very important that, in addition to acetone, consistent components were present in the funds. Due to them, the removal of the coating from the nails will be more careful. In addition, many funds, which contain vitamins A and E, strengthen the nails and contribute to their rapid growth.

There is a special rating of means to remove the resistant coating, whose vertex occupy high-speed fluids, which for minimum time to save nails from the coating.

If your skin is prone to allergies, then hypoallergenic fluid will help solve this problem. Such means cause allergic reactions extremely rarely. Mostly all such liquids with acetone, but somewhere it is better cleaned.

Recommendations for use

All means of this kind of similar principle of use. They are applied to nail with a cotton disk and fixed foil. Foil provides faster and better reaction. In addition, it eliminates the need to keep a cotton disk with fingers.

All recovers can be used both at home alone and in beauty salons. Erase gel varnish with them can be easily and easy. For convenience, you can use vertical feed bottles, you do not even have to take it in hand.

Is it possible to remove gel varnish with conventional liquid?

Means for removing ordinary varnish can be used to remove a steady coating, but it is not recommended to do. You will need a lot more time so that the resistant coating is dissolved, and it can be easily removed. It is not very good, since the longer acetone affects the nail, the more the plate is damaged.


Means for removing gel varnish is very popular with girls. Many call him truly magic, because it eliminates the need to carry out and cut off the coating. Many beauties are satisfied after testing of remover, especially those that quickly react with shellac.

On how to compare the gel lacquer fluids, see the following video.

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